20 February 2006

Yahoo! accused over jailing of Chinese dissident The Guardian

Campaigners for free speech in China accused the US internet company Yahoo! of providing information that allowed Chinese police to jail a cyber-dissident two years ago. The charge by Reporters Without Borders is likely to provide further ammunition to US congressional members, less than two weeks after Google said it would bend to Beijing's wish to censor politically sensitive content.

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Chinese man 'jailed due to Yahoo' BBC

Internet firm Yahoo is accused of giving data to China which led to the arrest of another online writer.

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12 February 2006

uk: BT sounds child web porn warning BBC

The number of attempts to view illegal child pornography on the web has risen sharply since 2004, according to BT.

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Microsoft amends blog shutdown policies USA Today

Microsoft says it is setting new policies on shutting down Web journals after its much-publicized squelching of a well-known Chinese blogger at the request of Chinese officials. Microsoft says it will make sites available elsewhere if shut down by country.

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29 January 2006

us: The erosion of anonymous Internet speech zdnet

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution safeguards freedom of speech. The right to speak freely generally includes the right to speak anonymously. And developing case law holds that the right to speak freely embraces the liberty to speak anonymously on the Internet.

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Internet companies assist censorship amnesty.org

Google's launch of a self-censoring Chinese search engine is the latest in a string of examples of global Internet companies caving in to pressure from the Chinese government.

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Google says China decision painful but right Reuters

Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin said his company's decision to self-censor its Chinese search system followed a change of heart over how best to foster the free flow of information.

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cn: Google's Chinese firewall blocks more than Yahoo! silicon.com

Google's new China search engine not only censors many websites that question the Chinese government but it goes further than similar services from Microsoft and Yahoo! by targeting teen pregnancy, homosexuality, dating, beer and jokes.

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cn: A dangerous domain Guardian

The Chinese government's attitude to internet use encompasses shocking double standards on hacking and censorship

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