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07 March 2019

EU states set to scrap digital tax plan, to work for global reform (Reuters)

European Union finance ministers are set to ditch a plan to introduce an EU-wide digital tax next week but agree to work on a global reform of the taxation of internet companies, an EU document shows.

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Chris Disspain Discusses ICANN, New gTLDs, Future of Domain Names and GDPR

In today’s Domain Pulse Q&A we speak to ICANN Board member and founding CEO of Australia’s ccTLD policy and regulatory body, auDA, whose involvement in the domain name sector is around 2 decades. Disspain discusses his 2018 highlights (working on ICANN’s new strategic plan and how ‘when it is a success, the multi-stakeholder can really work’).

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Putin Wants His Own Internet (Bloomberg)

A new law would create a single command post from which authorities can manage—and halt—information flows across Russian cyberspace.

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Two-factor authentication SMS codes aren't your best option for cyber security (The Conversation)

When it comes to personal cybersecurity, you might think you're doing alright.

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Total Number of Phishing Sites Almost Halves in 2018: APWG

The total number of phishing sites detected by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) went close to halving in 2018, from 263,538 at the beginning of the first quarter to 233,040 at the beginning of the second, 151014 at the beginning of the third and at the beginning of the fourth quarter there were 138,328. These were findings in the APWG’s Phishing Activity Trends Report for the Fourth Quarter of 2018. However the report notes detection of phishing sites has become harder because phishers are obfuscating phishing URLs with multiple redirections.

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05 March 2019

EU must learn from Brexit and reform, says Emmanuel Macron (The Guardian)

Emmanuel Macron has called for a new European agency to fight against international cyber-attacks and the manipulation of election campaigns, as well as a ban on foreign powers funding European parties, as he set out plans to overhaul the EU in response to Britain’s vote to leave.

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04 March 2019

French tax on internet giants could yield €500 million per year: Le Maire (Reuters)

A three percent tax on the French revenue of large internet companies could yield 500 million euros (568.5 million pounds) per year, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Sunday.

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03 March 2019

The Global Internet Report: Consolidation in the Internet Economy (Internet Society)

The 2017 Global Internet Report: Paths to Our Digital Future focused attention on the significant potential of the Internet for innovation and sustainable development, but without denying or shirking the challenges it also introduces. This forward-looking analysis is a powerful advocacy tool for anyone who wants to protect and build the open Internet.

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Revealed: Facebook's global lobbying against data privacy laws (The Observer)

Facebook has targeted politicians around the world – including the former UK chancellor, George Osborne – promising investments and incentives while seeking to pressure them into lobbying on Facebook’s behalf against data privacy legislation, an explosive new leak of internal Facebook documents has revealed.

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McAfee Mobile Threat Report Unveils 550% Increase in Consumer Security Risks Connected to Fake and Malicious Apps in Second Half of 2018 (McAfee)

... McAfee also unveiled its latest Mobile Threat Report, reporting backdoors, malicious cryptomining, fake apps and banking Trojans all increased substantially in 2018, propelled by cybercriminals quest for illicit profits. Most notably, the number of fake app detections by McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence increased from around 10,000 in June 2018 to nearly 65,000 in December 2018.

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02 March 2019

.IN Transition To Neustar Completed Despite Court Action To Prevent

The transition of India’s .in ccTLD to Neustar’s registry platform was completed Friday, 1 March, with the stage set for significant growth as India’s economy grows in coming years, as well as an expansion in the number of internationalised domain names (IDNs) that become available to India’s businesses and people.

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01 March 2019

OneWeb wants to rebuild the Internet in space, connecting billions not on the Web. Can it succeed? (Washington Post)

... After years, Wyler’s dream to beam the Internet from space to remote corners of the world is finally here, he said. On Wednesday afternoon, the first six of his company’s satellites were launched from a remote launch site in French Guiana, a key step toward building out a constellation that could eventually reach nearly 2,000.

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28 February 2019

UK-Based .EU Registrants Advised To Seek Out Alternatives In Case Brexit Actually Happens

Brexit is coming, or maybe not. But if it does it will see the more than 200,000 .eu registrants in the United Kingdom lose their domain names, a number which is plummeting quickly due to the uncertainty. It’s a situation that’s playing havoc with business in the UK that use a .eu domain name, and for EURid, the .eu registry, who are set to end up losing close to 9% of their domain name base as a result.

