24 February 2014

India working on better internet governance: Deora Times of India

In order to strengthen cybersecurity programmes and safeguard secrecy of internet communication, the government is encouraging Indian IT firms to set up their servers in the country, the Parliament was informed today.

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18 February 2014

For an unfettered Internet The Hindu

While the United Nations does excellent work in peacekeeping and developing friendly relations among nations, it has severe limitations of expertise, speed and, above all, transparency, when it comes to decisions related to Internet policy

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14 February 2014

Irate over spying, EU barks up wrong regulatory tree Wall Street Journal

Neelie Kroes' call for more globalization of the way the internet is run isn't the first attempt to use allegations about NSA spying to bolster Europe's position and give new impetus to existing reform efforts.

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13 February 2014

Hands Off the Internet, EU Tech Chief Warns U.S., UN Wall Street Journal

European Union technology chief Neelie Kroes staked out territory for the bloc at the center of reforming the Internet's infrastructure, saying control shouldn't be handed to the United Nations.

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12 February 2014

EU Pushes to Globalize Internet Governance - European Commission to Propose Steps to Curb U.S. Influence Over Key Web Functions Wall Street Journal

The European Union's executive body is raising pressure to reduce U.S. influence over the Internet's architecture amid what it called weakened confidence in the network's governance after revelations of U.S. surveillance.

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26 January 2014

The Snowden effect The Economist

News that Microsoft will allow foreign customers to have their personal data stored on servers outside America raised more than a few eyebrows at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. "People should have the ability to know whether their data are being subjected to the laws and access of governments in some other country and should have the ability to make an informed choice of where their data resides," the Financial Times quoted Brad Smith, the firm's general counsel.

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A Victory for an Unfettered Internet: After another court loss, the FCC should abandon its 'net neutrality' regulation goal Wall Street Journal

A federal appeals court in Washington slapped the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday for overstepping its legal authority by trying to regulate Internet access. The FCC is now a two-time loser in court in its net-neutrality efforts. Has the government learned its lesson, or will the agency take a third stab at regulating the Internet? The answer to that question will affect the Internet's growth in the 21st century.

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25 January 2014

Internet Governance 2020 - Geopolitics and the Future of the Internet - Remarks by Ambassador Daniel A. Sepulveda US State Department

Thank you very much. I appreciate the invitation to help frame and initiate the discussion that the experts on the panel will conduct. It is an impressive panel with folks that have lived through the more than decade long debate over Internet governance, what it means, and where it is headed. I am familiar with their work and it helps inform my own.

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ICANN: BCG Study: Countries that Expand Internet Access and Use Can Spur Digital Economy Growth ICANN

Greasing the Wheels of the Internet Economy is a new report by Boston Consulting Group, commissioned by ICANN. The report takes a look at Internet access and use around the world, and the economic importance of an open single Internet. The report's "e-friction" index describes and quantifies factors that inhibit the growth and maturity of the Internet economy. It measures obstacles to access to, and engagement with, the Internet for both individuals and businesses across four components; Infrastructure, Industry, Individual and Information.

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23 January 2014

Expert panel to investigate internet governance Financial Times

An independent commission of top-level international policy makers and politicians will open a two-year investigation into the way governments use internet data following revelations of mass online surveillance by the US and its allies.

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19 January 2014

Two decades on, we must preserve the internet as a tool of democracy The Observer

If the internet is the road system for the digital world, then the world wide web is the car - the tool we use daily for work and play. It seems almost impossible to remember what unconnected life was like; some of us are old enough to remember living without the web, old enough to have used typewriters at university, microfiches in the school library and can recall the first mention of something called "Hotmail".

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02 January 2014

Considering the Future of Internet Governance New York Times

With Edward J. Snowden's theft and redistribution of reams of classified data starkly highlighting the Internet's ubiquity and its potential for widespread surveillance, the new year is likely to see renewed calls to change the way the Internet is governed.

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07 December 2013

EU challenges US hegemony in global internet governance Euractiv

French lawmakers, supported by the EU's Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes, are pressing the European Union to stand up more firmly against American domination in cyberspace.

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26 November 2013

Internet Society Board Takes Steps to Strengthen Existing Internet Governance Institutions ISOC

The Internet Society Board of Trustees, during its meeting in Buenos Aires, agreed to increase support for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as an indispensable part of the Internet ecosystem, including making a sizeable financial contribution. They also warned against rash reactions to issues such as pervasive surveillance, which has sparked widespread concern and discussion.

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25 November 2013

The de-Americanization of the Internet Heartland blog

America's creation of the Internet, and the phenomenal innovation and benefits it has spawned, has changed the world. However, now that the Internet is maturing, the world is changing the Internet.

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22 November 2013

Icann chief: shift away from US 'is the way forward' The Guardian

The internet's main governing body for the control of domain names has indicated a further shift away from its US roots as it gears up for a London meeting in December to discuss internet governance.

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04 November 2013

NSA surveillance may cause breakup of internet, warn experts The Guardian

The vast scale of online surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden is leading to the breakup of the internet as countries scramble to protect private or commercially sensitive emails and phone records from UK and US security services, according to experts and academics.

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02 November 2013

Will NSA revelations lead to the Balkanisation of the internet? The Guardian

There has been criticism of America's National Security Agency and Britain's GCHQ from Latin American nations, and close allies such as France and Germany, have expressed dismay. The European Union's internal market commissioner, Michel Barnier, has called for a "European data cloud", while its justice commissioner, Viviane Reding, has declared Monday's European parliament vote on new data protection rules to be "Europe's declaration of independence".

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29 October 2013

At IGF, Glimpses Of Future IP Governance Overshadowed By Mass Surveillance IP Watch

Away from traditional free trade agreement negotiations with secret chapters on stricter intellectual property protection, perceptions are slowly evolving about the need to make IP systems work better. One of 100 sessions at the 8th United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Bali, Indonesia last week featured "intellectual property exchanges" as marketplaces for knowledge. But IP policy did not take centre stage and neither did other access topics in Bali, which instead was overshadowed by the recent revelations of mass surveillance by US intelligence services.

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25 October 2013

The Battle for Power on the Internet by Bruce Schneier The Atlantic

Distributed citizen groups and nimble hackers once had the edge. Now governments and corporations are catching up. Who will dominate in the decades ahead?

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22 October 2013

Bali IGF: Surveillance, Human Rights, Governance Of Internet Resources, "Multistakeholderism" IP Watch

The revelations of mass surveillance by the US and other intelligence services are expected to considerably influence the 8th Internet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia this week.

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Why the Internet needs proper governance: Though there is a exponential rise in the number of Internet users, the trend is not necessarily bridging the digital divide Live Mint

If you thought that no one controls the Internet, that it has no borders and needs no governance, it may border on the naivete.

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17 October 2013

What Does It Mean for the U.S. to 'Lose Control of the Internet?' The NSA revelations have thrown open an Internet governance dispute that seemed resolved. What’s next? The Atlantic

Is the U.S. losing control of the Internet? That's how some are interpreting a statement released in October by 10 organizations central to the Internet's operation.

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12 October 2013

The US is losing control of the internet Wired

All of the major internet organisations have pledged, at a summit in Uruguay, to free themselves of the influence of the US government.

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28 September 2013

At UN, Estonian President stresses Internet governance in development United Nations

In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly today, the President of Estonia highlighted the use of modern information and communication technologies (ICT) to drive development and the importance of international law to preserve Internet freedom while protecting citizens from cyber crime.

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