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28 February 2019

UK-Based .EU Registrants Advised To Seek Out Alternatives In Case Brexit Actually Happens

Brexit is coming, or maybe not. But if it does it will see the more than 200,000 .eu registrants in the United Kingdom lose their domain names, a number which is plummeting quickly due to the uncertainty. It’s a situation that’s playing havoc with business in the UK that use a .eu domain name, and for EURid, the .eu registry, who are set to end up losing close to 9% of their domain name base as a result.

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24 February 2019

ICANN Calls For DNSSEC Deployment For All Unsecured Domains Following Domain Hijacking Attempts

Following increasing reports of malicious activity targeting the DNS infrastructure, ICANN is calling for full deployment of the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) across all unsecured domain names. The organisation also reaffirms its commitment to engage in collaborative efforts to ensure the security, stability and resiliency of the Internet’s global identifier systems.

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20 February 2019

.DEV Early Access Period Commences With General Availability on 28 Feb

The Early Access Period for Google’s .dev new gTLD, the first chance for the public to register .dev domain names, commenced on 19 February and runs through until 28 February. Early Access periods are where anyone can register available .dev domains for an extra fee, which decreases each day during the period leading up to General Availability when a standard registration fee commences.

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ICANN, Verisign, SIDN and Others Warn of Global Domain Name Hijacking Campaign

A number of domain name organisations including ICANN, Verisign and SIDN have warned of domain hijacking threats. SIDN, the .nl ccTLD registry, has advised they “have been working with NCSC-NL to investigate if .nl domain names were compromised in a recently unveiled global campaign to hijack domain names, allegedly for state-related purposes. While no .nl domain names appear to have been compromised, we will be further extending our DNS monitoring facilities to more proactively detect signs of such campaigns in the .nl zone in the future and we reiterate the importance of following best practices for secure domain name registration.”

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13 February 2019

DomainTools Continues To Systematically Violate .NZ’s ToU Harvesting WHOIS Data, Despite Preliminary Injunction

In a reply brief filed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last week, New Zealand’s Domain Name Commission has accused DomainTools of continuing to harvest the personal data of .nz domain name registrants from WHOIS Records and offering this data to anyone with a credit card, thereby systematically violating the DNC’s terms of use. The reply notes how DomainTools has continually abused the ToU, despite repeated correspondence from the DNC advising them so and a preliminary injunction advising them to stop. DomainTools is now appealing the preliminary injunction.

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11 February 2019 Has Bumper 2018 With 57% Growth As They Continue To Build The World's Best Escrow Service

Today we have another instalment in our Q&A series, this time with had a bumper year in 2018, with a 57% increase in domain transactions, but this was slightly tempered by the scammers and fraudsters online, while the “the regulatory environment is growing more complicated and challenging every day.” Looking forward, is aiming to “build the best online escrow service in the world. One of the greatest opportunities has is to get better and more efficient at what it already does well.” They also see dot-com remaining “king” of the TLDs and “domain names are as relevant now as they have ever been.”

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07 February 2019

PIR's New CEO Jon Nevett Discusses .ORG, GDPR Challenges, New gTLDs and How It All Applies To NGOs

In December 2018 the Public Interest Registry appointed Jon Nevett as their President and CEO. Today he’s taking part in the Domain Pulse Q&A series. Jon discusses how the GDPR was the biggest thing to hit the domain name industry in 2018, saying it “emerged in 2018 as a highlight, a challenge and an opportunity for the domain industry.” It had a particular impact on .org registrants with many smaller .orgs having fewer staff and resources to deal with the changes, so PIR became an information source to help them comply.

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Domain Pulse Conference in Bern Only Days Away

Domain Pulse, the annual domain name conference of the German-speaking world, is only days away. It will be held in the beautiful Swiss capital of Bern on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 February.

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06 February 2019

Michele Neylon Talks .IE, GDPR, European Commission’s .EU Failure, New gTLD Thoughts And More

In today’s Domain Pulse Q&A we talk to Blacknight Solutions’ Michele Neylon who discusses how the simplification of .ie policies was a 2018 highlight, while “a big negative has been how the European Commission has been dealing, or rather refusing to deal with, the implications of Brexit on .eu.” But he says “GDPR and its implementation has probably been the biggest single issue for 2018.” GDPR has been painful, but Michele says, “but overall it’s very positive”.

