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12 February 2019

Russia considers 'unplugging' from internet (BBC News)

Russia is considering whether to disconnect from the global internet briefly, as part of a test of its cyber-defences.

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Regulation needed to save Australian journalism from Facebook and Google, watchdog says (The Guardian)

The production of news and journalism cannot be left entirely to market forces, and regulation is needed to curb the power of Facebook and Google, the competition regulator says.

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Long untouchable, web giants now know what it feels like to be hunted (The Observer)

The key question to ask when a shocking tragedy comes to light is this: does it signify a scandal or a crisis? Scandals happen all the time in societies. They generate a lot of heat, outrage and public angst. But, eventually, the media caravan moves on and nothing much changes.

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11 February 2019 Has Bumper 2018 With 57% Growth As They Continue To Build The World's Best Escrow Service

Today we have another instalment in our Q&A series, this time with had a bumper year in 2018, with a 57% increase in domain transactions, but this was slightly tempered by the scammers and fraudsters online, while the “the regulatory environment is growing more complicated and challenging every day.” Looking forward, is aiming to “build the best online escrow service in the world. One of the greatest opportunities has is to get better and more efficient at what it already does well.” They also see dot-com remaining “king” of the TLDs and “domain names are as relevant now as they have ever been.”

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10 February 2019

Tokyo 2020: Medals to be made from recycled waste (BBC News)

All the medals at the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo will be made from recycled electronic waste, say organisers.

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IEEE's 5G and Beyond Roadmap Provides Details About the New Communication Network (IEEE)

Many are predicting that 5G will be this year’s hot technology. But people are still unclear about what the new communication network is and how it will benefit them. This article should help clear up some confusion.

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08 February 2019

Instagram bans 'graphic' self-harm images after Molly Russell's death (The Guardian)

Instagram has announced that it will ban all graphic self-harm images as part of a series of changes made in response to the death of British teenager Molly Russell.

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Facebook Wants You to Have Privacy, Just Not From Facebook (Bloomberg)

Facebook Inc., which turned 15 on Feb. 4, spent the past year peppering you with apologias and promises about protecting your personal data from others. The company wants you to know that it doesn’t sell your data to advertisers, per se, and that you can limit data sharing with some other apps. It’s going to keep paying for pop-up kiosks and subway ads to reinforce that the thickets of data growing in its garden now are (imagine!) under your control. But Facebook still isn’t being transparent about the ways it collects information on you, and it’s quietly stepping up efforts to grab lots more.

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Facebook ordered by Germany to gather and mix less data (BBC News)

Germany's competition regulator has told Facebook to substantially restrict how it collects and combines data about its users unless they give it explicit consent.

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07 February 2019

PIR's New CEO Jon Nevett Discusses .ORG, GDPR Challenges, New gTLDs and How It All Applies To NGOs

In December 2018 the Public Interest Registry appointed Jon Nevett as their President and CEO. Today he’s taking part in the Domain Pulse Q&A series. Jon discusses how the GDPR was the biggest thing to hit the domain name industry in 2018, saying it “emerged in 2018 as a highlight, a challenge and an opportunity for the domain industry.” It had a particular impact on .org registrants with many smaller .orgs having fewer staff and resources to deal with the changes, so PIR became an information source to help them comply.

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Domain Pulse Conference in Bern Only Days Away

Domain Pulse, the annual domain name conference of the German-speaking world, is only days away. It will be held in the beautiful Swiss capital of Bern on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 February.

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06 February 2019

Michele Neylon Talks .IE, GDPR, European Commission’s .EU Failure, New gTLD Thoughts And More

In today’s Domain Pulse Q&A we talk to Blacknight Solutions’ Michele Neylon who discusses how the simplification of .ie policies was a 2018 highlight, while “a big negative has been how the European Commission has been dealing, or rather refusing to deal with, the implications of Brexit on .eu.” But he says “GDPR and its implementation has probably been the biggest single issue for 2018.” GDPR has been painful, but Michele says, “but overall it’s very positive”.

