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11 August 2018

Hackers cause most data breaches, but accidents by normal people aren't far behind ABC News

Have you ever had your personal information leaked on the internet? Maybe it was something you purchased online from a website, only to find out that the company was hacked months later? If the answer is “yes”, you probably want to know whether the breach was reported and dealt with.

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Warning over satellite security bugs BBC News

Satellite systems used on aircraft, ships and by the military contain bugs that could let hackers take control of them, a security researcher has warned.

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08 August 2018

German couple jailed for selling son to paedophiles on dark net BBC News

A woman who sold her son to paedophiles on the dark net has been jailed for 12 years and six months by a court in southern Germany.

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01 August 2018

If we fight cyberattacks alone, we're doomed to fail by Eugene Kaspersky The Guardian

The safety of our online lives has become increasingly important. Whether it be interference in elections, attacks by hostile forces, or online fraud, the security of the web feels fragile. Cybersecurity has reached a crossroads and we need to decide where it goes next. The outcome will touch each of us – will we pay more and yet still be less safe? Will we face higher insurance premiums and bank charges to cover the rising number of cyber-incidents? We stand in the middle of a storm – not just a geopolitical one, but a cyberpolitical one. It feels as if no one trusts anyone any more, and suspicion and confusion reign across our delicate cyberworld. Which way do we turn?

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26 July 2018

In cyber, Germany needs to counter-attack, minister says Reuters

Germany is considering laws that would let it respond actively to foreign cyber-attacks, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer as he presented a domestic intelligence agency report showing Iran was the latest power to ramp up hack attacks on German systems.

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19 July 2018

DDoS Attacks Get Bigger, Smarter and More Diverse Threat Post

Distributed denial of service attacks, bent on taking websites offline by overwhelming domains or specific application infrastructure with massive traffic flows, continue to pose a major challenge to businesses of all stripes. Being knocked offline impacts revenue, customer service and basic business functions – and worryingly, the bad actors behind these attacks are honing their approaches to become ever more successful over time.

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05 July 2018

Another day, another data breach - what to do when it happens to you The Conversation

Reports of data breaches are an increasingly common occurrence. In recent weeks, Ticketmaster, HealthEngine, PageUp and the Tasmanian Electoral Commission have all reported breaches.

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04 July 2018

Commonwealth takes strong stance against cybercrime with landmark declaration The Commonwealth

Commonwealth countries have unanimously committed to take action on cybersecurity between now and 2020, following a landmark declaration.

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27 June 2018

McAfee Labs Sees Criminals "Infect and Collect" in Cryptocurrency Mining Surge McAfee Labs

McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, today released its McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2018, examining the growth and trends of new malware, ransomware, and other threats in Q1 2018. McAfee Labs saw on average five new threat samples every second, including growth in cryptojacking and other cryptocurrency mining malware, and notable campaigns demonstrating a deliberate drive to technically improve upon the most sophisticate established attacks of 2017.

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Checking In Halfway: The McAfee Labs 2018 Threats Predictions McAfee Labs

Time flies when you’re fighting cybercrime. Now that’s not exactly how the phrase goes, but for us at McAfee, it’s hard to believe that we’re already almost halfway through 2018. It seems like just yesterday we were predicting the types of cyberthreats we would see throughout this year with our McAfee Labs 2018 Threats Predictions Report.

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25 June 2018

Inside the bunkers and war rooms where major banks wage nightly battle on the frontline of cyber war ABC News

On Tuesday night, the Westpac Bank was under threat from a cyber attack. It was all hands on deck in the bank's Coordination Centre.

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18 June 2018

Protecting Google from defamation is worth seriously considering The Conversation

It has been a huge week for defamation law. Last Thursday, the NSW Government announced a push to reform Australia’s uniform defamation laws. It is calling for a “cyber-age reboot”. That proposal was backed by a “statutory review” of the NSW Defamation Act. At a meeting of the Council of Attorneys-General, the states and territories agreed to reconvene a working party to consider reform of equivalent statutes around Australia.

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Why Hackers Aren't Afraid of Us New York Times

Ask finance ministers and central bankers around the world about their worst nightmare and the answer is almost always the same: Sometime soon the North Koreans or the Russians will improve on the two huge cyberattacks they pulled off last year. One temporarily crippled the British health care system and the other devastated Ukraine before rippling across the world, disrupting shipping and shutting factories — a billion-dollar cyberattack the White House called “the most destructive and costly in history.”

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01 June 2018

What's the Biggest Security Threat for 2018? Malware Security Intelligence

What will be the most significant threat to cybersecurity teams in 2018? According to a May 2018 survey from information security company Trustwave, 22 percent of full-time IT professionals said preventing malware, including ransomware, was their biggest security threat and obligation for 2018.

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31 May 2018

Why the FBI says rebooting your router can weaken a global malware attack Washington Post

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is asking everyone with a home router to do one small thing: Turn your router off and then back on again.

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26 May 2018

About $1.2 billion in cryptocurrency stolen since 2017 - cybercrime group Reuters

Criminals have stolen about $1.2 billion in cryptocurrencies since the beginning of 2017, as bitcoin’s popularity and the emergence of more than 1,500 digital tokens have put the spotlight on the unregulated sector, according to estimates from the Anti-Phishing Working Group released on Thursday.

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23 May 2018

A record $340 million lost to fraud in Australia, says latest ACCC report The Conversation

More than A$340 million was reported lost by Australian victims of fraud schemes in 2017, up A$40 million on the previous year. So says the latest Targeting scams report released this week by the ACCC.

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16 May 2018

Popular encrypted email standards are unsafe: researchers Reuters

European researchers have found that the popular PGP and S/MIME email encryption standards are vulnerable to being hacked and they urge users to disable and uninstall them immediately.

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15 May 2018

'Much work to do and no time to waste' in cybercrime fight, says UN chief United Nations

The UN body focussing on crime prevention and criminal justice, opened its annual session in Vienna on Monday, calling for a more integrated global response to continuing and emerging challenges, including cybercrime.

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03 May 2018

DDoS Attacks Increase in Volume and Duration in Q1 2018 Security Intelligence

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack events are on the rise in the first quarter of 2018. That’s the word from a recent Kaspersky Lab study, which found “a significant increase in both the total number and duration of DDoS attacks against Q4 2017.”

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02 May 2018

Cyberwarfare, populism top 'black swan' events at Milken conference Reuters

Cyberwarfare and populism are some of the top risks that could threaten global stability and financial markets in the years ahead, investors and policymakers warned at the annual Milken Institute Global Conference this week, as they characterized them as black swan events.

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28 April 2018

Strengthening Network and Information Security to protect the EU against fake news ENISA

The EU Cybersecurity ENISA has contributed to and welcomes the proposals of the EU Commission to tackle online disinformation.

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26 April 2018

Cybercrime Profits Soar to $1.5 Trillion Security Intelligence

Threat actors are generating, spending and reinvesting $1.5 trillion worth of cybercrime profits, according to a nine-month academic study.

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19 April 2018

Facebook among tech firms to sign 'digital Geneva convention' The Guardian

More than 30 global technology firms have signed up to a “digital Geneva convention”, committing never to partake in cyber-attacks against individuals or businesses.

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17 April 2018

US and UK blame Russia for 'malicious' cyber-offensive New York Times

The cyberwar between the west and Russia has escalated after the UK and the US issued a joint alert accusing Moscow of mounting a “malicious” internet offensive that appeared to be aimed at espionage, stealing intellectual property and laying the foundation for an attack on infrastructure.

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