9 Million .UK Domain Names Registered

There are now nine million active .UK domain names registered, the registry, Nominet, announced Monday, confirming its position as the world’s second largest ccTLD and fourth largest TLD overall.For those interested in the trivia of what domain name pushed .UK across the mark, it was active2011.co.uk, registered by the Nirvana Spa and Pulse 8 Health & Fitness Club based in Wokingham.

  1. 2010 has seen especially strong growth for .UK, with a net increase of one million domains registered in the last year, an annual growth rate of over eleven per cent.
  2. “We have seen 11.5% annual growth in .uk in 2010, which is very encouraging in the context of the global economic climate,” wrote Lesley Cowley, Nominet’s Chief Executive on the Nominet INsight blog. “We anticipate closing the year with a total of 2 million new domain name registrations within the past twelve months for the first time in our history. Indeed, March 2010 saw us hit 200,000 new registrations for the first time in 10 years.”
  3. There are around 80 million active country code Top Level Domain (ccTLDs) names registered according to the latest VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief, meaning .UK accounts for around one in nine ccTLD registrations. .UK is the world’s second largest ccTLD behind Germany.
  4. The top TLDs by active registrations are:
  5. .COM: approximately 90 million (as of end September)
  6. .DE: 14,064,261 (as of 20 December)
  7. .NET: approximately 13 million (end September)
  8. .UK: 9 million (20 December)
  9. .ORG: approximately 8.5 million (June 2010)
  10. .INFO: over 6.5 million (September 2010)
  11. .CN: 6,047,926 (30 September)
  12. .NL: 4,201,120 (20 December)
  13. .EU: 3,351,014 (20 December)
  14. .RU: 3,126,875 (plus 334,162 .РФ domain names – 20 December).

.COM and .NET statistics are from the latest VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief.