Digital Divide

07 November 2006

End of the digital divide? Will India and China’s growth in the online world impact the internet’s evolution? Financial Express

As the world debated the web's future at the IGF, one thing was clear -- countries like India and China will see the biggest online expansion. If the Asian users outnumber North American and European users by a wide margin, will we see a radically different internet in a few years?

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01 November 2006

When in Rome... Will U.S. Laws count? Spamhaus case causes concerns. eWeek

Sometimes it can be hard coming up with ideas for a weekly opinion column. But there's one well that never seems to go dry (unfortunately). I can always rely on some court or politician making a shortsighted decision that has the potential to hurt the entire technology business and even the Internet itself.

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27 October 2006

uk: Digital divide could be deepening BBC

The number of people in the UK who have no intention of getting internet access has risen, research firm Point Topic has found.

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08 October 2006

OECD Information Technology Outlook 2006 OECD

Information technology and broadband are major drivers of economic change, restructuring businesses, affecting skills and employment, and contributing to growth and consumer benefits. This volume describes recent market dynamics and trends in industries supplying IT goods and services and offers an overview of the globalisation of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector and the rise of ICT-enabled international sourcing. The OECD Information Technology Outlook 2006 analyses the development and impact of the changing global distribution of services activities and the rise of China and India as significant suppliers of ICT-related goods and services. ICT skills across the economy are also examined to provide insights into the dynamics of job creation and international sourcing.

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18 April 2006

Promoting Cybersecurity in Developing Countries International Telecommunication Union

"The case for promoting a global culture for cybersecurity was strongly emphasized at the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) during an information session for participants conducted by ITU.

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