1 in 3 gTLDs Shrink in 2017: CENTR Report

The global domain name market grew 1.2% in the year to the end of 2017 to a total of 331 million according to the latest CENTR DomainWire TLD Market Report.

The report notes 2017 may have been a turning point for many gTLDs with at least 1 in 3 contracting in total domains during the year. Of the largest 15 top level domains, those shrinking were .net, .org, .ru, and .pl.

In net domains, most growth came from .com, .loan and .info. It goes on to say that although domain volume is not necessarily a measure of success, for many TLDs that sell to the general public, it is a strong indication of demand and can even impact viability of a Registry. In the case of gTLDs, most global demand is directed to .com, which covers roughly 70% of all gTLDs – a figure which has not changed significantly since the roll out of new gTLDs began. .com is also the second most registered TLD (after the local ccTLD) in most developed countries.

The report from CENTR, like Verisign’s Domain Name Industry Brief, is a quarterly report on the state of the domain name industry, providing facts and figures on the previous quarter and year.

ccTLDs make up around 44% of the global domain market, the report notes, with the largest portion made up of European ccTLDs, which have around 72 million domains. Combined growth in ccTLDs was mostly stable over 2017 and finished at 3.9% with a small trend upward.

Regionally, it was the Asian ccTLD market which showed the strongest growth with a growth rate of 3.9%. Highest relative growth occurred in .uz (Uzbekistan), .vn (Vietnam) and .ir (Iran). In other regions, high-growth ccTLDs included: .ai (Anguilla), .nu (Niue) and .cr (Costa Rica).

Over 2017, a third of the new gTLDs declined in total domains. However, several new gTLDs grew strongly whilst maintaining relatively low parking ratios. They were .blog (+249% to 130K), .loan (+146% to 2.1 million) and .accountant +80% to 95K).

Geographic gTLDs grew at a median rate of 2.7% over the year – the highest gains were in .london, .tokyo and .nrw. The parking ratio over all combined new gTLDs is estimated at 63% with a small decline in that trend over the past 6 months. TLDs with lowest parking ratios are .wedding, .blog, .中文网, .loan and .手 机.

The full report is available to download in pdf format from: