About this site

My aim with this site is to be a resource for what's happening in internet governance and new media issues around the world. I find what I think are the best and most interesting stories that relate to the evolution of the internet and related new technologies. Current news, information and research articles from places such as academic journals are all covered.

There is so much news and information, I want this to be the key place where people can go to find out what's happened, and why, and links to the source materials.

I also have more comprehensive coverage of the issues covered on this site available to subscribers to my newsletters, so if you want more information, send me an email to david(a)goldsteinreport.com. But please don't contact with unless you have genuine business enquiries, an interest in my online media monitoring services or have news about domain names. Everything else goes to the spam folder so don't expect a response. I'm not interested in promoting your services for free. For my online media monitoring service, my specialty is domain names, but I also currently cover global internet policy issues, legal aid and pro bono issues and technology use in schools. No topic is beyond me for my bespoke service! Just ask!