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24 July 2019

Justice Department Opens Antitrust Review of Big Tech Companies (New York Times)

The federal government has turned its full investigative powers toward examining the world’s biggest technology companies, building on a backlash against the industry that has been growing for over a year.

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EC Confirms April Directive: EU Registrants in UK, And Anywhere Else In The World, Can Register .EU Domains

The European Commission last week updated its announcement earlier in the year confirming citizens of the European Union and the European Economic Area, including those in the UK following Brexit (if it ever happens), will be able to keep .eu domain names. But British citizens who aren’t dual nationals with citizenship of an EU country will remain ineligible. As will British businesses without a EU connection such as an office. The changes also mean that EU citizens anywhere in the world can register a .eu domain name.

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22 July 2019

Neustar’s Nicolai Bezsonoff Discusses The “Vote of Confidence” In Being Awarded 10 More Years of .US

Last week Neustar was awarded a contract to continue operating the .us registry until 2029, which Neustar views as a “vote of confidence” in their “work thus far with .US, as well as the expertise and capabilities of our team and our infrastructure.” Domain Pulse spoke to Nicolai Bezsonoff, Vice President and General Manager of Registry Solutions at Neustar about what the announcement means to Neustar, the importance of security not just with .us but with all their TLDs, combatting abuse, reaching target audiences and how to combat .com in the US.

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21 July 2019

DomainTools Loses Appeal Against Their Use of .NZ Registrant Data

A US Court last week upheld a decision that prevents DomainTools from breaching .nz domain names registrant’s privacy and publishing their personal details.

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19 July 2019

Wireless Communication and Applications Above 100 GHz: Opportunities and Challenges for 6G and Beyond (Marconi Society)

We have never, in the history of the US, opened up spectrum above 95 gigahertz (GHz). Now the FCC is opening up new spectrum, which allows us to move all the way up to the terahertz (THz) range. In this range, there are things we can do that we never thought our smart phones would do.

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Melinda Gates pushes G7 to close digital gender gap in Africa (The Guardian)

World leaders are to pledge to shape the technological revolution sweeping through Africa by acting to lift the threat of 400 million predominantly rural women being excluded from digital financial services.

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Building the Sustainable Internet with a Spirit of Cooperation by Vint Cerf (Marconi Society)

While much has been written about bridging the digital chasm and connecting the next billion to the Internet, it is slow going to make it happen. Currently, 3.4 billion people do not have access to the Internet and the bulk of them live in developing countries and rural areas. In these underserved areas, women are far less likely to be connected to the Internet than men – in low and middle income countries, women are 10% less likely to own a mobile phone than men and are 26% less likely to use mobile Internet. This all means that the economic opportunities and human connections provided by the Internet are not readily available to the people who need it the most.

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Police need intercept tools as mobile networks develop: Europol (Reuters)

European law enforcement agencies set to lose the ability to tap criminals’ mobile devices with the launch of 5G technology must be brought into discussions earlier when communications networks are modernised, the new head of Europol told Reuters.

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G7 urges tough Libra regulation, agrees to tax digital giants (Reuters)

Digital currencies such as Facebook’s planned Libra raise serious concerns and must be regulated as tightly as possible to ensure they do not upset the world’s financial system, Group of Seven finance ministers and central bankers said on Thursday.

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“Solid” 2018 Sees PIR Reorganising and Boosting Revenues and Renewals in Challenging Times

Public Interest Registry published their 2018 annual report Thursday, highlighting what for them was a “solid year for .org, from exceeding financial goals to continuing to grow a strong user base with high renewal rates. These results are a direct reflection of PIR’s commitment to promoting quality domains in the .org base.” For 2019, the .org registry is ‘putting an even greater focus on combating abuse and making significant investments in education and outreach initiatives.’

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18 July 2019

Instagram hides likes count in international test 'to remove pressure' (BBC News)

Instagram is hiding the number of likes on posts in several countries, including Australia and Japan, in order to "remove pressure" on users.

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The Internet Is Coming to the Rest of the Animal Kingdom: A new Doolittlesque initiative aims to promote Internet communication among smart animals (IEEE)

People surf it. Spiders crawl it. Gophers navigate it. Now, a leading group of cognitive biologists and computer scientists want to make the tools of the Internet accessible to the rest of the animal kingdom.

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G7 finance ministers look to rein in tech giants at French meeting (Reuters)

G7 finance ministers will have the growing powers of big digital firms in their sights when they meet on Wednesday outside Paris despite divisions about how best to tax them.

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'I Don’t Trust You Guys': Lawmakers Unite to Take Aim at Big Tech (New York Times)

Lawmakers leveled stinging criticism and sharp questions at Big Tech executives on Tuesday, attacking Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google for their market power, their perceived bias as gatekeepers of communication and Facebook’s ambitions to reshape the financial industry.

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Neustar Gets New US Government Contract For .US Registry Till 2029

Neustar and the U.S. Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) yesterday announced Neustar has been awarded a contract to continue operating the .us ccTLD for up to 10 years, until 2029.

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17 July 2019

France will not back down on digital tax despite US legal threats (The Guardian)

France will not back down in the face of US threats of legal action over its plans for a digital tax on tech giants, the French finance minister has said.

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Australian government agencies pushing for longer mandatory metadata retention (The Guardian)

Government agencies are pushing for telecommunications companies to be forced to retain customer data for law enforcement agencies for longer than the current two-year requirement.

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16 July 2019

How we keep Search relevant and useful by Danny Sullivan (Google blog)

When you come to Google Search, our goal is to connect you with useful information as quickly as possible. That information can take many forms, and over the years the search results page has evolved to include not only a list of blue links to pages across the web, but also useful features to help you find what you’re looking for even faster. Some examples include featured snippets, which highlight results that are likely to contain what you’re looking for; Knowledge Panels, which can help you find key facts about an individual or other topic in the world; and predictive features like Autocomplete that help you navigate Search more quickly.

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The 5G Health Hazard That Isn't (New York Times)

How one scientist and his inaccurate chart led to unwarranted fears of wireless technology.

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Fighting Big Tech Makes for Some Uncomfortable Bedfellows (New York Times)

Conservatives are showing up at largely liberal conferences to call for breaking up Facebook and Google. Liberals are going on conservative TV shows to do the same. It’s awkward.

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15 July 2019

Afnic Annual Report Shows .FR Grew 4.4% in 2018

France’s .fr grew by 4.4% in 2018, outstripping both the French domain name market as a whole, which grew by 2.1%, according to the Afnic 2018 annual report and global growth of 3.7% according to the January 2019 CENTRstats Global TLD Report. There was also a “very good renewal rate of 83.9%.”

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14 July 2019

The End of the Free Internet Is Near (Washington Post)

The idea that the internet should enjoy minimal government oversight precisely because it was a technology that enabled open and free speech for everyone has been turned on its head.

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FTC votes to approve $5 billion settlement with Facebook in privacy probe (Washington Post)

The Federal Trade Commission voted this week to approve a roughly $5 billion settlement with Facebook that could end an investigation into its privacy practices, according to a person familiar with the matter but not authorized to speak on the record, a deal poised to result in unprecedented new government oversight of the company.

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Facebook Dodged a Bullet From the F.T.C. It Faces Many More. (New York Times)

After Facebook was hit on Friday with a fine of around $5 billion for privacy violations, critics immediately said it escaped largely unscathed: The settlement neither bruised its bottom line nor severely restricted its ability to collect people’s data.

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The Peril and Potential of the GDPR (Centre for International Governance Innovation)

The General Data Protection Regulation showed great promise during development, but after one year in effect, considerable blind spots are coming to the fore.

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