50,000 Second Level .UK Domains Registered In 24 Hours, Beating All New gTLDs

Nominet’s launch of .uk registrations at the second level, with the first public registration being stephenfry.uk, went off with a bang this week. Within the first 24 hours over 50,000 domains were registered, making it one of the fastest selling new domain releases on record, and beating the first day sales for all of the current batch of new gTLDs by a large margin. This makes the total number of .uk domains registered 10.55 million with 107,000 new registrations for June to date.”Consumers and brands alike are showing their trust in .uk domains, with our registration rates climbing to ten times the typical daily rate. We’re thrilled with the response, which shows the excitement people feel about the shorter, sharper domain within the trusted .uk namespace ,” comments Eleanor Bradley, Chief Operating Officer at Nominet.Following British icon and tech enthusiast Stephen Fry’s switch on 10 June when registrations commenced, Nominet’s sales channel – domain name registrars – have seen phenomenal interest in the new .uk domains and the rate of registration climbed throughout the first working day of its launch. Brands including Sainsbury’s, Bentley and Burberry were among those to register their short .uk domains within the first few hours of availability.Over ten million existing UK domain holders are being offered first choice on the shorter equivalent of their current address. Nominet will be contacting these customers to ensure they’re aware of their opportunity to exercise this right.Leading up to the launch, Nominet conducted research that found three quarters of British internet users prefer sites ending in .uk when searching or buying online. The the introduction of second level registrations will allow businesses a more succinct web address, comparable to what is available internationally in the likes of Germany’s .de and France’s .fr.When presented with a series of new domains, such as .company, or .london, sites ending in .uk remain the first choice for 93% of internet users. Those opting for a brand new .uk will benefit from being part of this trusted, popular namespace that is overwhelmingly preferred by Brits, while embracing the shorter option.