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Fostering IDN adoption and growth in India – New IDN features available soon

March is set to be an exciting month in the history of the .IN domain namespace. When the .IN Registry will transition fully to Neustar’s backend technology, a number of new features and improvements will begin to roll out – providing new opportunities for Registrars and end users. The teams at NIXI and Neustar are truly excited to usher in this new age of success for .IN as India’s online identity.

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05 February 2019

New gTLDs Account for 51% of Domains Considered Security Threats, But Only 12% of Total gTLD Registrations

Security threats in all gTLDs are roughly split 50/50 between new gTLDs and legacy gTLDs, however new gTLDs only account for 12% of domain names registered across all generic top level domains according to the first monthly report published by ICANN that provides statistics and insight into security threats to gTLDs.

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04 February 2019

New .EU and .ЕЮ Registrations Continue to Grow, But Total Registrations Drop

There were 171,667 new .eu and .ею domain name registrations in the fourth quarter of 2018, but despite this growth, total domains under management decreased from 3,747,879 as of 31 October to 3,684,750 at 31 December according to the Q4 2018 Progress Report released last week.

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02 February 2019

Bitcoin, GDPR, Chinese Economy, New gTLDs: Giuseppe Graziano Discusses From An Investors' Perspective

The domain name investor side of the industry is the focus of today’s Domain Pulse Q&A where Giuseppe Graziano gives his views on the year just gone, the year ahead, GDPR and the relevance of domain names. On 2018, Graziano says the EU’s GDPR had less impact than expected, but overall for investors its impact was slightly negative, while bitcoin is starting to impact on investors. For Graziano’s GGRG, 2018 was a “transition year” with some high value transactions. Looking ahead, a slowdown in the Chinese economy might bring some challenges and a likely consolidation of investors. On new gTLDs, Graziano says they’ve achieved their goal of “more options” but a result has also been “second tier domains have lost most of their value because end users have more options available”.

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01 February 2019

Today is DNS Flag Day and Globally Thousands of Domains Likely to Break

Today, 1 February, is being billed as DNS Flag Day, a day when there will be a global change to Domain Name System (DNS) software. It’s likely to see thousands of websites around the world, along with their email addresses and other services, go kaput. For example, InternetNZ predicts 508 .nz domain names could break, although this is significantly down on the 8,349 they predicted would break 6 months ago.

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.IE New Registrations Jump 29% in 2018 on Back of Eligibility Liberalisation and Brexit Uncertainty

Ireland’s ccTLD had their best year ever in 2018 following relaxing eligibility rules for registering .ie domain names in March according to their latest .ie Domain Profile Report, and follows their previous best year ever in 2017. The report also notes registrations from Great Britain are increasing, most likely as a result of Brexit.

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26 January 2019

.CLUB To Open Names.Club To All TLDs

At Namescon next week .CLUB has announced they will be launching a big addition to their platform. Any domain name registrant will be able to list their domains for sale from any top level domain, including .com.

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'New gTLDS Are The Future' Says Jovenet's Jean Guillon in Today's Domain Pulse Q&A

Today we have another Q&A, this one with Jean Guillon who has his own consulting company specialising in domain names, Jovenet Consulting. He describes himself as a New gTLD consultant and evangelist with experience as a Registrant, a Registrar and as a Registry. So he’s seen the domain name industry from every angle. And Jean is excited about the opportunities new gTLDs offer, for one, allowing registrants to choose domains that “offer more precision and more descriptiveness”.

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24 January 2019

.CA Has Best Year Ever in 2018 as ccTLDs Offer Advantages of ‘Flexibility, Recognition and Trust’ For Many Over New gTLDs: CIRA

Canada’s ccTLD had its best year ever in 2018, outgrowing its peers around the world, says David Fowler, Vice-President, Marketing and Communications for the Canadian Internet Registration Authority in today’s Domain Pulse Q&A. Fowler also addresses the importance of privacy and how, in 2019, “one of [CIRA’s] main objectives is to get .CA domain names into the hands of more Canadians”. The challenge for the industry is how “to find ways to innovate and reach new customers in a mature market” while in 2019 CIRA is working towards “ensuring that all Canadians have a safe and secure online experience.”

