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23 October 2006

YouTube cuts 30,000 illegal clips BBC

Video-sharing service YouTube has wiped nearly 30,000 files from its website after Japanese media companies said their copyright was being infringed.

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20 October 2006

Record industry uploads 8,000 lawsuits The Register

A recording industry lobby group has launched 8,000 new cases alleging illegal file sharing all over the world but none of them is British because the UK lobby group is focusing on its negotiations with internet service providers.

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18 April 2006

au: Kazaa faces new court battle Sydney Morning Herald

The owner of the Kazaa file sharing network will have to fight on yet another front in its long-running legal battle with Australian record companies.

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ca: CRIA's Own Study Counters P2P Claims by Michael Geist Michael Geist

While CRIA regularly trumpets commissioned studies as evidence for the problems posed by P2P, this week it released a major study without any fanfare whatsoever. Conducted by Pollara last month, the study serves as part of CRIA's submission to the CRTC's Commercial Radio Review. What makes this particular study interesting (aside from the fact that it finally includes full details on responses and the actual questions posed), is that much of the data challenges many familiar CRIA claims.

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12 February 2006

British ISPs must turn in customer details ZDnet

The U.K. High Court has ordered 10 Internet service providers to hand over information of 150 customers accused of illegally sharing and downloading desktop software on the Web.

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