2 Million .IT Domains While .CN Registrations Continue To Plummet

The Italian ccTLD, .IT, has passed the two million active registrations mark this week with there being 2,001,192 registrations as of today.The registry has announced that in the past five years, the number of .IT domains has doubled with .IT remaining the fifth largest ccTLD in Europe after .DE (Germany) who has 13,905,243 registrations, .UK (United Kingdom – 8,802,095) and .NL (The Netherlands – 4,094,078) while .EU (European Union) has 3,285,310. All registration figures are as of 22 October.Overall, .COM is the largest TLD with just over 90 million registrations, .NET with close to 13.4 million, .ORG closing in on 8.8 million and .INFO with more than 7 million registrations according to recent registration figures.The Chinese ccTLD, .CN, has declined markedly in recent months and as of 30 September had 6,047926 registrations, down from 14,082,553 at the end of February 2009. There has not been an increase in .CN registration figures since February 2009, likely to be due to a change in identity requirements at registration and increases in pricing.