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Fostering IDN adoption and growth in India – New IDN features available soon

March is set to be an exciting month in the history of the .IN domain namespace. When the .IN Registry will transition fully to Neustar’s backend technology, a number of new features and improvements will begin to roll out – providing new opportunities for Registrars and end users. The teams at NIXI and Neustar are truly excited to usher in this new age of success for .IN as India’s online identity.

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5 reasons why autonomous cars aren't coming anytime soon (Associated Press)

In the world of autonomous vehicles, Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley are bustling hubs of development and testing. But ask those involved in self-driving vehicles when we might actually see them carrying passengers in every city, and you’ll get an almost universal answer: Not anytime soon.

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Australian music industry, seeing post-Napster growth, goes after stream-rippers (ABC News)

In recent years the music industry has been feeling optimistic again, two decades after Napster cost it millions in lost revenue.

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Over 59,000 personal data breaches reported across Europe since introduction of GDPR, according to DLA Piper survey (DLA Piper)

Over 59,000 data breach notifications have been reported across the European Economic Area by public and private organizations since the GDPR came into force on 25th May 2018, according to DLA Piper's GDPR Data Breach survey. The Netherlands, Germany and the UK topped the table in the report with approximately 15,400, 12,600, and 10,600 reported breaches respectively. The lowest numbers of reported breaches were made in Liechtenstein, Iceland and Cyprus with 15, 25 and 35 reported breaches respectively.

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05 February 2019

New gTLDs Account for 51% of Domains Considered Security Threats, But Only 12% of Total gTLD Registrations

Security threats in all gTLDs are roughly split 50/50 between new gTLDs and legacy gTLDs, however new gTLDs only account for 12% of domain names registered across all generic top level domains according to the first monthly report published by ICANN that provides statistics and insight into security threats to gTLDs.

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Chorus kicking off NZ ultra-ultra-ultrafast broadband trial (New Zealand Herald)

Chorus says it will trial super-fast broadband for 30 lucky households from mid-March.

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China's Online Censorship Stifles Trade, Too by Tim Wu (New York Times)

As China and the United States engage in high-level negotiations over a possible trade deal, it’s puzzling to see what’s been left off the table: the Chinese internet market. China blocks or hinders nearly every important foreign competitor online, including Google, Facebook, Wikipedia in Chinese, Pinterest, Line (the major Japanese messaging company), Reddit and The New York Times. Even Peppa Pig, a British cartoon character and internet video sensation, has been censored on and off; an editorial in the Communist Party’s official People’s Daily newspaper once warned that she could “destroy children’s youth.”

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04 February 2019

New .EU and .ЕЮ Registrations Continue to Grow, But Total Registrations Drop

There were 171,667 new .eu and .ею domain name registrations in the fourth quarter of 2018, but despite this growth, total domains under management decreased from 3,747,879 as of 31 October to 3,684,750 at 31 December according to the Q4 2018 Progress Report released last week.

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03 February 2019

Locast, a Free App Streaming Network TV, Would Love to Get Sued (New York Times)

Want to watch the Super Bowl and other network TV for free? A start-up called Locast will let you, and (so far) the big broadcasters aren’t trying to stop it.

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Data Protection Day 2019 (Council of Europe)

On 28 January 2019, the 13th edition of Data Protection Day will be celebrated globally. It aims at raising awareness on the right to data protection. The Council of Europe, initiator of this important celebration, continues to play a leading role by encouraging and showcasing initiatives held on this occasion.

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Net Neutrality Repeal at Stake as Key Court Case Starts (New York Times)

A lawsuit challenging the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of rules meant to ensure internet users open access to all websites and services is one of several fronts in a broader battle.

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'It's been two quiet weeks': Tonga has internet restored after two weeks (New Zealand Herald)

Welcome back, Tonga! The Pacific Island nation's two-week spell of virtual cyber darkness has ended, with authorities announcing today that full internet services had been restored to the kingdom.

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02 February 2019

Russia's Playbook for Social Media Disinformation Has Gone Global (New York Times)

Twitter said on Thursday that countries including Bangladesh and Venezuela had been using social media to disseminate government talking points, while Facebook detailed a broad Iranian disinformation campaign that touched on everything from the conflict in Syria to conspiracy theories about the Sept. 11 attacks.

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