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01 April 2020

Facebook, Google and Twitter Struggle to Handle November's Election New York Times

The day after the New Hampshire primary last month, Facebook’s security team removed a network of fake accounts that originated in Iran, which had posted divisive partisan messages about the U.S. election inside private Facebook groups.

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How Russia's Troll Farm Is Changing Tactics Before the Fall Election New York Times

The Kremlin-backed Internet Research Agency, which interfered in the 2016 election, is using different methods to hide itself better.

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Trump Won the Internet. Democrats Are Scrambling to Take It Back. New York Times

In the era of big data, memes and disinformation, the Democrats are trying to regain their digital edge as the president and his loyalists dictate the terms of debate.

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27 March 2020

In Europe, tech battle against coronavirus clashes with privacy culture Reuters

Governments across Europe are turning to technology to track the spread of the coronavirus and monitor people under quarantine, an approach that seeks to learn from Asia but is also putting the region’s privacy rules to the test.

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23 March 2020

German Draft Law on Combating Right-Wing Extremism and Hate Crimes Raises Serious Free Expression and Privacy Concerns Center for Democracy and Technology

Last month, the German government approved a draft law intended to curb illegal online hate speech. The law is now likely to be adopted by the German Parliament, the Bundestag, which has recently held its first round of negotiations. Germany already has the strictest social media regulation of any democratic state (the 2018 NetzDG), but the government argues that new measures are necessary because of recent violent attacks and increased threats from right-wing extremist circles.

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15 March 2020

Christchurch shooting inspired global efforts to tackle far-right extremism. Experts say it's still a problem ABC News

On March 15 last year, a gunman armed with two semi-automatic weapons killed 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch and live streamed his attack on social media.

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06 March 2020

It's time for a Greta Thunberg for technology Euractiv

Digitalisation has produced new challenges ranging from cybersecurity vulnerabilities and disinformation to gaming addiction and cyberbullying. Younger generations offer unique insights into these challenges but find themselves on the margins of EU policy debates.

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Bernie Sanders vs. Joe Biden: Where They Stand on Tech Issues Bloomberg

In the U.S., Super Tuesday established two leading candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. If things continue the way they’re going, the Democratic party will be left with a choice between Joe Biden, who has alternately criticized and praised the tech industry, and Bernie Sanders, who incites near-panic within some Silicon Valley circles.

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24 February 2020

No global digital tax by end-2020 would mean chaos - France Reuters

Failure to reach a global deal on where and how much to tax digital giants such as Google, Amazon or Facebook would result in many digital tax regimes emerging all over the world, France’s Finance Minister said on Sunday.

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EU proposes rules for artificial intelligence to limit risks Associated Press

The European Union unveiled proposals Wednesday to regulate artificial intelligence that call for strict rules and safeguards on risky applications of the rapidly developing technology.

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20 February 2020

Lacking Its Own Digital Giants, Europe Plans New Approach New York Times

Across the digital economy, Europe has been missing. Apple, based in California, and Samsung, from South Korea, make the most popular phones in Europe. Facebook owns the most widely used social networks, Google dominates online search and advertising, and Amazon controls e-commerce. European companies run their businesses on cloud infrastructure from Amazon and Microsoft. The region’s wireless networks are largely made with equipment from the Chinese giant Huawei.

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13 February 2020

Ofcom to be put in charge of regulating internet in UK The Guardian

Ofcom will be put in charge of regulating the internet, the government has announced, with executives at internet firms potentially facing substantial fines or even prison sentences if they fail to protect users from “harmful and illegal content” online.

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F.T.C. Broadens Review of Tech Giants, Homing In on Their Deals New York Times

The Federal Trade Commission said on Tuesday that it had ordered Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google’s parent company and Microsoft to turn over information about past acquisitions, broadening its review of the power of big tech companies.

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22 January 2020

France poised to drop plan to tax tech giants amid signs of US deal The Guardian

France is poised to announce on Wednesday that it is dropping its go-it-alone plan to tax big US tech companies in exchange for Washington’s agreement to press ahead with attempts to find a multilateral solution.

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21 January 2020

Google boss Sundar Pichai calls for AI regulation BBC

The head of Google and parent company Alphabet has called for artificial intelligence to be regulated.

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EU industry chief: EU ready to act on digital tax, if OECD fails Reuters

European industrial policy chief Thierry Breton said on Monday that if discussions at the OECD level on taxation for digital companies such as Amazon or Google do not bear fruit, the European Union will take action.

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15 January 2020

France's digital minister says tax on big tech is just the start The Guardian

France will go ahead with its controversial new tax on the profits of large technology firms such as Google and Facebook despite US threats to retaliate, as the government vows that it is just the start of a crucial rethink of the regulation of tech monopolies.

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29 December 2019

A brutal year: how the 'techlash' caught up with Facebook, Google and Amazon The Guardian

Privacy scandals and antitrust issues dogged social media giants and the online retailer saw a rise in employee organizing

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22 December 2019

The law that helped the internet flourish now undermines democracy The Observer

In October 1994, an unidentified user of a bulletin board hosted by an online service provider,, posted an item that was to have far-reaching consequences. The post claimed that a Long Island brokerage firm called Stratton Oakmont had committed criminal and fraudulent acts in connection with the initial public offering (IPO) of another company.

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21 December 2019

Twitter blocks accounts linked to Saudi 'state-backed' manipulation effort The Guardian

Twitter said on Friday it had suspended thousands of accounts linked to a manipulation effort stemming from Saudi Arabia, in the latest crackdown on state-sponsored propaganda efforts.

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15 December 2019

How Transparency Reporting Could Incentivize Irresponsible Content Moderation Centre for International Governance Innovation

In the past few years, social media companies have been generating headlines with a new type of report released alongside their quarterly earnings — one about transparency. Facebook’s latest transparency reports released in mid-November even garnered headlines in prominent papers such as The Washington Post.

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14 December 2019

Federal antitrust investigators could seek injunction targeting Facebook's plans to integrate apps Washington Post

Federal regulators probing Facebook for violations of antitrust law have considered seeking a preliminary injunction against the company, aiming to halt the tech giant’s plans to integrate its social-networking app with the other services it owns.

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The Australian government's response to the ACCC's Digital Platforms Inquiry is a let down The Conversation

The ACCC's inquiry was launched to address concerns about the market power of major digital platforms, such as Google and Facebook, and their impact on Australia's businesses and media.

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The Platform Is the Problem Centre for International Governance Innovation

In 2019, platforms made a number of significant decisions about disinformation, digital advertising and content moderation. Joan Donovan and Brian Friedberg argue that despite new policies, platforms are grossly unprepared for the 2020 election

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12 December 2019

Facebook and Google market power to be subject to digital code of conduct in Australia ABC News

The competition watchdog will gain extra resources to crack down on the growing power of digital platforms as the Government seeks to rein in how companies like Facebook and Google use their market power.

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