.РФ TLD Two Years Old!

RU Coordination Center logo[news release] Today on May 12, 2012 Russian Cyrillic ccTLD .РФ celebrates its second birthday. Two years ago domain .РФ became one of the first IDN-domains in the world on May 12, 2010 registers of root server of global domain addresses received an entry about Cyrillic domain .РФ and on November 11, 2010 domain started an open registration of domain names.

Within two years of its work domain .РФ became an unconditional leader among global IDN-domains and also took the 16th place among European ccTLDs. Currently it contains 797,325 of registered domain names.

The increase of delegated domain names in domain .РФ for the last year accounted for 14 %, the number of delegated domain names is 573, 948 or 72% of the total. 289, 056 (36%) domain names in domain .РФ place working websites (a year ago there were 20%). 88,038 (11%) of domain names are used for re-direct.

76% of domain names have been registered by individuals, 24% – by legal entities. The most widespread length of a domain name in domain .РФ – 9 symbols(as in domain .RU). Notably, on average a domain name in .РФ is longer than that in .RU (the average length: 11.1 symbols vs.9.4).

95.7% domain names in .РФ have been registered by Russians. Leaders by the number of registered names in .РФ are Moscow (259,116 names or 32,5%), Moscow region (70,172 names or 8,8%) and St. Petersburg (64,914 names or 8,1%).

“Domain .РФ reached a stable level of its growth. By the end of 2012 we expect that the number of domain names in domain .РФ will reach 1,000,000-says Director of the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ Andrey Kolesnikov. –“What is more important is not the growth itself but that the domain names in Russian are increasingly used by Russian companies, private users for placing their web-sites on them. Domain in the national language influenced the growth of the Internet in Russia. We thank all who support and develop national Cyrillic domain.

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