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02 November 2006

The internet's future is out of this world by Vint Cerf ZDNet

In 2006 most people in the developed world would find it hard to imagine life without the internet; never before has a single technology become so central to our lives so quickly. Email, search, e-commerce, social networking sites -- hundreds of millions of people use them every day. But the original internet was a very different world. Designed in 1973, the idea was to enable the US Defence Department to integrate computers into its command and control system. Of course, it was also immediately adopted by its academic developers for their own uses!

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23 October 2006

Making the web accessible for all BBC

Despite many efforts to move away from those most traditional interfaces - the ubiquitous computer keyboard and mouse - they remain the bedrock on which nearly all computer interfaces rest.

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20 October 2006

US shows signs of net addiction BBC

More than one in eight adults in the US show signs of being addicted to the internet, a study has shown.

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19 October 2006

Zittrain on the Future of the Internet Harvard Cyber Law

Steve Ryan, Director of London School of Economist's Centre for Learning Technology, guest blogged on about Berkman Prof. Jonathan Zittrain's presentation on the future of the Internet at LSE on October 13, 2006. If you're interested in 'the future of the Internet,' the long-term trend of parsing out Internet functions to specialized devices, or the One Laptop Per Child Initiative, check out this summary of Zittrain's talk:

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11 October 2006

Google VP says youth determine Internet future USA Today/AP

Vinton Cerf says more than one billion people worldwide use it, and he believes its future is in the hands of young people.

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10 October 2006

eu: Web browsing beats page-turning BBC

Europeans now spend more of their week online than they do reading newspapers or magazines, according to a report.

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08 October 2006

uk: Internet appeal to catch killers BBC

Detectives trying to catch the killers of murdered schoolboy Jessie James have posted an appeal on the video-sharing website, YouTube.

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03 October 2006

Internet's future in 2020 debated BBC

The internet will be a thriving, low-cost network of billions of devices by 2020, says a major survey of leading technology thinkers.

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The Future of the Internet II Pew Internet & American Life Project

A survey of technology thinkers and stakeholders shows they believe the internet will continue to spread in a "flattening" and improving world. There are many, though, who think major problems will accompany technology advances by 2020. A predictions database can be viewed.

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08 May 2006

OECD Broadband Statistics, December 2005 OECD

The number of broadband subscriptions throughout the OECD continued to increase during 2005 from 136 million in June 2005 to 158 million by December 2005. Broadband penetration growth in the OECD held steady at 15% in the second half of the year reaching 13.6 subscribers per 100 inhabitants in December.

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Cheap thrills on the move The Guardian

Podnography - erotic audio, video and pictures for MP3 players - is the hottest podcast genre

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Dutch lead EU countries on Net use, data show International Herald Tribune

A European Union report shows big differences in the level of Internet use among EU countries.

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18 April 2006

ITU Hosts Virtual Conference on the Impact of New Technologies on Telecom/ICT Regulation International Telecommunication Union

As part of its work on preparing an ICT Regulatory Toolkit, the Regulatory Reform Unit of ITU hosted, on 15 March 2006, a virtual conference on the impact of new technologies on TELECOM/ICT Regulation.

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Demographics of Internet users in Thailand Singapore Internet Research Centre

The results of the survey conducted by the Thai National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (Nectec) between September to November last year of Thai Internet users show that 54.4% of Thai net users are female. The majority of net users were between 20 and 30 years old. 66% of Internet users access the Internet from home, while 40 % use the Net in the workplace, 29 % at an educational facility and 25 % at an Internet cafe. It is the first time in the survey's seven-year history that home Internet use has dominated.

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uk: How will you watch TV? The Guardian

The BBC recorded its lowest ever peak-time rating last week; ITV has admitted that viewers are turning away in droves; and a recent survey by Google said that we now spend more time on the internet than we do watching television. With a major report on the BBC's future due out tomorrow, David Smith and Alice O'Keeffe look at what the next decade holds for the box in the corner

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OECD sees uncertain future for WiMax ZDnet

The race for wireless broadband access still wide open

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Romance blossoms on the internet, but there is still public concern about the safety of online dating (Pew news release) Pew Research Center

There is now broad public awareness of the online dating world, and the internet users who are actively seeking dates have found a variety of ways to pursue their romantic interests online.

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Internet means end for media barons, says Murdoch The Guardian

Rupert Murdoch last night sounded the death knell for the era of the media baron, comparing today's internet pioneers with explorers such as Christopher Columbus and John Cabot and hailing the arrival of a "second great age of discovery".

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Australia lags on internet front: World Bank Sydney Morning Herald

Australian internet users are barely moving along the information superhighway compared with other nations, a study shows.

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12 March 2006

uk: Britain turns off - and logs on The Guardian

We may be known as a nation of couch potatoes, but it seems that Britons are grasping the 21st century with both hands: we now spend more time watching the web than watching television, according to internet giant Google.

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au: ACMA releases report on internet performance ACMA

Australian internet performance across different technologies and access plans is generally consistent with transmission protocols and the inherent nature of the internet, according to a report released today by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

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European Commission steps up efforts to put Europe’s memory on the Web via a “European Digital Library” (news release) European Commission

European Commission steps up efforts to put Europe's memory on the Web via a "European Digital Library" (news release)

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06 March 2006

Singaporeans really at home on the Web AsiaMedia

The Internet has become a way of life in Singapore, with nine out of 10 people preferring to use e-mail to communicate with each other than resort to different means

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tw: Local Internet penetration increasing AsiaMedia

Taiwan's Internet penetration rate stood at 65.07 percent last month, with the number of Internet users increasing by 1,476 compared with the figure six months earlier, according to the results of a survey released recently by the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC).

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uk: 'Fewer young people' watching TV BBC

Fewer young people are watching television, according to a report by the media watchdog Ofcom.

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