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500,000 Norwegian Domains Registered

NORID logoThe 500,000th active .NO domain name was registered on 3 January, the Norwegian registry UNINETT Norid has announced.

The 500,000th registration was for the domain that mirrors both the company name and the owner’s family name, as well as a nod to Norwegian history.

The registrant chose to register a .NO domain name to signal that the company is Norwegian and operates in the Norwegian market. A .NO domain name makes us appear more serious as a business, and in my experience there are less problems with .NO domains than with those within .COM, says Arnfinn E. Linge, Managing Director of Linge Holding AS.

The growth in domain names has been formidable also in Norway. After passing 1000 registered .NO domain names in 1995, the curve rose abruptly, and it took only two years to increase the number of domain names from 400,000 in September 2008 to 500,000 today. Norway has one of the highest number of its own country code domain names per citizen.

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