Digital Divide

26 July 2016

Can the internet reboot Africa? With smartphone use and web penetration soaring, Africa is set for a tech revolution – but only if its infrastructure can support it The Guardian

You can buy sunlight with your phone, conduct an eye test on someone 100 miles away and attend a church service on your iPad. There are apps for investing in cows, for sending parcels and for mapping unrest. And soon you'll be able to deliver blood and medicines by drone.

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24 May 2016

Microsoft Awards First Grants to Help Expand Global Internet Access New York Times

Microsoft has largely stood by as other technology giants like Facebook and Google have begun work on grand plans for balloons, satellites, drones, simplified apps and even bicycle hot spots to deliver Internet access to the four billion or so people around the world who are not yet online.

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19 May 2016

Connecting everyone to internet 'would add $6.7tn to global economy' The Guardian

Bringing internet access to the 4.1 billion people in the world who do not have it would increase global economic output by $6.7 trillion (£4.6tr), raising 500 million people out of poverty, according to a study by PwC.

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What the G7 must do for internet growth and security World Economic Forum

In 2014, researchers from the World Economic Forum and McKinsey & Company projected that as much as $21 trillion in global economic value creation would depend on the robustness of cyber-security over five to seven years. That's as big as the entire U.S. economy.

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08 May 2016

WSIS 2016: "On its own, internet access is not enough. Let's build greater social equality" Association for Progressive Communications

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process is considered a cornerstone of international norms and discourse on internet policy and governance. As the process marks its 11th anniversary, the 'ICT for development' community met in Geneva between 2-6 May to continue to work for a people-centric, inclusive and development-oriented Information Society where everyone can create, access, utilize and share information.

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24 February 2016

Thousands of low-income Australian families unable to afford internet at home, Smith Family says ABC News

Australia has one of the highest internet access rates in the world, but there are concerns children from disadvantaged backgrounds are being left behind in the digital revolution.

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09 February 2016

India blocks Zuckerberg's free net app BBC News

India's telecoms regulator has blocked Facebook's Free Basics internet service app as part of a ruling in favour of net neutrality.

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30 January 2016

India, Egypt say no thanks to free Internet from Facebook Washington Post

Connecting people to the Internet is not easy in this impoverished farming district of wheat and millet fields, where working camels can be glimpsed along roads that curve through the low-slung Aravalli Hills.

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18 January 2016

The internet - not an equaliser BBC News

Here's the story about the global impact of the internet. In the last 20 years, the digital revolution and its leapfrog technologies have allowed developing countries to close the gap with richer nations, and have brought huge advances in health, education and transparent government.

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14 January 2016

Internet Yields Uneven Dividends and May Widen Inequality, Report Says New York Times

Can the Internet save the world? In some places, it has helped curb corruption, encouraged more girls to go to school and enabled citizens to monitor election violence.

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15 December 2015

With high-level forum, UN Assembly aims to narrow digital divide, harness power of information technology United Nations

Ten years after the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society, delegates from Member States and observer entities are meeting at UN Headquarters starting tomorrow to identify emerging trends, fresh priorities and innovations for advancing information and communications technologies.

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07 December 2015

Google launches wi-fi network in Kampala, Uganda BBC News

Google has launched its first wi-fi network in Uganda's capital Kampala, as part of a project to broaden access to affordable high-speed internet.

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29 October 2015

Alphabet, Indonesian companies to expand Web access via balloons Reuters

Alphabet Inc, the new holding company for Google, has teamed up with three Indonesian telecommunications companies to expand Internet access in that country using solar-powered balloons.

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26 October 2015

Facebook's Internet for All Is a Tough Sell in India New York Times

If Mark Zuckerberg hopes to deliver on his vision of bringing the Internet to the four billion people who lack it, the Facebook chief will first need to make his plan more appealing to salesmen like Shoaib Khan.

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22 October 2015

Poor urban women in developing world use Internet less than men, lack skills, cash - survey Reuters

Poor women in cities in developing countries are 50 percent less likely than poor men to use the Internet, and blame the high cost and their lack of skills for the gap, researchers said on Wednesday.

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15 October 2015

Internet gap hinders small firms in poor countries, study shows Reuters

A study of small and medium-sized businesses around the world has found that one of the main reasons they underperform - especially in poorer countries - is that they make too little use of the Internet.

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06 October 2015

Facebook plans satellite 'in 2016' BBC News

Facebook is to launch a satellite that will provide internet access to remote parts of Africa, the social network's founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced.

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28 September 2015

While EU governments demur, refugees find a welcome on the Web Reuters

With one million people expected to seek asylum in Europe this year and governments arguing over how to cope, thousands of volunteers are taking to the Internet to offer refugees shelter free of charge.

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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg pledges refugee camp internet access BBC News

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced plans to help bring the internet to UN refugee camps.

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27 September 2015

To Unite the Earth, Connect It by Bono and Mark Zuckerberg New York Times

Seventy years ago, the United Nations was formed as the expression of a simple choice: cooperation instead of war. Humanity would stand as one against conflict, poverty and disease. All the world's voices would be heard.

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28 July 2015

Facebook says there's money to be made bringing Internet to the developing world Washington Post

With turning one this week, Facebook's project to spread Internet access to the developing world isn't just getting older -- it's also targeting new telecommunications partners in hopes of connecting more people to the Web.

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13 July 2015

Internet Society's 2015 Global Internet Report: Mobile is Key to Fulfilling the Promise of Internet Connectivity for the Next Billion People Internet Society

The Internet Society today released its 2015 Global Internet Report, the organization's second annual report on the global state of the Internet. Focused on the impact of the mobile Internet, this year's report shows that mobile has fundamentally transformed Internet access and use, and holds the key to fulfilling the promise of Internet connectivity for the next billion people.

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04 June 2015

Mobile phone access in Africa set to double in next five years Reuters

Eighty percent of sub-Saharan Africa's 800 million people should have access to mobile telephones by the end of the decade, double the current rate, although government help is needed to reach far-flung areas, industry body group GSMA said Wednesday.

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20 May 2015

Facebook criticised for creating 'two tier internet' with programme The Guardian, Facebook's initiative to expand internet access to the "next billion" people across the developing world, has come under attack from 67 digital rights groups worldwide for not doing enough to promote net neutrality alongside expanding access.

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05 May 2015

Mayor De Blasio Makes A $70M Commitment Toward Universal Broadband In New York City TechCrunch

In what is one of the most prominent financial commitments that an American city government has made toward universal broadband, the De Blasio administration is committing $70 million to bring affordable high-speed Internet to city residents.

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