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22 January 2020

France poised to drop plan to tax tech giants amid signs of US deal The Guardian

France is poised to announce on Wednesday that it is dropping its go-it-alone plan to tax big US tech companies in exchange for Washington’s agreement to press ahead with attempts to find a multilateral solution.

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21 January 2020

Google boss Sundar Pichai calls for AI regulation BBC

The head of Google and parent company Alphabet has called for artificial intelligence to be regulated.

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EU industry chief: EU ready to act on digital tax, if OECD fails Reuters

European industrial policy chief Thierry Breton said on Monday that if discussions at the OECD level on taxation for digital companies such as Amazon or Google do not bear fruit, the European Union will take action.

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15 January 2020

France's digital minister says tax on big tech is just the start The Guardian

France will go ahead with its controversial new tax on the profits of large technology firms such as Google and Facebook despite US threats to retaliate, as the government vows that it is just the start of a crucial rethink of the regulation of tech monopolies.

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29 December 2019

A brutal year: how the 'techlash' caught up with Facebook, Google and Amazon The Guardian

Privacy scandals and antitrust issues dogged social media giants and the online retailer saw a rise in employee organizing

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22 December 2019

The law that helped the internet flourish now undermines democracy The Observer

In October 1994, an unidentified user of a bulletin board hosted by an online service provider,, posted an item that was to have far-reaching consequences. The post claimed that a Long Island brokerage firm called Stratton Oakmont had committed criminal and fraudulent acts in connection with the initial public offering (IPO) of another company.

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21 December 2019

Twitter blocks accounts linked to Saudi 'state-backed' manipulation effort The Guardian

Twitter said on Friday it had suspended thousands of accounts linked to a manipulation effort stemming from Saudi Arabia, in the latest crackdown on state-sponsored propaganda efforts.

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15 December 2019

How Transparency Reporting Could Incentivize Irresponsible Content Moderation Centre for International Governance Innovation

In the past few years, social media companies have been generating headlines with a new type of report released alongside their quarterly earnings — one about transparency. Facebook’s latest transparency reports released in mid-November even garnered headlines in prominent papers such as The Washington Post.

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14 December 2019

Federal antitrust investigators could seek injunction targeting Facebook's plans to integrate apps Washington Post

Federal regulators probing Facebook for violations of antitrust law have considered seeking a preliminary injunction against the company, aiming to halt the tech giant’s plans to integrate its social-networking app with the other services it owns.

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The Australian government's response to the ACCC's Digital Platforms Inquiry is a let down The Conversation

The ACCC's inquiry was launched to address concerns about the market power of major digital platforms, such as Google and Facebook, and their impact on Australia's businesses and media.

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The Platform Is the Problem Centre for International Governance Innovation

In 2019, platforms made a number of significant decisions about disinformation, digital advertising and content moderation. Joan Donovan and Brian Friedberg argue that despite new policies, platforms are grossly unprepared for the 2020 election

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12 December 2019

Facebook and Google market power to be subject to digital code of conduct in Australia ABC News

The competition watchdog will gain extra resources to crack down on the growing power of digital platforms as the Government seeks to rein in how companies like Facebook and Google use their market power.

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10 December 2019

This Man May Be Big Tech's Biggest Threat New York Times

At a hearing this summer about the rising power of the country’s biggest tech companies, Representative David Cicilline zeroed in on Amazon. Unhappy with a response from one of the company’s top lawyers, he delivered a biting retort.

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09 December 2019

Social media platforms leave 95% of reported fake accounts up, study finds ars technica

It's no secret that every major social media platform is chock-full of bad actors, fake accounts, and bots. The big companies continually pledge to do a better job weeding out organized networks of fake accounts, but a new report confirms what many of us have long suspected: they're pretty terrible at doing so.

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26 November 2019

Tim Berners-Lee unveils global plan to save the web: calls on governments and firms to safeguard it from abuse and ensure it benefits humanity The Guardian

Sir Tim Berners-Lee has launched a global action plan to save the web from political manipulation, fake news, privacy violations and other malign forces that threaten to plunge the world into a “digital dystopia”.

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I Invented the World Wide Web. Here's How We Can Fix It. by Tim Berners-Lee New York Times

My parents were mathematicians. My mother helped code one of the first stored-program computers — the Manchester Mark 1. They taught me that when you program a computer, what you can do is limited only by your imagination. That excitement for experimentation and change helped me build the World Wide Web.

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24 November 2019

Why Everyone Is Angry at Facebook Over Its Political Ads Policy New York Times

After Google announced restrictions on political advertising this week, campaign strategists in Washington quickly turned their attention to a different company: Facebook.

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21 November 2019

Big Tech's Toughest Opponent Says She's Just Getting Started New York Times

Margrethe Vestager won praise for her oversight of the tech industry. Now, with more authority from the European Union, she envisions a more aggressive agenda.

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American Big Tech Will Not Protect You Brown Political Review

For the first 15 years of the 21st century, Democrats and Big Tech seemed to get along. There was something exciting and progressive about the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos that made them distinct from the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch. They wanted to make the world more connected and to liberate us all from the bounds of society’s echo chambers. Big Tech capitalized on America’s naivety.

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19 November 2019

Chorus’ Hyperfibre set to redefine ‘fast’ for broadband in New Zealand Chorus

A new era of broadband speed is planned, with Chorus today unveiling Hyperfibre - its next generation of fibre technology. Using a XGS-PON fibre solution, Hyperfibre is set to dramatically increase capacity and unlocks the ability to deliver exponential speeds on the Chorus fibre network of up to 10 Gbps.

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Czechs to impose 7% tax on global internet giants Associated Press

The Czech government has approved a plan to adopt a tax on internet giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

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03 November 2019

Kremlin takes on sweeping internet connection powers Financial Times

The Kremlin has assumed sweeping new powers over internet connections in Russia, raising concerns from activists that they could be used to stifle dissent or shut the country off from the global web.

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31 October 2019

Twitter Will Ban All Political Ads, C.E.O. Jack Dorsey Says New York Times

Twitter said on Wednesday that it would ban all political ads, putting a spotlight on the power and veracity of online advertising and ramping up pressure on Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, to reverse his hands-off stance.

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30 October 2019

EU disputes Facebook's claims of progress against fake accounts The Guardian

Facebook and other major social media platforms have been accused by the European commission of giving a misleading picture of their efforts to remove fake accounts spreading politically motivated disinformation.

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Dissent Erupts at Facebook Over Hands-Off Stance on Political Ads New York Times

In an open letter, the social network’s employees said letting politicians post false claims in ads was “a threat” to the company.

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