10,000 .eu names suspended amid cybersquatter allegation

Eurid has suspended 10,000 domain names registered by Zheng Qingyin, a Chinese woman, who it accuses of cybersquatting, according to Out-Law. EURid wants to have a court strip Qingyin of the addresses with the case expected to take around a year EURid’s legal manager Herman Sobrie told Out-Law.In response, “Qingyin has filed a separate suit objecting to the blocking of the domains in the Court of First Instance in Brussels. This is a fast-track case whose result should be known in a month, Sobrie” told Out-Law.”EURid cannot take action against someone for cybersquatting; that can only be done by someone else who claims rights to a domain name. But Sobrie said that EURid had received complaints about the woman and had investigated further.”‘We as register can just stand there and look at it except in one situation, which is that maybe this registrant is not eligible to have a .eu domain,’ said Sobrie. Only people or organisations which are based in the European Union are entitled to hold .eu addresses.”Where Qingyin was domiciled was questioned, and she initially responded she was in London, but questions were soon asked about this. And EURid prefers “to sue in a Belgian court and have the names revoked by the court rather than do it ourselves and be sued.”To see this story in full in Out-Law, see out-law.com/page-8457 or in The Register at www.theregister.co.uk/2007/09/10/eu_domain_cybersquatting_allegation/Also see:

Chinese woman faces legal action from .eu authorities [AFP]

Chinese woman who registered 10,000 .eu domain names faces a lawsuit from the domain organisers Eurid and has retaliated by bringing her own legal complaint, Eurid’s legal adviser said Monday.

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