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14 November 2017

Do auDA’s Left and Right Hands Ever Talk as Constitution Review Announced?

The .au policy and regulatory body, auDA, announced a review of its constitution Monday, just days after it was announced Director Simon Johnson was requesting a Fit and Proper Persons Test be put to Members at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

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American Banker Outlines New gTLD Adoption Challenges, But One Bank Says It’s a "No Brainer" American Banker

Adopting a new gTLD domain name, or even changing a domain name, is not without its challenges. There are costs for changing promotional materials as well as the transition of websites and email addresses for staff. And customer awareness of the change may not be so straightforward.

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.XYZ Back On Top: Regains #1 New gTLDs Registrations Crown

The .xyz has regained the number one new gTLDs crown after some weeks of declines by .top, mirroring the decline of .xyz. The latest statistics from show .xyz with 2.543 million registrations and .top with 2.538 million.

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11 November 2017

Donuts Tops Deloitte’s North American 2017 Technology Fast 500

Donuts have topped the Deloitte 2017 Technology Fast 500, an award recognising the fastest growing public and private technology companies in North America, Deloitte announced Thursday. These tech companies note Deloitte are on the cutting edge and are transforming the way we do business.

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10 November 2017

Domaining Europe Returning to Valencia in 2018

Domain Europe 2018 is returning to Valencia after a foray into Berlin in 2017. Organiser Dietmar Stefitz had investigated heading to Rome for the 2018 event however costs were prohibitive for hotels. So back to Valencia they go from 7 to 9 June!

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09 November 2017

Less Than One Day Left For Latest auDA Consultation on Second Level Domains

Some days I think the ongoing auDA consultations on the introduction of second level registrations are like the Rapture. The believers keep believing, but it never seems to happen. What started with Names Policy Panel recommendations in favour back in 2015 has since gone through several consultations. With very little movement since the Names Policy Panel recommended they be introduced.

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08 November 2017

Dirty Tricks and Smears Enter auDA Director's Election

There’s currently an election underway for directors to the auDA Board. The last 2 years have been dogged by controversy for the .au policy and regulatory body. The Board unceremoniously dumped the CEO and the current CEO and board have overseen a turbulent time since current CEO Cameron Boardman commenced.

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07 November 2017 Introduces New Partnerfinder Tool To Help Registrants Find The Right Registrar

For many domain name registrants, finding the registrar that best suits their requirements can be a minefield. They might find a cheaper registrar, but then find the registrar doesn’t offer services they require, or the support they need. So the Austrian ccTLD registry,, has set about making this process easier with their new “Partnerfinder” service.

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05 November 2017

auDA Seeking to Amend Constitution to Silence Dissent

The .au policy and regulatory body, auDA, is seeking to implement even more onerous rules on who can be a Member of the organisation than on who is eligible to stand for the Australian parliament in what could easily be viewed as an attempt to stifle dissent.

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ICANN Has New Leadership Team With Chalaby as Chair, Disspain Vice-Chair As 60th Meetings Ends

ICANN announced a new leadership team to head the ICANN Board of Directors at the organisation’s 60th public meeting held in Abu Dhabi last week. The 19th Annual General Meeting, Cherine Chalaby and Chris Disspain were officially appointed as the new Chair of the ICANN Board and Vice-Chair respectively.

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02 November 2017

Global Internet Stakeholders Convene in Abu Dhabi for ICANN60

Today [30 Oct], ICANN kicked off its 60th Public Meeting in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). From 28 October to 3 November, more than 2,500 regional and global participants are gathering for discussions about the policies regarding the Internet's system of unique identifiers. One of the key topics at ICANN60 is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. The meeting is also an important forum for cross-community discussions on a number of ongoing projects in ICANN. The host of the meeting is the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the UAE.

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E-Shops Selling Counterfeit Goods Often Use Re-Registered Brand Domains, European Study Finds

Companies letting their domain names expire are often finding e-shops are re-registering their domain names and using them to market trademark infringing, or counterfeit, goods. But there’s no correlation between the use of the domain name prior to the e-shop and what the e-shop sells.

