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18 January 2018

ICANN Proposes Solutions To Deal With WHOIS and GDPR Conflicts

Enforcement of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming on 25 May and as of yet, ICANN still hasn’t worked out a way to deal with the conflicts between the collection of domain name registration data (WHOIS) and the requirements of GDPR.

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15 January 2018

EURid Report Finds IDNs Lead to More Diverse Content

Internationalised domain names are a key component of a truly multilingual internet. It’s slow progress making the internet, and the Domain Name System, truly multilingual. The introduction of IDNs started around a decade ago with hybridised IDNs – that is the top level domain being in ASCII characters and IDN characters available for the second, or sometimes third, level.

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10 January 2018

Cryptocurrency-Related Keywords Dominate .COM and .NET Registrations in December

The influence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies continues to dominate .com and .net trending keywords according to the latest list from Verisign for the month of December.

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.PR Selects Afilias To Provide Registry Services As Afilias Suffers Security Incident

The provision of registry services for Puerto Rico's ccTLD, .pr, is now being outsourced with Afilias winning the contract to provide the services. According to an announcement from Afilias, the transition was completed on 7 January although no date was given for when the contract was signed.

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09 January 2018

.BANK and .INSURANCE To Be First New gTLDs to Implement HSTS... After Google

.fTLD Registry Services has announced they will be implementing a security protocol known as HSTS - HTTP Strict Transport Security – to their .bank and .insurance new gTLDs. They will be the first registry to implement HSTS across an entire top level domain outside of Google.

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08 January 2018

The Neo-Nazis of the Daily Stormer Wander the Digital Wilderness New Yorker

Since this past August, the Daily Stormer, a prime hub for neo-Nazism on the Web, has found itself in a peculiar kind of digital exile. Its journey began in the wake of the “Unite the Right” rally, in Charlottesville, Virginia, at which a young woman named Heather Heyer was murdered by a man who drove a car into a crowd of anti-racist protesters. The following day, Andrew Anglin, the Daily Stormer’s founder, published an article about Heyer titled “Woman Killed in Road Rage Incident was a Fat, Childless 32-Year-Old Slut.” Hours later, GoDaddy, one of the Web’s largest domain registrars, announced that it was cancelling the Daily Stormer’s service. Several other U.S.-based companies, including Google, Namecheap, and Cloudflare, soon followed suit.

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05 January 2018

2018 Domain Pulse Motors Into View With Focus On Digital Future

The 2018 Domain Pulse conference is motoring into view and will be held at BMW World in Munich on 22 and 23 March. The annual conference this year is organised by DENIC, the German registry with a focus on the digital future as well as the state of the domain name industry. The conference rotates between Germany, Switzerland (SWITCH) and Austria (

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04 January 2018

auDA's 'Broken Management' Seeks to Undermine .AU's Multistakeholder Model

In an excoriating open letter to auDA management, Scott Long, Chair of auDA’s Constitution Reform Committee, has resigned from a committee that, according to Domain Pulse sources, an auDA Board member inferred members were ‘selected to cause instability and infighting, and possibly to fail, to demonstrate through deflection to DoCA [Department of Communications and the Arts] that members are to blame for auDA’s problems.’ And not only have auDA, the policy and regulatory body for Australia’s ccTLD, worked to undermine the Committee’s work, they are seeking to “remove or significantly limit” the role of members in the organisation.

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01 January 2018

.NZ Registrations Grow Almost 7% In 12 Months As InternetNZ Stalwarts Say Adieu

Registrations of .nz domain names grew by 6.91%, or 33,657, to 702,311 in the 12 months to the end of November according to the final Domain Name Commission’s .NZ Newsletter for 2017. And following a restructure of the organisation where Jordan Carter was appointed InternetNZ Group Chief Executive, it also marks a farewell from longstanding employees, Domain Name Commissioner Debbie Monahan and Jay Daley, New Zealand Registry Services Chief Executive, who both depart on 12 January.

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21 December 2017

What To Do When There Are Problems Transferring Domain Names

Transferring a domain name from one registrar to another should be a relatively straightforward procedure. But there will be times when it doesn’t happen which could be because of a dispute, court order or even a 60-Day Change of Registrant lock. There could even be issues with the terms and conditions from the existing registrar.

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ICANN Facing Budget Cuts as Expected Income Doesn't Materialise

Lower than expected domain name registrations are forcing ICANN to make significant budgetary cuts, CEO and President Göran Marby explained in his recent post on the ICANN Blog. In the first quarter of 2018 ICANN’s income was $1 million lower than expected and income for the year is expected to remain flat compared to 2017. Marby says ICANN is forecasting lower funding for 2019 compared to the approved 2018 budget.

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20 December 2017

New gTLD Plunge Sees Global Domain Name Registrations Drop 1.2 Million in Third Quarter

There was a 1.2 million drop in the number of domain names registered around the world in the third quarter of 2017, a decline of 0.4% over the second quarter, which was largely due to a drop of 3.2 million registrations in new gTLDs, the vast majority in 2 new gTLDs - .xyz and .top. However year-on-year registrations, or domains under management (DUM), grew 1.1%.

