500,000 .cz Domain Names Registered

cz.nic logoIn late December, CZ.NIC announced there were now 500,000 .cz domain names registered. The registration of .cz domain names has risen rapidly since October 2007, with the increase attributed to their then new registration system called FRED with more than 200,000 domains have been registered since its introduction.

“The Czech domain register is one of the fastest growing globally”, said Ondřej Filip, CZ.NIC CEO. “If compared to 2007 there was an approximately 35 percent increase in .CZ domains registrations.”

CZ.NIC has published a news release on the 500,000 registrations milestone at www.nic.cz/page/621/the-half-milionth-domain-.cz-has-been-registred/.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .cz domain name, check out Europe Registry here.