Torrent Sites’ ccTLD Merry-Go-Round Continues As KickAss Is Kicked From .IM

KickassTorrents has been kicked from its latest ccTLD after relocating to the .IM (Isle of Man) ccTLD. The world’s leading torrent sharing website was only able to use the ccTLD of the British crown dependency for less than 24 hours.So now the file sharing site is moving to the Costa Rican ccTLD .cr according to TorrentFreak, the current ccTLD for The Pirate Bay who has had its own world tour of ccTLDs.But .im was probably never a good choice given its rules[pdf] include “suspension or withdrawal of a domain name [can occur] should [the registry] consider for any reason the domain name is being used for an improper purpose to include anything illegal”.”We as the IM Domain Registry wish to make it very clear that we do not tolerate copyright infringement and withdrew the domain name from service at: 09:36 this morning,” a representative said in an email to The Independent this morning commenting on the takedown.KickassTorrents previously used the Somalian .so and prior to this .to, the Tongan ccTLD, and, according to the Independent, “it was forced to return to that address when the Somalian domain was taken down.”Questioning whether the changes, apart from the .im move, were forced upon it, TorrentFreak was told the changes were “planned”.”The domain name change is a planned move which KickassTorrents does every six months. Nothing special,” the KAT team told TorrentFreak.