556 And Counting Registered Users For TLD Application System

The number of registered applicants for ICANN’s online TLD Application System (TAS) reached 556 on 23 March, an increase of 227 in four days!And now there are only three days to go until those wishing to apply for a TLD need to register in the TAS. However as ICANN makes clear, this does not necessarily (and will not) represent the total number of applications since each registrant can apply for up to 50 new TLDs.Predictions of 1500 applications for TLDs are looking quite reasonable. However information to back this up is scarce with most brand owners playing their cards close to their chests. But one company, the consultant FairWinds Partners said that their clients are applying for 2.72 TLDs each.As FairWinds note on their blog, if their average of 2.72 TLDs per applicant was the average for applications, then there will be well over 1500 applications.”Some clients are applying for more than 10,” note FairWinds, “while some are applying for just one. These clients are all, for the most part, large companies with major, well-known brands. Some are applying for only ‘dot brand’ gTLDs that correspond to their major business, product, or service names, while others are pursuing generic or category terms as gTLDs. Some are applying for both. We are by no means saying that more gTLDs are better – at this point, until new gTLDs have become an established feature of the domain name space, we cannot know what the ‘right’ number of new gTLDs for any given business or other applicant to pursue is. For some, one application makes perfect sense, while others will likely benefit from applying for more.”