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ICANN Advise on What You Need to Know When Transferring a Domain Name

Recently ICANN provided a post on their blog on what you as a domain name registrant need to know when transferring a domain name.

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29 October 2017

Google Searches Now Focus on Your Actual Location, Not the ccTLD in Your Search

Last week Google made another update to the way their search engine works with searches no longer indicated by the domain but rather search results will be served the country service that corresponds to your location. Typing the preferred ccTLD into a search will no longer bring you to the various country services. It’s a change that could make ccTLD domain names less relevant for marketers and businesses.

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27 October 2017

Verisign Report Third Quarter Results With Renewal Rates Trending Up

Verisign reported their results for the third quarter of 2017, and they show that .com and .net are performing strongly, combined, with renewal rates highest in the 6 years for which figures are available. In their financial results Verisign don’t break down .com and .net.

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19 October 2017

Has the Australian Government Got Fed up With auDA?

The Australian Government has ordered a review into the operations of the .au policy and regulatory body, auDA. Could it be that after 2 years or turmoil and mismanagement that the government has had enough?

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06 October 2017

Donuts New gTLDs Purring Nicely

Domains Under Management for the new gTLDs operated by Donuts have increased by a third (34%) in the year to the end of August 2017 according to an update posted by Donuts this week.

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05 October 2017

EURid Wins Registry of the Year at 2017 CENTR Awards

Eurid, the .eu registry operator, has won Registry of the Year at the 2017 CENTR Awards held in Brussels. This was the first year Registry of the Year has been awarded and was voted on by registrars with 105 participating in the survey with CENTR saying there was a tight race for the winner.

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04 October 2017

Google Making the Web More Secure Adding its TLDs to HSTS Preload List Google Security blog

Google has started adding some of its new gTLDs to the HSTS preload list and making those TLDs more secure, making those namespaces secure by default. While not available for public registration yet, Google intends to make some of these secure TLDs available for registration soon.

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27 September 2017

Interpol Operation Sees Hundreds of Domain Names and Counterfeit Medicines Seized

In the largest action of its kind, INTERPOL’s Operation Pangea X targeting the illicit online sale of medicines and medical devices, saw some 400 arrests worldwide and the seizure of more than $51 million worth of potentially dangerous medicines.

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22 September 2017

In Series of Raids on Catalan Offices, Spanish Police Raid .CAT, Arresting and Now Releasing Director Masoliver

The Spanish government is getting heavy with Catalonians due to the upcoming referendum on independence, aiming to stop the referendum. Police raided numerous government offices among others Wednesday in the Spanish state of Catalan, one of those being Fundació puntCAT, the registry for .cat. As part of the raids police arrested Fundació puntCAT’s Director of Innovation and Information Systems Pep Masoliver on charges of embezzlement, trespass and disobedience. Masoliver was released Friday morning. Although the conditions of his release aren't yet known.

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ISNIC Looking at Options After Neo-Nazis Register .IS Domain Name

The alt-right neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer, is back online using a .is domain name, the ccTLD for Iceland. But the .is registry, ISNIC, doesn’t appear too happy with a report saying they’re looking into their options as to how to deal with the issue.

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21 September 2017

4 domain name registration myths debunked: Getting a domain name doesn't have to be complicated or expensive

The internet is generally the first place people look for information on just about everything. That’s why when you register a domain name, or several, it’s an important step for making sure businesses can be found — even without a website. To help eliminate some of the most frequently encountered misconceptions about domain name registration, Verisign addressed a few popular myths:

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20 September 2017

Spain Attempts to Censor .CAT Domain Names

Spanish police raided the offices of the .cat registry Wednesday morning seizing all their computers, according to, apparently in retaliation for some .cat domain names being used to host websites for the Catalan independence referendum scheduled for 1 October.

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Neo-Nazi Website Finds a Home in Iceland

The alt-right neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer, has finally found a home, for the time being at least. The website has reappeared with a .is domain name, Iceland’s ccTLD. The Daily Stormer has been booted by quite a few domain name companies, from registries to registrars and even Cloudflare.

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