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01 December 2015

Swedish Pirate Bay Blocking Decision Will Go to Appeal TorrentFreak

Last Friday's ruling by the Stockholm District Court that a local ISP cannot be forced to block The Pirate Bay will not mark the end of the matter. The copyright holders behind the legal action say that they are surprised by the decision and will definitely be taking their case to appeal.

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29 November 2015

Supreme Court Opens Door for Pirate Site Blockades in Germany TorrentFreak

The German Supreme Court has today opened the door for ISP blockades of copyright infringing sites. In a landmark decision the court ruled that ISPs can be required to block websites if copyright holders fail to identify their operators or hosting providers.

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20 November 2015

Google offers legal support to some YouTube users in copyright battles The Guardian

Google is stepping up its defense of YouTube users who find themselves on the wrong side of a copyright claim, the tech company said on Thursday.

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17 November 2015

Online GST changes a mixed bag for NZ Internet users InternetNZ

InternetNZ has analysed today's announcement regarding Goods and Services Tax (GST) treatment for online purchases, and found it to be a mixed bag for New Zealand's Internet users.

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14 November 2015

EU Court of Justice to Decide on Legality of Pirate Bay Blockades Reuters

The Dutch Supreme Court referred a landmark case against the file-sharing website Pirate Bay to the European Court of Justice on Friday, a move that could lead to a precedent in efforts to curtail the sharing of copyrighted movies and music online.

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13 November 2015

Swedish Pirates are More Likely to Buy Legal Content TorrentFreak

As the entertainment industries catch up, fewer and fewer Swedish citizens are using unauthorized file-sharing networks. That's according to a new study which has found that just 18% of the population now engages in the hobby. Nevertheless, those that do pirate are dramatically more likely to buy legal content than those who don't.

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05 November 2015

MPAA shuts down major torrent sites, including Popcorn Time Ars Technica

The site that provides much of the content for illegal movies shown on the "Popcorn Time" app,, has been shut down after the Motion Picture Association of America won court orders in Canada and New Zealand.

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02 November 2015

Ending piracy will take more than just making the content available WA Today

Australia is one of the pirating capitals of the world, but has the tide turned now that people have legitimate access to content through local streaming services and the Dallas Buyers Club court ruling has spooked casual pirates? Maybe.

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22 October 2015

UK ISPs asked to block more pirate sites BBC News

UK internet service providers have been asked to block access to dozens of URLs that are suspected of linking to pirated content.

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18 October 2015

Cubans pirate U.S. TV and movies, saying the embargo made them do it Washington Post

There's little question that 50-plus years of U.S. economic sanctions have taken a heavy toll on Cuba's factories, banking system and hospitals.

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14 October 2015

Music labels sue Aurous filesharing app for 'copyright theft on a massive scale' The Guardian

Major music labels are suing filesharing application Aurous for "willful and egregious copyright infringement" just days after its earliest alpha version launched.

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Australia's illegal downloading numbers drop 4pc; Netflix, Stan considered 'game-changers', study says ABC News

The number of Australians engaging in online piracy has dropped 4 per cent, a new study says, with streaming services such as Netflix considered a "game-changer" on the issue.

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13 October 2015

Is Streaming Pirated Movies Illegal? EU Court to Decide TorrentFreak

Seeking clarification, a Dutch court has referred several streaming related questions to the EU Court of Justice. The questions relate to a case between local anti-piracy group BREIN and a seller of so-called "pirate boxes" that come pre-loaded with streaming plugins. It is currently unclear whether streaming pirated movies is permitted under EU law.

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Dallas Buyers Club Refuses to Give Up on Australia Piracy Battle TorrentFreak

Dallas Buyers Club (DBC) is pressing ahead with efforts to bring its piracy lawsuit business model to Australia. Despite a big setback in August which meant the company would have to post a AUS$600,000 bond before contacting 4,726 alleged infringers, DBC has now returned to court with a counter-offer targeting just 10% of that amount.

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08 October 2015

RIAA and MPAA Report Notorious Piracy Sites to U.S. Government TorrentFreak

The RIAA and MPAA have submitted their lists of most "notorious" pirate sites to the U.S. Government. The groups target torrent sites including The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents, as well as various linking and streaming portals. Uncooperative domain registrars and other third-party service providers are called out as well.

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04 October 2015

Thousands of "Spies" Are Watching Trackerless Torrents TorrentFreak

BitTorrent is a very efficient way to share large files, but not a very private one. It's commonly known that anti-piracy outfits monitor users through public trackers. However, new research reveals that BitTorrent's DHT is also full of "spies" who actively harvest IP-addresses.

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08 September 2015

Pirate Party Offers Uncensored DNS to Bypass Pirate Bay Blockade TorrentFreak

The Norwegian Pirate Party has made a big statement by launching a free DNS service which allows Internet users to bypass the local Pirate Bay blockade. The party advocates a free and open Internet for everyone and believes that the recent website blockades set a dangerous precedent.

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06 September 2015

The dry stream of musicians' royalties The Economist

In November last year, Taylor Swift withdrew most of her music from Spotify, complaining that the music-streaming service made her music available to all users, not just paying subscribers. She had previously called Spotify's payments to musical artists -- on average less than a penny per song -- stingy. Nor is Spotify the only one to attract Swiftian scorn: she has withheld her latest album, "1989", from Apple's new music-streaming service, describing their free, three-month trial period, in which artists would get no royalties, as "shocking" and "disappointing" on Tumblr.

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01 September 2015

TV Isn't Dead - It's Evolving and Evolving Quickly ClickZ

The abandonment of linear TV formats for digital on-demand media consumption signifies the rebirth of TV. How does this metamorphosis affect brand strategy for consumer engagement?

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27 August 2015

Aussie Piracy Notices Delayed But Lawsuits Are Coming; Austria's T-Mobile Refuses to Block Pirate Bay TorrentFreak

As ISPs and rightsholders continue to fight over who will pay for Australia's "three strikes" anti-piracy regime, there is still no sign of when the program will begin. Nevertheless, Village Roadshow co-founder Graham Burke is already looking ahead - to the day when his company starts suing Aussie downloaders.

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14 August 2015

Dallas Buyers Club: Australia's Federal Court backs ISPs in row over illegal downloads ABC News

The Federal Court has refused an application from the makers of the movie Dallas Buyers Club which would have forced internet service providers to hand over the details of customers who illegally downloaded the film.

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13 August 2015

Police stop UK ad campaigns appearing on piracy sites; Austria blocks Pirate Bay BBC News

An anti-piracy police squad suggests it has caused a steep fall in the number of "big name" ads appearing on copyright-infringing sites.

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06 August 2015

Russia Mulls Anti 'Cut-and-Paste' Piracy Law TorrentFreak

Russia's efforts to bring copyright infringement under control could take a new direction in the fall. According to the deputy head of the Duma Committee on information politics, parliament will be considering new legislation to protect online media publications from 'cut-and-paste' piracy.

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iTunes is Illegal Under UK Copyright Law TorrentFreak

The High Court recently overturned private copying exceptions introduced last year by the UK Government, once again outlawing the habits of millions of citizens. The Intellectual Property Office today explains that ripping a CD in iTunes is no longer permitted, and neither is backing up your computer if it contains copyrighted content.

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04 August 2015

Foxtel set to launch legal action 'in coming months' to block websites like The Pirate Bay in Australia ABC News

Pay TV company Foxtel is preparing to launch a legal case "in the coming months" to have piracy-related websites like The Pirate Bay blocked from access in Australia.

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