6 week IDNwiki report – user statistics by ICANN's Tina Dam

Tina Dam imageICANN logoSome user statistics for the first six weeks of use from the ICANN IDNwiki have been posted by Tina Dam on the ICANN blog. At a future date ICANN will also provide a report that focuses on the initial results with the evaluation of fully localized domain names, as the wiki has been set up for.
Some of the statistics Tina has highlighted are:

  • total page requests served are – 253,800
  • top request was for Chinese with 40.76% of the requests
  • next top request was for the IDN Main gateway with 14.78% of requests
  • Cyrillic script for the Russian language was third with 13.56% of requests, followed by Arabic (12.55%) and Hebrew script (Yiddish language – 4.38%) rounding out the top five

The report also lists the top browsers overall, and by language.
For Tina’s complete report, see the ICANN blog at blog.icann.org/?p=239