100,000 .TEL Domains Registered With General Availability Launch

Telnic logoIn what Telnic CEO Khashayar Mahdavi calls the biggest innovation since .com, the .tel generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) was launched to all comers last week. Within 36 hours of .tel being made available through General Availability, the 100,000th .tel domain name was registered.

In the first 24 hours of the General Availability, there were around 250,000 requests for .tel domain names with 70,000 domain names registered.

With a .tel domain name, holders put their personal or business contact details directly into the domain name system, or DNS, rather than on a website. Information can include phone, address, website and email information.

A benefit of a .tel name, apart from making personal or business contact details easily and quickly available, especially for those accessing the information through a mobile device, is the minimal data download charges. The content is also optimised for mobile devices.

Small businesses also get the opportunity to have their contact details online without a website.

Another advantage of a .tel domain name can also be found in an amusing promo video from Telnic at:

And to help spread the word of .tel, Telnic have announced partnerships with a number of companies. British telecommunications company BT, MySpace who will sell .tel names to its members and the German publisher iWelt, a publisher of over 70 white pages titles such as Das Telefonbuch and Das Örtliche throughout Germany, is to become a .tel accredited registrar. Through these innovative ways of marketing .tel names to potential new registrants will help drive registrations.

There is also a free and open source iPhone application, My .tel, available from the Apple App Store.

To watch a Bloomberg interview with Telnic CEO Khashayar Mahdavi, see:

Europe Registry logoTo register your .TEL domain name, check out Europe Registry here.