10 Laws Every American Domainer Needs to Know

The Aviva Directory has published a guide for US domainers titled “10 US Laws Every Domainer Needs to Know”. With the rapid growth in domaining, and domain names appreciating by up to 94% per year according to some estimates, Aviva Directory tries “to sort through the legal and accounting mumbo-jumbo to explain ten of the most important US laws when it comes to domaining and provide some simple and straightforward tips for safely navigating them.”Topics covered are domain sniffing, trademark issues, what legal entity should be used, what state to legally form a company in, “piercing the corporate veil”, is the business a “business” or just a “hobby”, donating domain names, employees v. independent contractors, the problem of inaccurate registration information and depreciating v. deducting your domains.For the full Aviva Directory article, see http://avivadirectory.com/domain-law/

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