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12 March 2006

uk: Child porn site reports 'up 80%' BBC

The number of internet child pornography sites reported to police soared by almost 80% last year, according to a new report.

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06 March 2006

ie: Surge in child porn complaints in Ireland The Register

Analysts from the ISPAI have reported a marked increase in both the severity and amount of online child pornography content being reported to its hotline.

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uk: Net safety 'should be compulsory' BBC

Internet safety and how to avoid online paedophiles should be part of the national curriculum, a leading academic has said.

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01 March 2006

uk: Massive rise in child porn sites The Observer

The number of websites found to be offering child pornography to UK internet users increased by 75 per cent last year amid fears of an explosion in illegal images generated overseas.

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20 February 2006

eu: Bits and Bytes to Fight Child Pornography Deutsche Welle

European forensic scientists have developed a state-of-the-art computer program to help track down child victims of sexual exploitation on the Internet.

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European Commission to assess filters EC Safer Internet Programme

The Safer Internet Programme has initiated a study aiming at an independent assessment of the filtering software and services.

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12 February 2006

eu: Safer Internet Day 2006: EU stresses commitment to safer use of the Internet (news release) European Commission news release

Safer Internet Day (7 February) will be celebrated by 95 organisations in 36 countries across the world, including 24 EU countries, Russia, Argentina, New Zealand and the USA. Organised under the patronage of Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding, Safer Internet Day 2006, features a blogathon or "blog-marathon" during which wide range of organisations and special guests will promote internet safety by making postings and inviting comments from visitors, children, schools and parents. The geographical focus of the 24hr blog will move steadily westwards through the global time zones, and include content in different languages.

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29 January 2006

Do Web filters protect your child?

Millions of parents around the country rely on Web filtering software to shield their children from the nasty side of the Internet--porn, predators and other unseemly phenomena.

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Childnet urgently seeks new partnerships as it faces uncertain future Childnet

Over the last 11 years Childnet has made real contribution to advancing the agenda of positive and safe use of the internet for children. As a small independent charity we have been successful in working directly with children, parents and teachers and engaging constructively with a wide range of partners both in the UK and elsewhere to ensure that the issues of online child protection and children’s safe and positive use of the internet are addressed. Indeed, Childnet has been privileged to develop and contribute to a number of ground-breaking initiatives which have inspired others throughout the world to better respond to the challenges and opportunities of children and communications technology.

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