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China Will Likely Corner the 5G Market - And the US Has No Plan by Susan Crawford (Wired)

You may have heard that China has cornered much of the world’s supply of strategic metals and minerals crucial for new technology, including lithium, rare earths, copper, and manganese used in everything from smartphones to electric cars. As of 2015, China was the leading global producer of 23 of the 41 elements the British Geological Society believes are needed to “maintain our economy and lifestyle” and had a lock on supplies of nine of the 10 elements judged to be at the highest risk of unavailability.

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27 February 2019

The Trauma Floor: The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America (The Verge)

The panic attacks started after Chloe watched a man die. She spent the past three and a half weeks in training, trying to harden herself against the daily onslaught of disturbing posts: the hate speech, the violent attacks, the graphic pornography. In a few more days, she will become a full-time Facebook content moderator, or what the company she works for, a professional services vendor named Cognizant, opaquely calls a “process executive.”

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26 February 2019

Phone Companies Decide They Can't Face 5G Spending Burden Alone (Bloomberg)

Phone companies are calling a partial truce in the battle to deliver fifth-generation wireless networks so they can help each other build the infrastructure without breaking their finances.

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Piracy in NZ 'dying' thanks to Netflix: study (New Zealand Herald)

Independent research commissioned by Vocus indicates "piracy is dying a natural death," the company's consumer GM Taryn Hamilton says.

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25 February 2019

It's time smart tech got serious (GQ Magazine)

First, it was all about the home – web-connected lights, kettles, locks and, yes, even salt shakers. But ‘things’ are about to change in this joined-up world... on an industrial scale

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Cellphone internet access bringing changes fast to Cuba (Associated Press)

... In the 2 1/2 months since Cuba allowed its citizens internet access via cellphones, fast-moving changes are subtle but palpable as Cubans challenge government officials online, post photos of filthy school bathrooms and drag what was one of the world’s least-connected countries into the digital age. Communist authorities, in turn, are having to learn how to deal with more visible pressure coming from outside of party-controlled popular and neighborhood committees.

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How the US-China Tech Wars Will Impact the Developing World (The Diplomat)

In a recent speech, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson raised the specter of an “economic iron curtain,” as trade differences between the United States and China may force countries to choose a side, especially for the adoption of technology. Technology is a key underlying issue as the two countries fight for dominance in new economic frontiers such as artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and big data. It is in this sector where the biggest fault lines in the U.S.-China bilateral relationship are starting to appear.

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24 February 2019

ICANN Calls For DNSSEC Deployment For All Unsecured Domains Following Domain Hijacking Attempts

Following increasing reports of malicious activity targeting the DNS infrastructure, ICANN is calling for full deployment of the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) across all unsecured domain names. The organisation also reaffirms its commitment to engage in collaborative efforts to ensure the security, stability and resiliency of the Internet’s global identifier systems.

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21 February 2019

The authoritarian assault on Internet freedom is on the move in Russia and India: Editorial Board (Washington Post)

For every step forward in the digital revolution comes a step back. Just last week, two retreats came in Russia and India. The potential value of the Internet, and its very freedom, is again shadowed by forces of authoritarianism and state control.

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At Harvard Law, Zittrain and Zuckerberg discuss encryption, 'information fiduciaries' and targeted advertisements (Harvard Law)

Should Facebook be considered an “information fiduciary” when it comes to the privacy of its clients? How should we weigh the pros and cons of encryption schemes which might bolster privacy and data security at the risk of shutting out law enforcement? And why shouldn’t Facebook tell users how much advertising revenue their respective data generates on a daily basis? Those were some of the questions Facebook Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed with Jonathan Zittrain ’95, HLS’s George Bemis Professor of International Law, in a conversation among students at Harvard Law School on Feb. 11.

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20 February 2019

.DEV Early Access Period Commences With General Availability on 28 Feb

The Early Access Period for Google’s .dev new gTLD, the first chance for the public to register .dev domain names, commenced on 19 February and runs through until 28 February. Early Access periods are where anyone can register available .dev domains for an extra fee, which decreases each day during the period leading up to General Availability when a standard registration fee commences.

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ICANN, Verisign, SIDN and Others Warn of Global Domain Name Hijacking Campaign

A number of domain name organisations including ICANN, Verisign and SIDN have warned of domain hijacking threats. SIDN, the .nl ccTLD registry, has advised they “have been working with NCSC-NL to investigate if .nl domain names were compromised in a recently unveiled global campaign to hijack domain names, allegedly for state-related purposes. While no .nl domain names appear to have been compromised, we will be further extending our DNS monitoring facilities to more proactively detect signs of such campaigns in the .nl zone in the future and we reiterate the importance of following best practices for secure domain name registration.”

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