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23 January 2019

CentralNic’s Ben Crawford’s 2018 Highlight Was KeyDrive Merger, While nTLDs Offer Great Opportunities

Today’s Q&A sees CentralNic’s CEO Ben Crawford open up on 2018 and look ahead to 2019. Crawford’s major highlight and challenge, all rolled into one, was the merger of CentralNic and KeyDrive and re-listing on the London Stock Exchange. GDPR was a “familiar challenge” that exacerbated ‘tensions in the multi-stakeholder governance model’. Looking ahead Crawford sees more mergers and less “old-fashioned role delineations” with private equity groups becoming more involved.

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UK Retailer Asos Seeks Ownership of “Collusion” In Domain Names

British clothing giant ASOS is seeking ownership of the word “collusion” in domain names according to a cease and desist letter sent to an EFF client. According to a post on the EFF blog, their client’s “domain doesn’t have anything to do with clothing—it’s about contemporary U.S. political debates. It is about as far from trademark infringement as possible.” Tuesday EFF sent a response letter demanding ASOS withdraw its baseless threat.

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18 January 2019

George Pongas on Neustar’s 2018’s Highs and Lows, Why New gTLDs Offer Great Opportunities and Importance of Domains

Today we have George Pongas, Neustar’s Vice President, Product Management – Registry Services, who looks at 2018 and the year ahead in the latest Domain Pulse Q&A. George discusses the lows of 2018, which for him was the loss of the contract to run the .au (Australia) registry, but then, every cloud (often) has a silver lining, and Neustar picked up the registry contract to run the .in (India) registry which has huge growth opportunities. George also discusses the metrics of judging the success of a new gTLD, and the opportunities they offer, and how domain names are still relevant.

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17 January 2019

'ICANN's Naïve and Unprofessional GDPR Approach' A 2018 Lowlight Says's CEO, But Celebrating Triple .AT Anniversaries A Highlight

"ICANN's naïve and unprofessional approach to" the EU's GDPR was one of 2018's lowlights says Richard Wein, CEO of Austria's ccTLD registry in today's Domain Pulse Q&A with leading industry figures, looking at the year in review and year ahead. GDPR planning dominated many European ccTLDs in the first half of 2018 to the detriment of other work, but while Wein has come concerns about the GDPR, he wonders if it is a "sledgehammer to crack a nut". Overall he thinks it's a positive and now he's happy about how the team at responded to the European Union's consumer data protection regulation.

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14 January 2019

The Year in Review and the Year Ahead From, A Domain Investor Registrar's Perspective

The latest in the Domain Pulse series of Q&As looking at the year in review and the year ahead comes from a domain investor’s registrar perspective. Today Marc McCutcheon from, part of the rapidly growing CentralNIC group, discusses how CentralNIC’s merger with Key-Systems brought a lot of hard work and some incredible opportunities, GDPR is a good thing, registrars offering below-cost .com domain names is unsustainable, there are too many new gTLDs for investors to make money and domain names will continue to be relevant for the foreseeable future.

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13 January 2019

DENIC 2018 Successes Include Becoming Designated Escrow Agent and ID4me, But Decline in Domain Registrations and Increased Government Regulation Loom as 2019 Challenges

DENIC is the manager of Europe’s largest ccTLD (.de) and 2018 saw a few successes and a few challenges. Here in the latest in Domain Pulse’s Q&A series of 2018 in review, looking forward to 2019 and looking at some of the challenges of the domain name industry, DENIC tell us about their successes including becoming the only European Designated Escrow Agent for ICANN-accredited registrars and developing their domain name-based digital identity ID4me. But there were challenges including a decline in domains under management and the threat of increasing government regulation. And then there’s the challenge of the EU's GDPR.

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12 January 2019

DotBERLIN’s Dirk Krischenowski On How ICANN Should Spend New gTLD Auction Revenue, GDPR and Domain Name Challenges

The Domain Pulse Q&A series looking at 2018 in review and ahead to 2019 today has dotBERLIN’s Dirk Krischenowski. Krischenowski has been involved in the ICANN new gTLD programme since its infancy over a decade ago and was one of the founders of the .berlin project. Today dotBERLIN has become the fourth largest geographic TLD with over 54,000 registrations, an impressive feat given that the 3 cities ahead of Berlin are much larger cities by population – Tokyo, New York City (.nyc) and London.

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