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06 May 2019

Russia tightens grip on its national net BBC News

Russia has formally adopted a law that gives its government more control over its domestic internet.

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02 May 2019

Smart devices may have to carry labels showing how secure they are The Guardian

Smart TVs and other internet-connected household devices will be made to carry labels setting out how secure they are, under proposals being put forward by the government.

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Airbnb should be seen as a digital service provider, ECJ advised The Guardian

Airbnb has taken a step closer to avoiding onerous national regulations after an adviser to the European court of justice said the company should be regarded as a digital service provider.

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U.S. lawmakers struggle to draft online privacy bill Reuters

U.S. lawmakers drafting a bill to create rules governing online privacy hope to have a discussion draft complete by late May with a Senate committee vote during the summer and are intensifying efforts, but disputes are likely to push that timetable back, according to sources knowledgeable about the matter.

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26 April 2019

Regulators Around the World are Circling Facebook New York Times

Regulators on four continents are preparing for a long-awaited showdown with Facebook, after years of disinterest and half-steps.

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25 April 2019

New Zealand and France to Seek Pact Blocking Extreme Online Content New York Times

New Zealand’s prime minister said on Wednesday that she would meet with French leaders next month in hopes of forging an agreement between governments and technology companies aimed at eliminating violent extremist content on the internet.

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24 April 2019

'No right to livestream murder': Ardern leads push against online terror content The Guardian

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern is to spearhead a push to combat violent extremism and terrorism on social media in the wake of the Christchurch attacks, saying the gunman did not have “a right to livestream the murder of 50 people”.

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22 April 2019

Call for online disability access standards for computers from Equal Opportunity Commission ABC News

There's nothing special about using the internet. Millions of us do it every day. But how would your life change if you couldn't see a screen?

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20 April 2019

Federal investigation of Facebook could hold Mark Zuckerberg accountable on privacy, sources say Washington Post

Federal regulators investigating Facebook for mishandling its users’ personal information have set their sights on the company’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, exploring his past statements on privacy and weighing whether to seek new, heightened oversight of his leadership.

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17 April 2019

Europe looks to remold internet with new copyright rules Associated Press

The European Union has approved a copyright overhaul that aims to give more protection to artists and news organizations but which critics say will stifle freedom of speech and online creativity and punish smaller web companies.

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13 April 2019

'A monopoly on information': Russia closes grip on internet Associated Press

Russian lawmakers approved Thursday a bill that would expand government control over the internet and whose opponents fear heralds a new era of widespread censorship.

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Big Telecom companies are suppressing fast internet Salon

The internet is an ethereal concept. The language we use to describe it contributes to that etherealness: we speak of servers being in “the cloud,” as though they were weightless in heaven, and most if not all of our internet access happens wirelessly. Indeed, for most Americans, the internet has little physicality at all anymore: it is probable that you’re reading this article via the miracle of a wireless signal, either wi-fi or cell.

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11 April 2019

EU's Vestager says Europe must lead the way with a digital tax Reuters

Europe needs to decide on a digital tax and should lead the way if there is insufficient consensus globally, the EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager, said on Monday.

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Britain Proposes Broad New Powers to Regulate Internet Content New York Times

Britain proposed sweeping new government powers to regulate the internet to combat the spread of violent and extremist content, false information and harmful material aimed at children. The proposal, announced on Monday, would be one of the world’s most aggressive actions to rein in the most corrosive online content.

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Net Neutrality Vote Passes House, Fulfilling Promise by Democrats New York Times

The House passed legislation on Wednesday that would guarantee broadband internet users equal access to online content, in a crucial step toward bringing back so-called net neutrality regulations overturned at the start of the Trump administration.

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05 April 2019

Force tech giants to share data rather than break them up: academics Reuters

EU antitrust regulators should consider forcing tech giants such as Google and Amazon to share their data with rivals rather than break them up, three academics enlisted by the European Commission said on Thursday.

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Social media bosses could be liable for harmful content, leaked UK plan reveals The Guardian

Social media executives could be held personally liable for harmful content distributed on their platforms, leaked plans for a long-awaited government crackdown obtained by the Guardian reveal.

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Online harms UK white paper: could regulation kill innovation? The Guardian

It’s rare to describe a government white paper as “trendy”, but among the small community of people who think deeply about how to rein in the the power of big tech, that’s exactly how these proposals will be seen.

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Australia Passes Law to Punish Social Media Companies for Violent Posts New York Times

Australia passed sweeping legislation Thursday that threatens huge fines for social media companies and jail for their executives if they fail to rapidly remove “abhorrent violent material” from their platforms.

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04 April 2019

Australian laws targeting terror videos on Facebook and YouTube are 'rushed' and 'knee-jerk', say lawyers and tech industry ABC News

Australia's proposed new social media laws have been heavily criticised by lawyers and the start-up industry, as well as by technology giants Facebook, Google and Twitter, who say they were not meaningfully consulted.

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31 March 2019

Mark Zuckerberg: The Internet needs new rules. Let's start in these four areas. by Mark Zuckerberg Washington Post

Technology is a major part of our lives, and companies such as Facebook have immense responsibilities. Every day, we make decisions about what speech is harmful, what constitutes political advertising, and how to prevent sophisticated cyberattacks. These are important for keeping our community safe. But if we were starting from scratch, we wouldn’t ask companies to make these judgments alone.

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28 March 2019

What do major copyright changes mean for internet freedom? The Guardian

The European parliament approved the largest, and most contentious, overhaul of copyright legislation in two decades on Monday. When the directive comes into effect, it will be the biggest change to internet regulation since GDPR.

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27 March 2019

Europe Adopts Tough New Online Copyright Rules Over Tech Industry Protests New York Times

Media companies whose business models have been upended by the internet have long complained about Google and other online platforms profiting from their content without compensating them adequately.

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22 March 2019

Google Fined $1.7 Billion by E.U. for Unfair Advertising Rules New York Times

European authorities on Wednesday fined Google 1.5 billion euros for antitrust violations in the online advertising market, continuing its efforts to rein in the world’s biggest technology companies.

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19 March 2019

Tech giants will have to be regulated in future: EU's Timmermans Reuters

The European Union and authorities around the world will have to regulate big technology and social media companies at some stage to protect citizens, the deputy head of the European Commission said on Monday.

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