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29 September 2019

Global internet growth stalls and focus shifts to ‘meaningful universal connectivity’ to drive global development (International Telecommunication Union)

Traditional ap​proaches to driving internet network roll-out and uptake are failing to reach the remaining half of the global population still lacking online access, according to a new report issued in New York today by the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development.

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27 September 2019

Google makes deepfakes to fight deepfakes (BBC News)

Google has released a database of 3,000 deepfakes - videos that use artificial intelligence to alter faces or to make people say things they never did.

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Pornography 'one click away' from young children (BBC News)

Children are stumbling upon pornography online from as young as seven, a report has indicated.

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India has second-largest population of monthly active internet users: report (Live Mint)

Internet adoption in India is picking up faster than we had imagined. India had 451 million monthly active internet users as on 31 March 2019, which is second only to China’s 800 million user base, claims a new report ‘India Internet 2019’ by IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) in collaboration with Nielsen Holdings.

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Google: 21 Facts you probably didn't know about the search engine (BBC News)

Google turns 21 on Friday 27 September! The popular search engine is used by people right across the world and it's become a really important part of the internet for many.

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26 September 2019

Google says it's achieved 'quantum supremacy'. What does this actually mean? (ABC News)

Google says one of its quantum computers has been able to solve a problem that would be practically impossible to do on a conventional computer, becoming the first to achieve so-called "quantum supremacy".

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At Least 70 Countries Have Engaged in Disinformation Campaigns, Study Finds (New York Times)

In Vietnam, citizens were enlisted to post pro-government messages on their personal Facebook pages. The Guatemalan government used hacked and stolen social media accounts to silence dissenting opinions. Ethiopia’s ruling party hired people to influence social media conversations in its favor.

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25 September 2019

Checking in on the Christchurch Call by Dr Ellen Strickland, Chief Advisor, InternetNZ (InternetNZ)

It’s been over six months since the Christchurch mosque attacks, and four months since the Christchurch Call was made. Tomorrow, there will be a meeting alongside the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York to take stock of progress on the Call. World leaders, company executives, United Nations representatives and others will come together to report back on what progress has been made and what plans lie ahead.

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UCLA To Celebrate Internet’s 50th Anniversary With Former ICANN Chairs

The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the internet with a public event that brings together the pioneers of the network with some of today’s leading visionaries including former ICANN Chairs Vint Cerf and Steve Crocker on 29 October.

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24 September 2019

Google wins in 'right to be forgotten' fight with France (Reuters)

Google won its fight against tougher “right to be forgotten” rules after Europe’s top court said on Tuesday it does not have to remove links to sensitive personal data worldwide, rejecting a French demand.

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One Brother Stabbed the Other. The Journalist Who Wrote About It Paid a Price. (New York Times)

The use of Europe’s “right to be forgotten” privacy law has broadened, illustrated by two Italian brothers, a stabbing and the journalist who wrote about them.

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New independent watchdog to keep extremists off internet (Associated Press)

The leaders of New Zealand and France are backing a watchdog organization aimed at keeping internet platforms from being used by extremists — and preparing speedy responses to future attacks.

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PayPal investigated for potential abuse by child sex exploitation rings (ABC News)

Digital payments giant PayPal will undertake an urgent audit of its global money transfers business given "ongoing concerns" it is being used by child exploitation rings in Asia.

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Former auDA CEO Allegedly Falsified Academic Record and Misled Investigators

It’s been revealed that former auDA CEO Cameron Boardman “faced allegations of falsifying his academic record and misleading those investigating his qualifications before his sudden departure” according to a report in today’s Australian newspaper.

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23 September 2019

Hurricane Dorian Features On Verisign List Of Top Trending Keywords For August

Hurricane Dorian, the most powerful tropical cyclone ever recorded that destroyed parts of the Bahamas, featured prominently on the Verisign list of top 10 trending keywords in English for the month of August with “dorian” featuring on both the .com and .net list, while “hurricane” featured on the .com list.

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CIRA Asks Canada's Political Parties To Adopt Its Vision For The Internet's Future

Canada’s upcoming federal election takes place on 21 October and the country’s ccTLD manager has put forward its vision for the future of the country’s internet, asking political parties to get on board.

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22 September 2019

Internet access is a basic right: Kerala High Court (Deccan Chronicle)

The Kerala High Court ruled on Thursday that the right to access Internet using mobile phone is a fundamental right under the Constitution. Justice P.V. Asha, in a landmark judgment, also said it was part of the right to privacy and the right to education.

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21 September 2019

Facebook's Suspension of 'Tens of Thousands' of Apps Reveals Wider Privacy Issues (New York Times)

Facebook said on Friday that it had suspended tens of thousands of apps for improperly sucking up users’ personal information and other transgressions, a tacit admission that the scale of its data privacy issues was far larger than it had previously acknowledged.

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Maria Ressa: "Facebook Broke Democracy in Many Countries around the World, Including in Mine" (Centre for International Governance Innovation)

In a Q&A, the Manila-based journalist discusses how Silicon Valley has “forever changed” our societies — and what can be done to stop hate spreading faster than facts

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19 September 2019

.AR Launches Second Level Domains

Argentina's ccTLD manager NIC Argentina launched second level domains this month in a 2 stage process with premium pricing before General Availability will see all remaining domain names released at standard prices. In addition, NIC Argentina now allows domain names with 1 to 3 characters for all third level domains (eg., but only 4 characters and more for second level domains.

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18 September 2019

Facebook Expands Definition of Terrorist Organizations to Limit Extremism (New York Times)

Facebook unveiled a series of changes on Tuesday to limit hate speech and extremism on its site, as scrutiny is rising on how the social network may be radicalizing people.

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UK Home Office to fund use of AI to help catch dark web paedophiles (The Guardian)

Artificial intelligence could be used to help catch paedophiles operating on the dark web, the Home Office has announced.

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PIR Rebrands As The New .ORG

It’s been a year in the making, and now Public Interest Registry has rebranded as The New .ORG, giving it a fresh new look “with a new, bold visual identity.”

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16 September 2019

TikTok's Beijing roots fuel censorship suspicion as it builds a huge U.S. audience (Washington Post)

A search for “#hongkong” on Twitter reveals a vast visual patchwork of the city’s unavoidable protests, including pro-China agitprop, sympathetic memes and imagery from the hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy marchers who have braved police crackdowns.

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Tech companies won't wait for U.S. to act on social media laws, Microsoft's president says (Reuters)

Microsoft Corp President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith said on Friday that technology companies are likely to change how they moderate online platforms in response to new laws from foreign governments, regardless of whether U.S. lawmakers act to change a U.S. law that has allowed social media platforms to flourish.

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