#1 Domain Names International/1dni.com Transfers Domains to Tucow

ICANN logoICANN recently posted a request for statements of interest from registrars to receive a bulk transfer of the names formerly managed by registrar #1 Domain Names International, Inc. dba 1dni.com (“1DNI”) in accordance with the Draft/Interim Terminated Registrar Transition Procedure (posted at icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-2-06jun08-en.htm).

The Draft/Interim Terminated Registrar Transition Procedure (the “Procedure”) protects registrants by guiding ICANN’s efforts to identify a “gaining registrar” upon the termination or non-renewal of a registrar’s Registrar Accreditation Agreement. As described in the Procedure, 1DNI was permitted to designate a gaining registrar to receive the names it previously managed. 1DNI requested that its names be transferred to registrar Tucows Inc. In following the Procedure, ICANN determined that the requested transfer will “promote the community interest,” as described in Part B of the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy, and accordingly, has approved the bulk transfer. See icann.org/en/transfers/policy-12jul04.htm.

Registrants with names registered through 1DNI may continue to contact 1DNI for customer service or the gaining registrar directly. Contact information for Tucows Inc. is available at: www.internic.net/registrars/registrar-69.html.