.DK Validation Process In Full Swing

DK Hostmaster[news release] DK Hostmaster has begun a big data cleansing of all our user database entries in order to insure valid contact details. Now, your name and address must match the CPR- or CVR register if you reside in Denmark.

Since March 1. DK Hostmaster has worked on validating all of its users’ name and address details. The requirement of validation is a result of a provision in the Danish Act of Domain Names that says that DK Hostmaster has to ensure accurate and valid name and contact details along with automatic anonymity to Danish registrants who are already anonymous in the CPR register.

Requirement for both existing and new users

DK Hostmaster has already reviewed several thousand .dk registrants from the Whois database. Their name and address details has been collated with the CPR- or the CVR register, and the registrants who could not be matched will be notified that they have to update their details.

New registrants with a Danish address who like to register a .dk domain name will be validated in relation to either the CPR- or the CVR register. If DK Hostmaster are unable to validate the registrant, the domain name cannot be activated and thus the registrant will not be able to obtain the right of use to the domain name.

An advantage for our users

The validation process brings several advantages for our users. Validated registrants for example only need to update their contact details in the CVR- or the CPR register after which the details in our database will automatically update itself.

The risk of missing important information about the user’s domain name will, after the validation process, be greatly reduced. DK Hostmaster expect a great reduction of domain names being suspended when registrants fail to react on warning letters from DK Hostmaster due to outdated contact details.

Furthermore, DK Hostmaster will be able to ensure anonymity more effectively. If a registrant is anonymous in the CPR register and with his phone company, this person will in the future automatically be anonymous in the public registrant database.

Do I need to do anything?

You only have to do something if you receive a letter from DK Hostmaster notifying you that your name and contact details could not be validated. In this case, you should follow the instructions described in the letter in order to validate your details.

If you experience problems with the validation process, you can call the phone number described in the letter from us. If you have any general inquiries and questions about the validation process you might be able to find the answer you are looking for in on our FAQ page here. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service.

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