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06 June 2015

Fighting online abuse of children has driven it underground - report The Guardian

A pan-European drive to use the financial system to fight online child abuse has succeeded in reducing sales of child abuse material using conventional payment systems - but research suggests that abusers have been driven underground, turning to anonymiser technologies to evade law enforcement, and bitcoin to pay for material.

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05 June 2015

Hardcore internet pornography 'most prominent sexual educator' for young people, experts say ABC News

"Some boys or girls, they expect that sex is violent -- [that] it is OK to use chains or whips, to hurt someone."

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07 May 2015

How Google and other tech firms fight child exploitation Washington Post

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt accepted a major award from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Tuesday night, at a benefit that highlighted how technology can help fight child abuse.

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If we are to live in a free society, teenagers must be allowed to sext one another The Independent

When laws enacted to protect children from abuse end up ruining ordinary teenagers' lives, you can't help but think: what on earth is going on?

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23 April 2015

Revealed: child sex abuse gang 'with tentacles that go round the world' The Guardian

Seven members of a paedophile gang were involved in the rape and abuse of babies, toddlers and children in attacks that were streamed on the internet and seen on every continent.

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17 April 2015

Instagram Tightens Guidelines to Curb Pornography and Harassment Wall Street Journal

Instagram is dropping the nice-guy act. The photo- and video-sharing app Thursday unveiled more-detailed standards for images, aimed at curbing pornography and harassment. The tone is tougher, too: Instagram cut the number of times it says "please," to one, from four.

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15 April 2015

Paedophiles sell child abuse images for bitcoin The Guardian

Paedophiles are using the digital currency bitcoin to buy child sexual abuse images online, according to the Internet Watch Foundation.

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14 April 2015

UK charity steps up removal of child sex abuse images BBC News

A child abuse watchdog has said it helped identify and remove more than double the number of sexually explicit web pages depicting youngsters in 2014 than in the previous year.

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22 March 2015

More than 260 charged in online UK child abuse operation BBC News

Teachers, civil servants and police are among 264 people that have been charged following an probe targeting those accessing child abuse images online.

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20 March 2015

Monica Lewinsky calls for a more compassionate internet BBC News

Monica Lewinsky has taken to the stage at the Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference to call for a more compassionate internet.

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11 March 2015

'Horrifying' report reveals hundreds of children are allowing strangers to view them in sexual poses via webcams The Independent

Children as young as seven are posting explicit images of themselves on the internet and allowing strangers to view them in sexual poses in their bedrooms via webcams, a "horrifying" new report has warned.

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09 February 2015

Ban racists from Twitter and Facebook, say British MPs BBC News

Social media users who spread racial hatred should be banned from sites such as Twitter and Facebook, MPs say.

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20 January 2015

Sexting laws unclear to teenagers as courts see increase in underage sex cases: Australian legal community ABC News

The law in Australia is struggling to keep up with teenagers having underage sex and using mobiles to send explicit photos to each other.

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Dating apps found 'leaking' location data BBC News

Many mobile dating apps can be hacked to expose the exact location of users, warn security experts.

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14 January 2015

Facebook restricts violent video clips and photos BBC News

Facebook has begun placing warnings over videos posted to its site, stating their contents might "shock, offend and upset" if viewed.

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10 January 2015

EFF lays out plan to end online harassment Computerworld

The Electronic Frontier Foundation on Thursday expanded its focus with a blog entry identifying online harassment as a digital rights issue that stands in the way of true freedom of speech.

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02 January 2015

Cleanse web of all child abuse images, urges NSPCC chief The Guardian

The head of the NSPCC has called for the removal of all child abuse images from the internet.

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31 December 2014

Over 80 Percent of Dark-Web Visits Relate to Pedophilia, Study Finds Wired

The mysterious corner of the Internet known as the Dark Web is designed to defy all attempts to identify its inhabitants. But one group of researchers has attempted to shed new light on what those users are doing under the cover of anonymity. Their findings indicate that an overwhelming majority of their traffic is driven by the Dark Web's darkest activity: the sexual abuse of children.

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28 December 2014

Pornographic videos flood YouTube Video-sharing website BBC News

Video-sharing website YouTube has removed hundreds of pornographic videos which were uploaded in what is believed to be a planned attack.

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11 December 2014

New British police unit will track down paedophiles on dark net The Independent

A drive to track down and arrest paedophiles who share images of sexual abuse around the world on the "dark net" will be announced today by David Cameron.

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03 December 2014

Twitter unveils new system for reporting abuse The Guardian

Twitter unveiled a new system for reporting abuse on Tuesday and rolled it out to a small group of users, with plans to expand it in the coming weeks.

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Child abuse database containing millions of images to launch in UK BBC News

Data taken from tens of millions of child abuse photos and videos will shortly be used as part of a new police system to aid investigations into suspected paedophiles across the UK.

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Cyber bullying: Australian government crackdown to target social media sites ABC News

Social media sites will be targeted under plans by the Abbott Government to crack down on the cyber bullying of children.

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14 November 2014

Number of British children who are victims of cyberbullying doubles in a year The Guardian

The number of children being bullied on the internet has doubled in the past year, with more than one in three victims, research suggests.

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10 November 2014

Web of abuse grows as online bullies spread malice The Saturday Paper

It started, ostensibly at least, with an online debate about Ched Evans - a British soccer player who escaped fame but found notoriety after his conviction for rape in 2012. Last month he was freed from jail. Evans, just 25, wants to play soccer again. To that end, he released a video professing his innocence and describing the incident as regrettable but "consensual" infidelity. An online petition opposing his reinstatement to the professional leagues attracted more than 150,000 signatures.

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