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21 October 2018

New study quantifies the positive impact of broadband, digital transformation and the interplay of ICT regulation on national economies (International Telecommunication Union)

A new study published by the International Telec​ommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technology​ (ICT), analyses in detail the positive economic impact of broadband, digitization and effective ICT regulation on national economies.

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19 October 2018

Australia lawyers' group: Draft cyber laws would curb rights (Associated Press)

The president of Australia’s top lawyers’ group has told a parliamentary inquiry that proposed cybersecurity laws to force global technology companies such as Facebook and Google to help police by unscrambling encrypted messages sent by extremists and other criminals would significantly limit individuals’ privacy and freedom.

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Exclusive: dramatic slowdown in global growth of internet access (The Guardian)

The growth of internet access around the world has slowed dramatically, according to new data, suggesting the digital revolution will remain a distant dream for billions of the poorest and most isolated people on the planet.

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Life at the bottom of the global league of internet access (The Guardian)

Somalia is not a place for web addicts. Even in the capital, Mogadishu, coverage is patchy, expensive and unpredictable. Things are slightly better in the north, but further afield, and anywhere the al-Shabaab militant group holds sway, there is no internet at all.

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Australia to target Google and Yahoo under internet piracy crackdown (The Guardian)

The federal government will target search engines as it expands a crackdown on internet piracy, making it harder for Australians to illegally download free movies and music.

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Facebook has a fake news 'war room' - but is it really working? (The Guardian)

Facebook is promoting a new “war room” as a part of its solution to election interference, unveiling a team of specialists working to stop the spread of misinformation and propaganda.Facebook is promoting a new “war room” as a part of its solution to election interference, unveiling a team of specialists working to stop the spread of misinformation and propaganda.

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18 October 2018

The promise and challenge of the age of artificial intelligence (McKinsey)

AI promises considerable economic benefits, even as it disrupts the world of work. These three priorities will help achieve good outcomes.

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17 October 2018

NTIA Semi-Annual Report to US Congress Includes Efforts on GDPR Compliance

The NTIA, which is now obligated by law to provide a semi-annual report to Congress on ICANN policies and whether or not the NTIA supported these changes, has provided its first report for the 6 months to the end of September. The report focusses on efforts to deal with the EU’s GDPR.

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Donuts Loses Another Court Appeal Against ICANN Decision on .WEB

Donuts, through its Ruby Glen subsidiary that was used to apply for the .web new gTLD string, has lost an appeal to the US Court of Appeal against ICANN in the ongoing .web dispute over who gets to run it.

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Facebook's former security chief warns of tech's 'negative impacts' - and has a plan to help solve them (Washington Post)

For two years, Alex Stamos was the Facebook executive tasked with defending the company’s systems against Russian interference and other critical threats.

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New Zealand tops list of most-scammed countries: Microsoft (Microsoft)

New Zealanders are the most likely people in the world to have experienced a tech support scam, according to a new study from Microsoft.

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Political ads study finds the right favors Google, the left Facebook and Twitter (The Guardian)

Left-leaning organizations are dominating political ads on Facebook and Twitter while rightwing advertisers are outspending liberal groups on Google, according to new research.

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12 October 2018

Facebook says it purged more than 800 spam accounts, pages (Washington Post)

Facebook said it has purged more than 800 U.S. pages and accounts for spamming users with politically-tinged garbage links and clickbait just weeks ahead of the U.S. midterm elections.

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Brett Kavanaugh, recently mired in several allegations of sexual assault from his younger self-confessed beer-drinking days, has found a website using his name set up as a resource for sexual assault survivors. The website uses the domain name

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11 October 2018

ICANN Wants Input On How To Spend the New gTLD Millions

As the auction for the .kids string commences in a duel between Amazon and the DotKids Foundation Limited, a project of DotAsia (Google, which had applied for .kid, was to be involved but has withdrawn their application), ICANN is now seeking community input into how to spend the millions its gained from auctions to resolve contention between new gTLD strings. After costs, this total now stands at over $233 million.

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10 October 2018

Microsoft welcomes scrutiny of tech industry that has roiled its competition this year, says CEO Nadella. Easy for him to say. (Washington Post)

Software companies should welcome the harsh spotlight that’s been put on the technology industry this year, Microsoft’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, said in an interview at the company’s 500-acre campus here.

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EU privacy chief expects first round of fines under new law by year-end (Reuters)

Regulators are set to exercise their new powers by handing out fines and even temporary bans on companies that breach a new EU privacy law, with the first round of sanctions expected by the end of the year, the bloc’s privacy chief said.

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Google challenges record $5 billion EU antitrust fine (Reuters)

Alphabet unit Google on Tuesday challenged a record €4.34-billion ($5 billion) fine imposed by European Union antitrust regulators three months ago for using its popular Android mobile operating system to thwart rivals.

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The true cost of cyberbullying to NZ: $444m each year (New Zealand Herald)

The cost of cyberbulling in New Zealand is costing individuals, communities and support organisations $444 million a year, a new report reveals.

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09 October 2018

Cyberchondria and cyberhoarding: is internet fuelling new conditions? (The Guardian)

The internet could be fuelling a rise in new conditions such as cyberchondria and cyberhoarding, experts have warned.

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Google shutting down after users' data is exposed (BBC News)

Google is shutting down much of its social network, Google , after user data was left exposed.

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UN report: Technologies can help lives but boost inequality (Associated Press)

New technologies from artificial intelligence to gene editing hold immense potential to improve people’s live — but can also drive greater inequality and social dislocation, according to a U.N. report launched Monday.

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07 October 2018

Silicon Valley congressman unveils an Internet Bill of Rights (Washington Post)

By July 2019, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) aims to see the House of Representatives pass landmark legislation shielding consumers from the onslaught of data breaches and the anxiety and confusion over the misuse of their personal information on the Web.

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05 October 2018

CIRA Explains Why Registering ccTLD Domains Benefits the Local Internet Community

Registering domain names in a country code top level domain often has benefits to that country’s local internet community. In the case of Canada’s ccTLD, Byron Holland, President and CEO of CIRA who manages .ca, recently explained how in a post on the company blog.

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Melinda Gates Urges Tech Firms to Do More to Help the World's Poor (Bloomberg)

Melinda Gates called for big technology companies to do more to help the world’s poor by investing in wireless access and other projects that can help raise living standards for workers in developing countries.

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