2 Googles: 1 for Europe and 1 for everyone else

There soon could be two Googles: One built for Europeans, with links to rival search engines and labels alerting users whenever Google is featuring its own products. And another version for everyone else, with none of those consumer-friendly features.The variations would result from what amounts to a split decision in two high-profile antitrust investigations into the California-based search giant, one by U.S. regulators, the other by Europeans.
www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/2-googles-1-for-europe-and-1-for-everyone-else/2013/04/25/62fc029c-adca-11e2-8bf6-e70cb6ae066e_story.htmlAlso see:Europe Nears Antitrust Deal With Google Over Web Searches
European Union regulators took another step on Thursday toward reaching an antitrust settlement with Google, asking the company’s competitors to review changes proposed by Google to resolve concerns with its Internet search and advertising business.The European Commission said that it had begun so-called market testing to see whether the remedies addressed complaints that Google favors its own products in search results.

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