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28 September 2016

Phone Makers Could Cut Off Drivers. So Why Don't They? New York Times

... The product liability case has brought to light a piece of evidence that legal and safety experts say puts Apple in a quandary -- one it shares with other wireless companies. In Apple's case, the evidence shows, the company has a patent for technology designed to prevent texting while driving, but it has not deployed it.

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27 September 2016

Germany seeking comprehensive 5G mobile network: report Reuters

Germany wants to become the first country to set up a comprehensive 5G mobile network, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung quoted digital infrastructure minister Alexander Dobrindt as saying in Tuesday's editions.

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22 September 2016

EU plan swaps roaming fees for roaming fudge PC World

The European Commission has reworked its plan to end mobile phone roaming fees in the face of widespread criticism of its 90-day annual limit.

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31 August 2016

Fastest mobile 4G network speed record 'broken' BBC News

A new record has been set for the world's fastest 4G mobile internet speed, according to a network operator.

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23 June 2016

Smartphone users temporarily blinded after looking at screen in bed The Guardian

Warning: Looking at your smartphone while lying in bed at night could wreak havoc on your vision.

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18 June 2016

Apple wants to kill a US bill that could make it easier for you to fix your iPhone Washington Post

When Jessa Jones found out her kids had submerged her iPhone in her toilet, causing a clog, she thought her phone was a lost cause. It powered on but didn't seem to be taking a charge anymore. The Apple store warns against water damage, which is not covered by the warranty.

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30 April 2016

Mobile phone roaming charges cut within EU BBC News

UK consumers using their mobile phones in Europe will see reductions in their bills from Saturday. Further caps are coming into effect on roaming - or connection - charges within all 28 countries of the European Union.

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27 April 2016

All Indian mobile phones 'must have panic button' BBC News

India's telecommunications ministry has said all mobile phones sold in the country from 2017 must include a panic button.

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20 April 2016

US congressman calls for investigation into vulnerability that lets hackers spy on every phone The Guardian

A US congressman hacked as part of a demonstration showing that all you need is someone's phone number to record their calls, texts and location, has called for an oversight committee investigation into the "significant vulnerability".

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19 April 2016

EU competition chief set to charge Google with Android abuse: sources Reuters

The European competition commission is gearing up to charge Google with giving unfair prominence to its own apps like search and maps in supplementary software licensing deals it strikes with mobile phone makers running its Android operating system, four sources familiar with the process said on Monday.

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07 April 2016

How secure is your smartphone's lock screen? The Conversation

One consequence of the Apple vs FBI drama has been to shine a spotlight on the security of smartphone lockscreens.

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04 April 2016

British mobile phone users' movements 'could be sold for profit' The Guardian

British mobile phone users are one data breach away from having the routines of their daily lives revealed to criminals, privacy campaigners have said.

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14 March 2016

Things are looking app: Mobile health apps are becoming more capable and potentially rather useful The Economist

SAVILE ROW in London is best known for producing some of the world's finest bespoke suits. But tucked away in a quiet corner of the same street is a firm that gives tailored health advice through a smartphone app. Your.MD uses artificial intelligence to understand natural-language statements such as "I have a headache" and ask pertinent follow-up questions. The app typifies a new approach to mobile health (also known as m-health): it is intelligent, personalised and gets cleverer as it gleans data from its users.

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08 March 2016

South Korea tackles youth mobile-phone addiction Al Jazeera

The South Korean government is planning to create treatment centres where youngsters will be forced to live without their mobile phones and computers.

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24 February 2016

5G Is a New Frontier for Mobile Carriers and Tech Companies New York Times

On the outskirts of this sleepy commuter town just south of London, plans are underway to build the fastest cellphone network in the world.

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16 February 2016

Mobile phones and brain cancer: 'no evidence of health risk' is not the same as 'safe' The Guardian

Do mobile phones cause brain cancer? This has been an ongoing debate for decades, but whenever someone asks this question, it's usually met with scepticism and the debate is shunned. I used to react the same way. But once I started digging into the evidence, it became clear to me that the answer was much more complex than I had imagined.

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23 January 2016

Google Paid Apple $1 Billion to Keep Search Bar on iPhone Bloomberg

Google Inc. is paying Apple Inc. a hefty fee to keep its search bar on the iPhone.

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03 January 2016

A proxy war: Apple ad-blocking software scares publishers but rival Google is target The Observer

When Apple revealed that its new operating system for mobile phones, iOS 9, would feature what the company called "content-blocking Safari extensions", no one really blinked.

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27 December 2015

In Sweden, a Cash-Free Future New York Times

In Sweden, a Cash-Free Future Nears Parishioners text tithes to their churches. Homeless street vendors carry mobile credit-card readers. Even the Abba Museum, despite being a shrine to the 1970s pop group that wrote “Money, Money, Money,” considers cash so last-century that it does not accept bills and coins. Few places are tilting toward a cashless future as quickly as Sweden, which has become hooked on the convenience of paying by app and plastic. This tech-forward country, home to the music streaming service Spotify and the maker of the Candy Crush mobile games, has been lured by the innovations that make digital payments easier. It is also a practical matter, as many of the country’s banks no longer accept or dispense cash.

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17 November 2015

New smartphone battery can charge to 48% in five minutes The Guardian

A smartphone battery that lasts longer than a day might be out of reach of most people for the moment, but a large one that charges to 48% in five minutes is on the way.

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28 October 2015

Europe finally abolishes mobile phone roaming charges The Guardian

Members of the European parliament have voted through new rules that will scrap mobile roaming charges and stop holidaymakers returning home to the nightmare of a massive phone bill racked up on their travels.

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20 October 2015

How Emojis Find Their Way to Phones New York Times

An obscure organization that standardizes the way punctuation marks and other text are represented by computer systems has in recent years found itself at the forefront of mobile pop culture, with its power to create new emojis.

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19 October 2015

Security is the loser in the holy war between Android and Apple The Observer

Where once we debated the merits of Mac and PC, now the struggle for dominance between smartphone operating systems leaves some users vulnerable

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29 September 2015

India's mobile phone dreams become nightmare of dropped calls Washington Post

In the past decade, nearly 1 billion people have been connected to wireless phone service as part of India's mobile communications revolution , making it the second-largest mobile phone market in the world. But a recent combination of rapidly rising growth and bad infrastructure has turned India's dreams of wireless phone expansion into something of a nightmare.

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25 September 2015

U.S. drops to 55th in 4G LTE speeds PC World

The U.S. has fallen to No. 55 in LTE performance as speeds rise rapidly in countries that have leapfrogged some early adopters of the popular cellular system.

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