About David

David is based in Kensington, close by my favourite place, Coogee, a beach suburb in Sydney, Australia. For information on Coogee there is the local government's website here or Wikipedia page here. Click here and check out some photos of Coogee. Or click here and check out my little bit of paradise in Coogee.

For work, I provide bespoke online media monitoring solutions specialising in the domain name area, but I can be flexible. I have also provided media monitoring on a range of internet governance issues as well as infrastructure and legal aid and pro bono issues. I can provide examples of the work I do and clients, with my first client dating back to 2002.

Current clients include Neustar (2017-), , DENIC (2007-) EURid (2008-), InternetNZ (2004-), nic.at,(2004-), SWITCH (2006-), Google (2017-) and Public Interest Registry (2018-). I also provide media monitoring for the National Pro Bono Resource Centre (2010-) on legal aid and pro bono issues and the Australian Council for Computers in Education (2017-).

Previous clients of 5 years or more have included ICANN (2004-10), auDA (2002-16), Maddocks Lawyers (2005-11), Australian Communications and Media Authority (2007-11), NetNames (2012-16), Singapore Internet Research Centre (2004-14), CoCCA (2004-2018) and the SMART Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong (2010-15).

I also provide blog writing services with current clients being in the domain name industry. Clients are Domain PulseKey-Systems and their BrandShelter (where my articles are also translated into German).

Typical online media monitoring solutions leave you to edit out the garbage such as news releases or stories of no interest that automated services are unable to do. I personally select the news and information to be of interest to you. I use a range of industry sources, search engines and general news outlets. I'm happy to talk to anyone about their desires and I can be as comprehensive as you desire.

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Over the last twelve years or so I have:

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of the work I do or to find out about me. I can be contacted by emailing david(at)goldsteinreport.com or by telephone (+61 418 228 605 - mobile, +61 2 9663 3430 - office).