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29 March 2018

Facebook Fallout Spreads With Product Delay, Privacy Overhaul Bloomberg

The fallout from Facebook Inc.’s data privacy scandal is spreading. The social media giant will delay the unveiling of new home products and is redesigning a menu of privacy settings on its network, stepping up its response to public outrage over revelations that it mishandled user data.

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27 March 2018

All About the GDPR: Staying compliant in a new era of data privacy Marketing Land

While deregulation has been a stateside trend over the past decade, the 28 members of the European Union are gearing up for a massive increase in regulations around data privacy in the form of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — and this regulation will make a splash across the pond as well.

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Demands Grow for Facebook to Explain Its Privacy Policies New York Times

A parade of regulators, politicians and law enforcement officials demanded to know more about Facebook’s privacy practices on Monday, as the fallout from the company’s relationship with a political data firm continued to spread.

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Facebook's privacy practices are under investigation, FTC confirms The Guardian

Facebook’s privacy practices are under investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission following a week of scandals and public outrage over the company’s failure to protect the personal information of tens of millions of users.

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Facebook logs texts and calls, users find as they delete accounts The Observer

As users continue to delete their Facebook accounts in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a number are discovering that the social network holds far more data about them than they expected, including complete logs of incoming and outgoing calls and SMS messages.

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26 March 2018

How Calls for Privacy May Upend Business for Facebook and Google New York Times

The contemporary internet was built on a bargain: Show us who you really are and the digital world will be free to search or share.

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US lawmakers hope to use Facebook's 'oil spill' privacy mishap to usher in sweeping new laws Washington Post

It was October 2010, and two members of Congress were furious with Facebook. In the eyes of then-Rep. Edward J. Markey and Rep. Joe Barton, the company had failed its users in allowing app developers to take personal data from them and their friends — and transmit it to marketers.

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25 March 2018

Germany Raises Pressure on Facebook on Data Privacy Rules Bloomberg

The German government and lawmakers in the lower house of parliament are ratcheting up the pressure on Facebook Inc. to guarantee privacy following reports that an election consulting firm siphoned data from tens of millions of the social network’s users.

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23 March 2018

Why Facebook users' data obtained by Cambridge Analytica has probably spun far out of reach Washington Post

The data on millions of Facebook users that a firm wrongfully swiped from the social network probably has spread to other groups, databases and the dark Web, experts said, making Facebook’s pledge to safeguard its users’ privacy hard to enforce.

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EU leaders tell social networks to guarantee users' privacy Reuters

EU leaders on Thursday urged social networks to guarantee transparent practices and fully protect personal information as pressure piled on Facebook after allegations that data from 50 million of its users was mishandled.

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22 March 2018

On the web, privacy in peril Harvard Gazette

Innocent victim or background contributor? Facebook now faces questions from authorities on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean after news reports in The Guardian and The New York Times this week revealed that a psychologist illicitly gave data from 50 million Facebook users to a political consulting firm that tailored political ads to many users during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Vows to Bolster Privacy Amid Cambridge Analytica Crisis New York Times

Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, on Wednesday publicly addressed for the first time the misuse of data belonging to 50 million users of the social network and described the steps the company would take to safeguard the information of its more than two billion monthly users.

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Want to #DeleteFacebook? You Can Try New York Times

In the wake of news that the Facebook data of 50 million people was obtained by Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm, many users are mulling whether it is time to leave the social network. Even a co-founder of WhatsApp, which Facebook bought for $16 billion in 2014, declared that it was time to delete Facebook.

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21 March 2018

How Facebook's Data Sharing Went From Feature to Bug New York Times

In 2007, a young Mark Zuckerberg stood on a stage in San Francisco and announced that Facebook was throwing open its doors. No longer, he said, would Facebook be a closed-off software product like every other social network. Instead, it would become an open platform and invite outside developers to build apps and programs on top of it.

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08 March 2018

Your Data Is Crucial to a Robotic Age. Shouldn't You Be Paid for It? New York Times

Should Facebook pay us for our puppy pictures? Of course, the idea sounds crazy. Posting puppies on Facebook is not a chore. We love it: Facebook’s 1.4 billion daily users spend the better part of an hour on it every day. It’s amazing that we don’t have to pay for it.

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19 February 2018

Facebook told to stop tracking in Belgium BBC News

Facebook has been ordered to stop tracking people without consent, by a court in Belgium.

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13 February 2018

Facebook personal data use and privacy settings ruled illegal by German court The Guardian

Facebook’s default privacy settings and use of personal data are against German consumer law, according to a judgement handed down by a Berlin regional court.

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04 February 2018

Will tech giants move on from the internet, now we've all been harvested? by Evgeny Morozov The Observer

Much of the current hysteria about the technology industry is due to its highly ambiguous relationship with its users. Driven by the logics of both compassion and indifference, this relationship has always been erratic yet functional. These two clashing rationales, for example, allowed technology companies, frequently painted as Dr Evil, to claim the mantle of Mother Theresa. However, as the unresolved contradictions of these logics pile up, we can’t fail to notice the incoherence of the industry’s overall social vision.

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31 January 2018

Data Privacy Concerns Cause Costly Sales Delays Security Intelligence

Recent research suggested that organizations around the world are struggling to keep up with their sales goals due to data privacy concerns.

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Facebook braces for new E.U. privacy law Washington Post

Facebook announced a new push over the weekend to better explain its efforts to protect user data by sharing its privacy principles for the first time ahead of the European Union's new data protection law that will take effect in May.

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29 January 2018

Tech Giants Brace for Europe's New Data Privacy Rules New York Times

Over the past two months, Google has started letting people around the world choose what data they want to share with its various products, including Gmail and Google Docs.

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05 January 2018

Internet Users in China Expect to Be Tracked. Now, They Want Privacy. New York Times

China’s biggest online payment company offers its hundreds of millions of users a breakdown on their spending each year, showing everything from their environmental impact to their ranking among shoppers in their area. Many spenders — not shy, and occasionally even a bit boastful about their personal finances — in turn share the details on social media.

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Ad targeters secretly tracking people on the internet through invisible login forms The Independent

Web users are having their details secretly collected by ad tracking companies, researchers say.

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19 December 2017

French privacy watchdog raps WhatsApp over Facebook data sharing Reuters

France’s data privacy watchdog may fine messaging app WhatsApp if it does not comply with an order to bring its sharing of user data with parent company Facebook into line with French privacy law.

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08 December 2017

EU to intervene in Microsoft's U.S. Supreme Court data protection case Reuters

The European Union is to make a submission to the U.S. Supreme Court in its hearing of the U.S. Department of Justice’s appeal against a ruling which prevented prosecutors from gaining access to emails held by Microsoft in Ireland.

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