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1&2 Character .Asia Domains Now Available on

DotAsia logoWith the Sunrise and Landrush Priority Registration phases completed, DotAsia is excited to announce that the Public Auction Phase for 1&2 character .Asia domains is now in full swing.  World-renowned brands have already snapped up their domains such as ‘’, ‘” and ‘’ just to name a few.

Single and double character .Asia domain names are short, compelling, easy to remember and can be quickly shared, while short numeric strings can all together transcend language barriers. These domains are highly sought-after virtual real estate due to their rarity and valued for their memorable qualities.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to:

  • LAUNCH effective and unforgettable marketing campaign websites
  • SNAP up lucrative investment in prime virtual real estate
  • INCREASE brand discoverability, harvest type-in traffic

.Asia is now offering premium 1&2 character .Asia domains such as ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ to the public via auction on  From now and through 2014, these unique, prized domains can be yours!

For a complete list of names please visit at or

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