22 August 2019

Is Spam Trying to Tell Us Something? New York Times

The oracles are screaming. They wave around their yield curves and their poll results and their images of ice and fire. Every headline is a forecast. Every stray observation supports a theory. Something is about to happen. (But when?) Many things are about to happen. (And here’s why!) Nobody is sure they know anything, but everyone is worried that someone knows something. Summer will soon be over, but prediction season has just begun.

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07 March 2017

Spam email operator's faulty backup leaks 1.37bn addresses The Guardian

One of the largest spam operations in the world has exposed its entire operation to the public, leaking its database of 1.37bn email addresses thanks to a faulty backup.

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16 June 2016

'Spam King' sentenced to two years in prison BBC News

A US man who sent more than 27 million spam emails to Facebook users has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

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15 May 2016

Kaspersky Lab Reports Significant Increase in Malicious Spam Emails in Q1 2016 Kaspersky

The latest Kaspersky Lab Spam and Phishing Report has discovered that although the quantity of spam emails has been decreasing, they have become more criminalized. At the same time, the level of malicious mailshots has dramatically increased - Kaspersky Lab products prevented 22,890,956 attempts to infect users via emails with malicious attachments in March 2016, twice the number of attempts reported in February 2016.

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29 August 2015

Warning: Huge surge in spam emails since Ashley Madison hack New Zealand Herald

Spammers are taking advantage of the Ashley Madison hack, IT security company Symantec says.

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18 July 2015

Spam email levels at 12-year low BBC News

People are being sent fewer spam emails than at any time in the past 12 years, according to security firm Symantec.

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17 January 2015

Spammers Take A Liking to WhatsApp Mobile App Threat Post

Spammers have settled in on the WhatsApp messaging platform with greater regularity, aided in one locale, by of all things, government regulations.

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28 November 2014

106 ways to annoy: China flounders in its efforts to combat text-messaging spam The Economist

Spam, as every user of mobile phones in China is aware to their intense annoyance, is a roaring business in China. Its delivery-men drive through residential neighbourhoods in "text-messaging cars", with illegal but easy-to-buy gadgetry they use to hijack links between mobile-phone users and nearby communications masts. They then target the numbers they harvest, blasting them with spam text messages before driving away. Mobile-phone users usually see only the wearisome results: another sprinkling of spam messages offering deals on flats, investment advice and dodgy receipts for tax purposes.

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10 November 2014

Still Spamming After All These Years Krebs On Security

A long trail of spam, dodgy domains and hijacked Internet addresses leads back to a 37-year-old junk email purveyor in San Diego who was the first alleged spammer to have been criminally prosecuted 13 years ago for blasting unsolicited commercial email.

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07 November 2014

ITU, Internet Society sign deal to fight spam ZDNet

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Internet Society have signed an agreement to jointly battle spam, which still accounts for 80 percent of e-mail traffic worldwide.

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02 July 2014

Canadian Antispam Law Whips Up a Storm of Last-Minute Messages New York Times

The email has all the markings of malicious spam: an overwrought subject line screaming "Urgent Action Required," a message directing the recipient to click a mysterious link.

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12 June 2014

Vigilance is the only cure for comment spam PC World

One of the best ways to demonstrate expertise and establish a positive reputation for your business or your employer is by sharing information through posts on a website. And one of the best ways to engage customers is to allow comments on those posts and to respond to them. If you're not careful, though, spammers will derail your comments and possibly drive potential customers away.

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04 May 2014

Spam Hits Three Year High-Water Mark Cisco

Takedowns of prolific spam botnets, such as Rustock in 2011 and Grum in 2012, had a substantial effect on reducing overall global spam volumes. This, combined with diminishing returns for spammers sending via bots, had left many email recipients basking in the comfort of (mostly) clean inboxes. No doubt this downward trend in global spam volumes also saved countless dollars that would have otherwise been frittered away on phony university degrees, suspect weight loss products, and erectile dysfunction medication.

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23 April 2014

Which countries are the world's spammiest nations? CBR

US continues to top the list of the ten most spam spreading countries, with Spain breaking into the league for the first time this quarter and taking the second position in the chart.

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You've got spam mail: Slew of AOL email accounts fall prey to spoofing attack PC World

The undead are rising from their graves -- or at least a legion of long-forgotten AOL email addresses are.

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28 December 2013

The decade-long quest to stop "Spamford" Wallace Ars Technica

On a warm April morning in 2007, one of the world's most notorious spammers walked through the doors of the Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas. Though the Federal Trade Commission was attempting to collect a $4 million judgment against him, Sanford "Spamford" Wallace showed up to his sworn deposition without a lawyer -- and without any of the documents required of him.

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24 October 2013

Intelligence chief: Le Monde's allegations against NSA 'false' CNET

The Director of National Intelligence has rebutted claims from a French newspaper that the NSA gathered more than 70 million recordings of phone calls from French citizens.

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16 October 2013

The NSA Is Being Overwhelmed By Spam Washington Post

In the latest article based on the Edward Snowden documents, the Washington Post's Barton Gellman and Ashkan Soltani report that the NSA is "harvesting hundreds of millions of contact lists from personal e-mail and instant messaging accounts around the world, many of them belonging to Americans... in large numbers that amount to a sizable fraction of the world's e-mail and instant messaging accounts." These amount to hundreds of thousands of email address books and chat contact lists per day.

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15 October 2013

Brazil to fortify government email due to NSA revelations Computerworld

The Brazilian Federal Data Processing Service, known as Serpro, will build a secure email system for Brazil's federal government following media reports that foreign intelligence agencies intercepted electronic communications in the country.

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09 October 2013

How to report spam and other violations on Twitter TechHive

Anyone who's ever mentioned an Apple product in a tweet has probably been on the receiving end of a torrent of replies from spambots. Oh the humanity. Fortunately, Twitter makes it easy to report spam -- and other, more serious abuses.

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24 September 2013

Apple is a tempting phishing target for scammers Network World

Spam volumes took a usual seasonal drop in August, but phishing spiked, including a noticeable interest in hijacking Apple accounts.

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18 September 2013

Firm That Sent 42 Million Texts Settles in Spam Case New York Times

The Federal Trade Commission said on Tuesday that it had settled charges against a Florida company and its two top executives for sending more than 42 million unwanted and deceptive text messages to consumers.

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03 September 2013

Online Attack Leads to Peek Into Spam Den New York Times

For years, Igor A. Artimovich had been living in a three-room apartment he shared with his wife in St. Petersburg, sitting for long hours in front of his Lenovo laptop in his pajamas, drinking sugary coffee.

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24 July 2013

Belarus internet infested with spammers BBC News

Almost 30% of all net addresses in Belarus are blocked by anti-spam firms because of the amount of junk mail passing through them, says a report.

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17 July 2013

US Retains Spamming Crown, Belarus Inches Toward the Top Spot, and Three New Countries Enter into the "Spam Relaying" Dirty Dozen Sophos

Sophos has published the latest 'Dirty Dozen' of spam relaying countries, covering the second quarter of 2013. As the US retains the top spot among spam-relaying countries, Belarus makes a significant jump into second place. And three new countries enter the top twelve -- Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Argentina, while three other countries exit the Dirty Dozen -- France, Peru and South Korea.

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