ICANN CEO Wants More To Be Involved in IANA Transition In Critical Moment for Internet’s Future

ICANN has been leading discussions for a transition of the US government’s role in the IANA functions. And in a bid to drum up the support of more participants, ICANN CEO and President Fadi Chehadé has written in Technomy that “if you agree with the fundamental principles the proposal is based on, share that. Engage with the multi-stakeholder community and share your thoughts and opinions. It is critical to the success of our effort and the future of the Internet that we have as much participation in the process as possible.”The role of the US government was always envisioned to be temporary and in March 2014 “the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) announced its intent to transition out of its stewardship of the IANA functions. In its announcement, NTIA cited its belief that ICANN as an organisation has matured and improved its accountability, transparency and its technical competence. NTIA also asserted that the Internet, managed and driven by the global community of diverse stakeholders, is in very good hands.”Chehadé says that “many believe that if the U.S. Government does not step aside, other governments, including some that are uncomfortable with an open and inclusive Internet, will step in to try to capture control of it through intergovernmental organisations. Alternatively, governments could become motivated to break away from the one, unified Internet to form their own national or regional networks, essentially fragmenting the Internet we know today. The result of this could be a patchwork of incompatible networks spread across different nation states, with long-term social, cultural, political, and economic casualties. Why take that chance?”To read the article in full by Fadi Chehadé originally published in Techonomy, go to: