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02 March 2020

Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo mine for coltan and face abuse to supply smartphone industry (ABC News)

Seven-day working weeks, sexual abuse and child labour — this is how tech companies are struggling to clean up supply of the magic metal that makes your smartphone work.

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The Role Of Education And Skills In Bridging The Digital Gender Divide: Evidence From APEC Economies (OECD)

Women still lag behind in their ability to access, use and afford digital tools. Cultural barriers and stereotypes can affect their expectations as well, and may lead them toward less rewarding career paths in an increasingly digitalised and interconnected world.

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Six grand and a Rolex: lure of riches sucked me into online fraud (The Observer)

Like most 18-year-olds, “Carlos” is never far from his phone, using it to catch up on his social media feeds and scroll through friends’ pictures. Unlike most teenagers though, he posted photographs depicting a level of affluence unlikely for someone who left school after GCSEs and is now a junior employee at a central London restaurant.

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Many TLDs Facing Increasing Requirements And Reduced Growth, And For One, .NZ, Leads To Registry Fee Increase

Top-level domains, both generic and country code, are facing challenges in recent years for many, with growth either plateauing or declining. The one big exception of course is .com that continues to power along. But for most others growth has stalled or declined, while budgetary pressures have increased due to registries being required to do more, such as combatting internet-related harm, privacy, cybersecurity, compliance checks, customer service difficulties between registrants and registrars and more. All of this requires more money. As a result, for one, InternetNZ, it’s meant a 20% increase in the registry fee for .nz domain names from 1 June 2020, from NZ$1.25 to $1.50 per month which will allow for around an extra $2.1 million in revenue per year.

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28 February 2020

ICANN Postpones Middle East DNS Forum Over Coronavirus Outbreak

ICANN announced Thursday the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak had forced it to postpone its Middle East DNS Forum, scheduled for 24-25 March 2020, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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27 February 2020

Cyberspace and Geopolitics: Assessing Global Cybersecurity Norm Processes at a Crossroads (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

As cyber threats multiply, efforts to establish international norms for cyber activity have created a disjointed ecosystem. Is the fragmentation a cause for concern or an opportunity to promote cyber stability and security?

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Big Tech's honeymoon with the world's second-largest internet market is ending (CNN)

In the 2010s, India's internet exploded. More than half a billion Indians came online in the 10 years to September 2019, according to the latest government data, and the country now has twice as many internet users as the entire population of the United States.

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26 February 2020

UK's 5G network well within safety limits, Ofcom tests find (BBC)

The first UK safety tests of 5G base stations has found radiation levels are at "tiny fractions" of safe limits.

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25 February 2020

10 Years Between New gTLD Applications Is Too Long: Domain Pulse Q&A With Jovenet Consulting's Jean Guillon

Dismay at the time it’s taking for ICANN to launch a new round of new gTLD applications is an underlying theme for Jovenet Consulting’s Jean Guillon in today’s Domain Pulse Q&A, as well as it’s the insiders who are framing the new applicant guidebook and the larger companies are the ones with the resources to put into submitting applications from an anticipated overly complicated applicant guidebook. But it’s not all dismay as Jean is excited about the future of new gTLDs, the .BEST registry he works with, and he has a French city waiting to apply for its own gTLD and he believes he’s worked out what works and doesn’t. Read on!

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24 February 2020

Big Year Ahead For InternetNZ With Registry Transformation Project, Security Issues and So Much More: Q&A With Brent Carey

2020 is going to be a big year in the .nz domain name space. InternetNZ has a lot of activities on the go, from their registry replacement project, working with iThreat on threat detection, implementing the work of the Internet and jurisdiction policy network and keeping the domain name system fair for everyone will also occupy our time including fighting for the privacy rights of New Zealand registrants. These are the main activities for New Zealand’s ccTLD registry according to Brent Carey, InternetNZ’s Domain Name Commissioner as outlined in today’s Q&A looking at the year in review and year ahead. New Zealand was also rocked last year by the Christchurch terrorism event, and Brent says he’s ‘very proud of InternetNZ’s response’ and a lot of time was spent dealing with fake webshops And data breaches and security continue to be ongoing issues, and on the increase, that need to be tackled. To read more of Brent’s responses, keep reading below.

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What's in Store for 5G This Year: Wireless experts discuss network deployment and ongoing challenges (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Although 5G is poised to replace LTE for cellular communications, its base stations require about three times as much power. That is one challenge identified by members of the IEEE Future Networks Initiative in “7 Experts Forecast What’s Coming for 5G in 2020,” a round up of predictions for the technology. The initiative, an IEEE Future Directions program, is helping to pave the way for 5G.

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Connected world: An evolution in connectivity beyond the 5G revolution (McKinsey)

The promise of 5G has captured the attention of business leaders, policy makers, and the media. But how much of that promise is likely to be realized anytime soon?

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UN warns of rise of 'cybertorture' to bypass physical ban (The Guardian)

Psychological torture is being exploited by states to circumvent the more widely understood ban on physically inflicting pain and may open the way to a future of “cybertorture”, the UN torture rapporteur has said.

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No global digital tax by end-2020 would mean chaos - France (Reuters)

Failure to reach a global deal on where and how much to tax digital giants such as Google, Amazon or Facebook would result in many digital tax regimes emerging all over the world, France’s Finance Minister said on Sunday.

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EU proposes rules for artificial intelligence to limit risks (Associated Press)

The European Union unveiled proposals Wednesday to regulate artificial intelligence that call for strict rules and safeguards on risky applications of the rapidly developing technology.

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22 February 2020

Cybercriminals Exploit Coronavirus With Thousands Of Nefarious Domain Registrations

Cyber-criminals have shown once again they’re adept at exploiting interest in a topical issue, this time it’s the global Coronavirus epidemic being used to spread malicious activity. Check Point Research has discovered several spam campaigns relating to the outbreak of the virus and new websites registered with domain names related to the virus.

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Domains With “Pizza” The Champion Of The .AT Renewals: Domain Pulse 2020

Domain names containing the word “pizza” have a higher renewal rate than other popular strings according to an analysis by’s Alexander Mayrhofer,’s head of Research and Development, presented at the Domain Pulse conference in Innsbruck Thursday attended by around 200 people mostly from the German-speaking countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland, but also further afield.

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Former Cybersecurity Czar Rudy Giuliani's Twitter Mishaps A Cybersecurity Risk

Rudy Giuliani’s missteps, stumbles and faux pas continue on and on and on. Guiliani is infamous for butt dials to journalists and ongoing typos in tweets with copious misspellings and other keyboarding errors that online criminals are taking advantage of. Malwarebytes has highlighted a number of tweets that have caused issues, such as a tweet sent out Sunday in which “Giuliani meant to send his 650,000-plus followers to his new website, Instead, a space added after ‘Rudy’ sent users on a redirection quest that ultimately landed on a web page laced with adware.”

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20 February 2020

ICANN Turns Cancún Into Virtual Only Meeting Over Coronavirus Fears

ICANN announced Wednesday it’s turning its ICANN67 Public Meeting, which was to be held in Cancún, Mexico, into a virtual meeting with remote participation-only. This decision, ICANN says, was made as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, considered a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization. Also up for review are the upcoming GDD Summit in Paris and the ICANN68 Meeting in Malaysia.

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256 Australians spend more than $1.3 million watching child sexual abuse online (ABC News)

More than 250 Australians have spent more than $1.3 million to watch child sexual abuse, live streamed on the internet from the Philippines, over 13 years.

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Lacking Its Own Digital Giants, Europe Plans New Approach (New York Times)

Across the digital economy, Europe has been missing. Apple, based in California, and Samsung, from South Korea, make the most popular phones in Europe. Facebook owns the most widely used social networks, Google dominates online search and advertising, and Amazon controls e-commerce. European companies run their businesses on cloud infrastructure from Amazon and Microsoft. The region’s wireless networks are largely made with equipment from the Chinese giant Huawei.

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19 February 2020

Chris Disspain Looks At The Highlights of 2019 And What His Final Year On The ICANN Board Might Hold

In the latest Domain Pulse Q&A series looking at the year in review and year ahead, we speak to ICANN board member Chris Disspain. Chris discusses the progress of the next round of new gTLD applications, the challenges of GDPR has thrown at ICANN relating to WHOIS, a 2019 highlight being finalisation of the new strategic plan especially in the way the ICANN community focused and pulled together to get it done and then what the future may hold for him after he completes his term on the ICANN board. He also would like to see a little more kindness “in the ICANN context”.

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SIDN Takes Aim At Fake .NL Webshops Taking Down 4,500 In 2019

The Dutch ccTLD registry has taken down 4,340 fake webshops with .nl domain names in 2019, SIDN announced Monday. A large proportion of the fraudulent sites were detected using new self-teaching tools developed by SIDN Labs.

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18 February 2020

.EU Still Haemorrhaging Registrations Due To Brexit, While Norwegian Registrations Jump By Half In Q4

.eu and it’s stablemates ею and .ευ continued to shed domain name registrations as Brexit approached, with total registrations across all 3 TLDs decreasing from 3,617,536 (3,581,478 for .eu) at the end of the third quarter of 2019 to 3,606,311 (3,579,689 for .eu) at the end of the fourth quarter, EURid has announced in its Q4 2019 Progress Report. This EURid attributed to continuous uncertainties surrounding Brexit and the .eu extension.

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ICANN Considers How To Deal With Cancún Meeting Due To Coronavirus

ICANN is to hold a conference call this week with ICANN community leaders and representatives to discuss how to deal with issues arising from the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the upcoming ICANN67 meeting scheduled for Cancún, Mexico, next month. The tone of the post indicates that there’s a chance ICANN will cancel the event if the community requests it.

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