Targeted, campaign-based marketing using new TLDs

Sydney gTLD plain logoIf you have a major new campaign or launch coming up, there’s a lot riding on getting the right message to your client base. This is particularly important if your sale, launch or special event takes place in a specific location. Whether you’re opening a new Sydney branch of your national retail chain or organising a charity fun run through the streets of Melbourne, you need locals to know they are the target market for your initiative.

Smart online marketing is now an essential component of any promotion, and new Top-Level Domains (TLDs) like .melbourne and .sydney are the latest way to make an effective, targeted connection between your campaign and the people best placed to engage with it.  Leave your potential clients in no doubt that your new product or store will be right for them by creating an association between the town they live in and the products they need.

Getting the right message to the right people

Once upon a time, advertisers could use a scattergun approach to marketing new products; they’d aim to get their ad in front of as many people as possible in the hope that at least a few would take the next step and make a purchase.

Nowadays, in a saturated market, advertising can become little more than ‘white noise’ to consumers. A successful launch or campaign relies on getting the message to the right people as quickly as possible, or it will simply be lost in the din.

There are several popular ways to achieve this in terms of location-based marketing campaigns.

SEO strategies can be effective, like including ‘Melbourne’ or ‘Sydney’ in your keyword planning. Businesses can also take advantage of social media sharing or innovative Location Based Services, like Facebook check-ins, to engage local consumers.

The use of innovative new domain names, like, is another way to ensure clients understand your product is available to them in their local area. This is crucial in the case of events or launches, where you want to encourage a physical presence at a particular location, not just (or in addition to) online sales.

You might, for example, have a sales promotion only available in one city, or run a rapid response campaign to a locally significant event or issue.

It’s essential for your brand to get the message out to local consumers that, no matter what their previous knowledge of your products or services might be, this time it’s all about them!

Unique domains for unique products

If you’re a trusted national product or service, your primary domain name is an integral part of your branding. The new TLDs open up the possibility of differentiating the website for a specific campaign from your main website. This is a great opportunity to reach people who no longer sit up and take notice of your ongoing messages – or who think of you in connection to a city other than theirs.

For example, consider a situation where you are a well-known shoe retailer in Sydney. Your website is nationally recognisable, but may easily be ignored by clients who are not local. When you base your new launch around a unique domain, like, you’re putting yourself right back on the map! Melbourne clients can see that they are your target market, and the combination of your familiar brand with a new location begins to cause a stir.

Excitingly, the release of the new .melbourne and .sydney domains means a lot of great business domains and keywords are back on the market. If is already taken, may still be available.

Attracting and retaining customers is often achieved by creating a sense of community. This is a potent tool when it comes to campaigns that rely on local engagement. When you want local consumers to be as excited about your launch or product as you are, target them with online promotions that speak specifically to them. The new TLDs are an exciting way to reach out specifically to your Melbourne or Sydney client base.

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