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19 December 2017

GGRG's Giuseppe Graziano Talks Domain Name Investing

Giuseppe Graziano is the CEO and founder of With a focus on the 586,848 short .com domain names defined as “liquid”, Giuseppe has helped his clients sell over $10 million dollars worth of domain names, receiving award nominations for “Blogger of the Year“ and “Industry Goodwill Ambassador” in 2015 and “Broker of the Year” in 2016. awarded Giuseppe “Master of Domains”, as one of the top 3 highest grossing domain brokers in the world in 2016. Giuseppe has lived in 5 countries across 3 continents, speaks 5 languages and holds a Master Degree in International Management from the Fudan University in Shanghai, China. With all that, it was surprising that Giuseppe had the time to sit down and talk to to give his thoughts on the domain name aftermarket, with a few tips for investors.

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Verisign Gets U.S. Govt Green Light to Auction O.COM, With Proceeds to Charity

Verisign has received the green light from the U.S. Department of Justice to auction the domain name after ICANN referred the proposal to the department “of a potential competition issue.”

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18 December 2017

As auDA’s Annus Horribilis Draws to a Close, Afilias Appointed to Operate .AU Registry

It’s been a bruising year for auDA. One could call it their Annus Horribilis. An unusually high staff and board member turnover, ousting of the Chair following a member revolt and a process for dealing with the registry contract commencing in turmoil, but finally coming to an end with Afilias winning the tender to operate the registry from July 2018.

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14 December 2017

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Domains Dominate .COM and .NET November Keywords

With the skyrocketing interest in, and prices of, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it’s no surprise there’s an increased interest in related keywords for those registering .com and .net keywords.

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CIRA Adds .SX to its List of TLDs It Provides Registry Services For

Canada’s ccTLD registry, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s (CIRA), has now added .sx (Sint Maarten) to its Fury Registry Platform. CIRA has been on a bit of a “acquisition” role recently with this week’s adding to a number of similar recent announcements.

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07 December 2017

French Railways Say OUI.SNCF

The French railway operator SNCF launched their new home online this week with their home page now SNCF is one of the most prominent brands to make the switch to a new gTLD, particularly in Europe. The previous home of SNCF online,, now redirects to the new domain name.

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01 December 2017

Criminals Increasingly Using "Combosquatting" To Deceive Internet Users

Criminals online are increasingly using “combosquatting” to deceive internet users. The practice takes advantage of internet users being increasingly encouraged to check the domain name in an internet address before clicking on links. Combosquatters take advantage of this, using domain names with a familiar trademarks, but including additional words resulting in being taken to a website selling counterfeit goods, harvesting personal and financial information or installing malware.

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Ireland’s ccTLD Manager Announces Slight Relaxation of Eligibility Rules In Bid To Boost Use

The Irish ccTLD .ie has some of the more restrictive eligibility rules in Europe, and hence has one of the lowest numbers of domains under management per capita. A slight relaxation of the rules, which will see applicants not having to show a “claim to the name” from March 2018, may change this. Slightly.

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30 November 2017

Streamlined InternetNZ Group Appoints Jordan Carter as CEO

A review of the InternetNZ Group, which includes InternetNZ, NZRS and the Domain Name Commission, and who manages all aspects of New Zealand’s ccTLD .nz, has led to the organisation being streamlined under one “roof” with one Chief Executive. One of the first changes to come out of the review is the announcement today of the appointment of existing InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter to lead the newly integrated organisation.

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29 November 2017

Interpol-led Operation Sees Over 20,000 Domain Names Seized For Selling Counterfeit Goods

An operation led by Interpol in conjunction with Europol’s Intellectual Property Crime Coordinated Coalition (IPC³), the US National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Centre and law enforcement authorities from 27 EU Member States and third parties, seized over 20,520 domain names in an operation that was revealed to coincide with Cyber Monday this week. The domain names were used for websites that were offering counterfeit goods, for example luxury products, sportswear, electronics, pharmaceuticals and online piracy on e-commerce platforms and social networks.

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28 November 2017

Decline in TLD Growth Rates Stabilises: CENTR Report

Growth rates among the 1,500 plus top level domains available around the world has continued to decrease, with the trend being consistent since early 2016 when quarterly growth rates peaked. This was the main finding of CENTR’s latest quarterly DomainWire Global TLD Report for the third quarter of 2017. The decline also followed 2 years after the launch of the first of the new gTLDs in January 2014.

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Are New gTLDs Impacting on ccTLD Registrations? .PL Thinks So As Registrations Decline.

The number of .pl domain names has decreased by 124,485 in the 12 months to 27 November according to statistics provided by NASK, the Polish ccTLD registry, and currently stand at 2,579,310. When those domain names with ENUM are included, the figure is 2,604,336. And at least some of this decrease the registry has attributed to the launch of new gTLDs the NASK Director Wojciech Kamieniecki said in the latest report on the .pl domain name market.

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22 November 2017

ICANN Allows Domain Name Renewal Flexibility Following Natural Disasters Such As Hurricane Maria

Domain name registrants with renewals due during or following a natural disaster, but are having problems accessing their account due to ongoing issues such as with electric power grid and telecommunications infrastructures, will have the possibility of their renewal date being extended.

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