100,000 .BLOG Domains, Two-Thirds With Their Own Website

The .blog new gTLD has reached its 100,000th registration 8 months after launching its General Availability. After around 20,000 registrations in the first week, registrations have continued steadily upward with around 300 registrations per day.

dotBLOG_100K_registrationsWhat is probably the most significant aspect of the new generic top level domain aimed at bloggers is the number of domain names with their own website.

66.5% of .blog domains have a unique website associated with them, compared to an average of 39.3% for both new and legacy TLDs, according to recent research by Daniel Ruzzini-Mejia (co-founder and CSO of DomainsBot Srl, the company behind big-data analysis platform Pandalytics). Ruzzini-Mejia also found more than 250 .blog domains that use an eCommerce platform, “which actually indicates that there’s people using .blog not only for blogging, but also for business,” he said, pointing out the broader opportunities for .blog websites.

Additionally, the more people see .blog domain names out in the wild, the more they’re likely to want one.

The registry, Knock Knock Whois There, also made an unusual announcement recently saying that the pricing of a .blog domain, for the registry fee at least, once registered, will not increase.

In the medium term, Knock Knock Whois There has the goal of one million registrations and they’re confident they can make it.