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29 September 2019

Piracy will Surge if More Legal Streaming Services Launch, Research Shows TorrentFreak

A new survey conducted by Broadband Genie shows that piracy will surge if content is spread out across more streaming subscription services. In part due to increasing costs, the number of UK streaming subscribers who "pirate" on the side is set to double.

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26 August 2019

Australia to Block Websites Hosting Live-Streamed Terror Attacks Bloomberg

Australia will establish a mechanism for internet providers to quickly and effectively block websites hosting terror attacks in the wake of the Christchurch shooting, according to an emailed statement.

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23 August 2019

Streaming Video Will Soon Look Like the Bad Old Days of TV New York Times

As media monoliths bundle their offerings, consumers will once again have to pay for a bunch of shows they don’t want.

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10 July 2019

The Great Race to Rule Streaming TV New York Times

In their rush to match Netflix, competitors like HBO, Hulu and Amazon are ordering a slew of content — ushering out the age of “prestige TV” and ushering in an age of anything goes.

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26 February 2019

Piracy in NZ 'dying' thanks to Netflix: study New Zealand Herald

Independent research commissioned by Vocus indicates "piracy is dying a natural death," the company's consumer GM Taryn Hamilton says.

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06 February 2019

Australian music industry, seeing post-Napster growth, goes after stream-rippers ABC News

In recent years the music industry has been feeling optimistic again, two decades after Napster cost it millions in lost revenue.

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03 February 2019

Locast, a Free App Streaming Network TV, Would Love to Get Sued New York Times

Want to watch the Super Bowl and other network TV for free? A start-up called Locast will let you, and (so far) the big broadcasters aren’t trying to stop it.

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07 January 2019

Netflix and chill no more - streaming is getting complicated Associated Press

Streaming TV may never again be as simple, or as affordable, as it is now. Disney and WarnerMedia are each launching their own streaming services in 2019 in a challenge to Netflix’s dominance.

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11 December 2018

Turns Out, Willy-Nilly Blocking of URLs Doesn't Stop Film Piracy Gizmodo

The most expensive film ever made in India is out around the globe, and its producers are very serious about shutting down piracy of the film. So serious that they were able to obtain a court order forcing local internet providers to block 12,564 domain names—many of which aren’t even registered. It appears this brute-force approach to piracy didn’t even work.

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30 November 2018

Is a 'Netflix effect' killing prestige films? Washington Post

Netflix may be great for independent-minded filmmakers. But it’s bad for a lot of the companies that produce independent films — and maybe the film business as a whole.

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28 November 2018

Music Industry Asks US Govt. to Reconsider Website Blocking TorrentFreak

US companies have successfully lobbied and litigated extensively for pirate site blockades around the world. On their home turf, the issue was categorically avoided following the SOPA outrage several years ago. It now appears that this position is slowly beginning to change.

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Aussie Senate Dismisses Concerns and Approves New Tough Anti-Piracy Law TorrentFreak

The Senate's Environment and Communications Legislation Committee has given its seal of approval to tough new amendments to Australian copyright law. In its report, the Committee acknowledges widespread concern over the proposals but says that "adequate safeguards" will prevent "adverse consequences."

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19 October 2018

Australia to target Google and Yahoo under internet piracy crackdown The Guardian

The federal government will target search engines as it expands a crackdown on internet piracy, making it harder for Australians to illegally download free movies and music.

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22 August 2018

Piracy is the Internet's Canary in the Coal Mine, MPAA Chief Says TorrentFreak

MPAA chief Charles Rivkin is sounding the alarm bell. The healthy and vibrant Internet many people want is in serious jeopardy. Whether it's in response to fake news, hate speech, or piracy, Rivkin calls on Internet platforms to take responsibility and fix the web's "broken windows."

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08 August 2018

Use of online pay-to-watch TV surges ahead in UK BBC News

The use of commercial video streaming services has surged ahead in Great Britain, according to official figures.

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05 August 2018

Easier streaming services put dent in illegal downloading BBC News

Music piracy is falling out of favour as streaming services become more widespread, new figures show.

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29 June 2018

A US Senate Committee Votes for Peace in the Music Industry New York Times

For a decade, the music industry has promoted a motley series of copyright bills to Congress, only to watch them fail.

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01 June 2018

Majority of Canadians Consume Online Content Legally, Survey Finds TorrentFreak

A study commissioned by Canada's Innovation, Science and Economic Development department has revealed that three-quarters of the Canadian public consume online content exclusively from legal sources. Perhaps surprisingly, just 5% identify as hardcore pirates. Meanwhile, 10% of the population have received infringement notices, with a quarter throwing them straight in the trash.

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31 May 2018

YouTube deletes 30 music videos after Met link with gang violence The Guardian

YouTube has deleted dozens of music videos after complaints by the Metropolitan police that their lyrics were allegedly inciting real-world violence.

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11 April 2018

MPA Reveals Scale of Worldwide Pirate Site Blocking TorrentFreak

Motion Picture Association Canada has revealed the scale of pirate site-blocking around the world. In a submission to the CRTC, the Hollywood group states that at least 42 countries are now obligated to block infringing sites. In Europe alone, 1,800 sites and 5,300 domains have been rendered inaccessible, with Portugal, Italy, the UK, and Denmark leading the way.

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22 March 2018

Online Piracy Is More Popular Than Ever, Research Suggests TorrentFreak

A broad and detailed report from piracy tracking outfit MUSO shows that visits to pirate sites went up last year. The company recorded more than 300 billion visits in 2017, which suggests that "piracy is more popular than ever." TV remained the most popular category and most pirates prefer streaming over torrents or direct downloading.

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14 January 2018

Law enforcement and private sector join forces to shut down illegal Streaming Network Europol

On 11 January 2018, a crime group suspected of hosting a large-scale illegal IPTV streaming business has been dismantled. The investigations were led by the Cypriot Police – Intellectual Property Crime Unit, with the support of the Cybercrime Division of the Greek Police, the Dutch Fiscal Investigative and Intelligence Service (FIOD), the Cybercrime Unit of the Bulgarian Police, Europol’s Intellectual Property Crime Coordinated Coalition (IPC³) and with the support of members of the Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA). In total, four individuals have been arrested and 17 houses searches have been carried out in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Greece.

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12 January 2018

Europol Hits Huge 500,000 Subscriber Pirate IPTV Operation TorrentFreak

A Europol-led operation involving police forces from Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands, has targeted one of the largest pirate IPTV operations in the world. At least three people have been arrested. Servers in Bulgaria and the Netherlands reportedly supplied the content to an estimated 500,000 subscribers worldwide, generating annual revenues of around five million euros.

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30 November 2017

Netflix Is Not Going to Kill Piracy, Research Suggests TorrentFreak

Netflix and other on-demand streaming services barely help to curtail piracy, new research shows. While legal streaming services are commonly used nowadays, the limited availability of recent content and the associated price tag are serious hurdles for many pirates.

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29 November 2017

Site blocking won't work InternetNZ

InternetNZ is surprised by today’s announcement of court action from Sky TV to a range of ISPs, asking them to block New Zealand Internet users from accessing certain websites. Sky’s assertion is that this move is designed to hamper piracy of online content.

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