3 Months In And .ICU Is Rocking It!

The .icu new gTLD has only been in General Availability for 3 months and it’s already the 50th largest of the more than 500 new gTLDs to have hit GA, and over 1,200 (including .brands) to have been delegated.

In a post to commemorate the 90 day milestones, the .icu team have released some milestones they’re pretty happy with including they now have over 64,000 registrations, some of which are showcased at InTheWild.icu, as well as registrants in 82 countries.

Some of the categories the .icu team is seeing development of websites are cryptocurrencies (blogs, news and pricing platforms), personal sites (consolidation of social media profiles, personal and professional profiles) and tools such as link shorteners.