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30 years of Norwegian domain names – seminar 18 October

Last March we passed an important milestone: 30 years of norisdNorid UNINETT logoNorwegian domain names under the country code .no. Since 1987 .no has been an essential part of the Norwegian internet infrastructure. Wednesday 18 October we will have the pleasure of inviting to an open seminar in Oslo to discuss the past and the future of internet. In addition to the invited speakers we will present a special art performance.

We expect an exciting day where we will take a look in the back mirror as well as in the crystal bowl. We will highlight topics such as AI, use of big data, the digital traces we leave behind us, and how the “chilling effect” affects us. Our intention is to bring new insight and inspiration by focusing on different issues raised by the technological development: Where are we, and where are we going?

Norid dotNO logoThe following contributors are already confirmed:

  • Physicist and information scientist PÃ¥l Spilling, Norwegian internet pioneer and the first in Norway to receive the responsibility for the Norwegian top-level domain
  • Milos Novović, Ph.D. student at Institute of Private Law at University of Oslo and a researcher at Stanford-Vienna Transatlantic Technology Law Forum Programme
  • Joakim Hammerlin, philosopher and nonfiction writer, lecturer at the Nansen School
  • Ika Kaminka, chair of the Norwegian organization for translators, will give an informal lecture on how the internet has affected the language
  • Tore Tennøe, chair of the Norwegian Council for Technology, will be the chair of the seminar and moderate a panel debate at the end of the day
  • Amund Sjølie Sveen, percussionist and artist known for developing performances touching both art and technology, will launch his new performance on internet (see

The seminar will take place at Thon Hotel Bristol in Oslo starting 9 am and ending 3:30 pm. The seminar is free of charge, lunch included. Final programme and more details to be published in mid September together with information on how to register. Limited number of participants.

The seminar will be mostly in Norwegian, except from a couple of contributions which will be in English.

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