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24 July 2019

Justice Department Opens Antitrust Review of Big Tech Companies New York Times

The federal government has turned its full investigative powers toward examining the world’s biggest technology companies, building on a backlash against the industry that has been growing for over a year.

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19 July 2019

G7 urges tough Libra regulation, agrees to tax digital giants Reuters

Digital currencies such as Facebook’s planned Libra raise serious concerns and must be regulated as tightly as possible to ensure they do not upset the world’s financial system, Group of Seven finance ministers and central bankers said on Thursday.

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18 July 2019

G7 finance ministers look to rein in tech giants at French meeting Reuters

G7 finance ministers will have the growing powers of big digital firms in their sights when they meet on Wednesday outside Paris despite divisions about how best to tax them.

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'I Don’t Trust You Guys': Lawmakers Unite to Take Aim at Big Tech New York Times

Lawmakers leveled stinging criticism and sharp questions at Big Tech executives on Tuesday, attacking Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google for their market power, their perceived bias as gatekeepers of communication and Facebook’s ambitions to reshape the financial industry.

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17 July 2019

France will not back down on digital tax despite US legal threats The Guardian

France will not back down in the face of US threats of legal action over its plans for a digital tax on tech giants, the French finance minister has said.

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Australian government agencies pushing for longer mandatory metadata retention The Guardian

Government agencies are pushing for telecommunications companies to be forced to retain customer data for law enforcement agencies for longer than the current two-year requirement.

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16 July 2019

Fighting Big Tech Makes for Some Uncomfortable Bedfellows New York Times

Conservatives are showing up at largely liberal conferences to call for breaking up Facebook and Google. Liberals are going on conservative TV shows to do the same. It’s awkward.

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12 July 2019

Trump Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Right-Wing Social Media Trolls New York Times

Trolling on the internet was once a thankless pastime. Make edgy jokes on the right message board, get your sarcastic memes noticed by the right people, and you might score some retweets and Reddit upvotes, but that was about the extent of it.

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As Nations Look to Tax Tech Firms, U.S. Scrambles to Broker a Deal Washington Post

For most of the 21st century, wealthy nations have engaged in a race to the bottom on corporate taxes, cutting rates in an effort to poach business activity across borders. Very quickly, that script has flipped.

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11 July 2019

ITU launches latest 'ICT Regulatory Tracker' to help inform key policy decisions International Telecommunication Union

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) now underpin nearly every sector of the economy, boosting growth and improving lives at a pace and scale not seen before.

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US launches inquiry into French plan to tax tech giants BBC News

US President Donald Trump has ordered an investigation into France's planned tax on tech giants - a move that could result in retaliatory tariffs.

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Trump's 'Social Media Summit': All the President's Memes New York Times

Trolling on the internet was once a thankless pastime. Make edgy jokes on the right message board, get your sarcastic memes noticed by the right people, and you might score some retweets and Reddit upvotes, but that was about the extent of it.

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06 July 2019

Letting the Internet Regulate Itself Was a Good Idea - in the 1990s: It's time for lawmakers to step back in, carefully. New York Times

Tech regulation may be the only thing on which a polarized Capitol Hill can agree. “We should be suing Google and Facebook and all that, and perhaps we will,” President Trump recently declared. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate, has made the breakup of tech companies a central plank of her campaign. Even Silicon Valley-friendly contenders like Pete Buttigieg have called for curbs on the industry’s power.

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French lawmakers approve 3% tax on online giants Associated Press

France’s lower house of parliament approved Thursday a small, pioneering tax on internet giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook — and the French government hopes other countries will follow suit.

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France moves to make companies block hate speech online Associated Press

French lawmakers have approved a measure that is intended to force search engines and social networks to take hate speech off the internet.

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As New Zealand Fights Online Hate, the Internet's Darkest Corners Resist New York Times

A video game that uses footage of the Christchurch massacre to put Muslims in a gunman’s cross hairs. Memes featuring the face and weapons of the man charged in that New Zealand attack. Messages on online forums that glorify him as St. Tarrant — patron saint of the far right.

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04 July 2019

It's not that we've failed to rein in Facebook and Google. We've not even tried The Guardian

In a BBC interview last week, Facebook’s vice-president, Nick Clegg, surprised viewers by calling for new “rules of the road” on privacy, data collection and other company practices that have attracted heavy criticism during the past year. “It’s not for private companies … to come up with those rules,” he insisted. “It is for democratic politicians in the democratic world to do so.”

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23 June 2019

To Take Down Big Tech, They First Need to Reinvent the Law New York Times

When Americans fear the future, they turn to antitrust action. It happened in the 1890s, when the United States was rapidly moving from a farming economy to an industrialized one. It happened again in the late 1940s, when nuclear war seemed imminent. And it is happening now, as big technology companies work on artificial intelligence that threatens to create a world where human beings are eternal losers.

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20 June 2019

Activists urge Google to break up before regulators force it to Reuters

Shareholder activists on Wednesday urged Google parent Alphabet Inc to break itself up before regulators force the world’s biggest internet ad seller to split into different pieces.

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18 June 2019

Advertisers, agencies and social media combine to tackle online threat Reuters

Sixteen of the world’s biggest advertisers have joined together to push platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube to do more to tackle dangerous and fake content online.

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12 June 2019

House Opens Tech Antitrust Inquiry With Look at Threat to News Media New York Times

A congressional investigation into the power of big tech companies began on Tuesday with bipartisan concern from lawmakers that the government’s lax oversight of the industry may be doing more harm than good.

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10 June 2019

G-20 Ministers Agree to Redouble Efforts to Tax Tech Behemoths Bloomberg

Finance Ministers from Group of 20 nations agreed they need to find a common method to tax technology giants, whose digital business models have grown exponentially faster than systems to tax them.

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China Summons Tech Giants to Warn Against Cooperating With Trump Ban New York Times

The Chinese government this past week summoned major tech companies including Microsoft and Dell from the United States and Samsung of South Korea, to warn that they could face dire consequences if they cooperate with the Trump administration’s ban on sales of key American technology to Chinese companies, according to people familiar with the meetings.

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07 June 2019

Big Tech Is Armed and Waiting to Repel U.S. Antitrust Onslaught Bloomberg

Investors were caught off guard by the sudden U.S. assault on technology giants this week, but behind the scenes, the industry’s biggest companies have been preparing for this moment of reckoning for months.

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Making Big Tech companies share data could do more good than breaking them up MIT Technology Review

Internet governance expert Viktor Mayer-Schönberger says a breakup wouldn’t fix the real problem: companies like Google have too much data, and nobody else stands a chance.

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