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28 November 2006

Domain name games The Age

This article in the Australian Fairfax press discusses the international domain names and the complexities that go with their introduction. It also mentions the IGF in Athens where IDNs "came to a head" and the complexities of introducing IDNs. The article concludes quoting Paul Twomey "We live in multicultural Sydney ... and we all want a multicultural internet," Twomey says. "And yet, there's one big difference between human beings and computers. Human beings can deal with ambiguity, but computers can't."

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27 November 2006

za: Regulations to manage domain name disputes South African Department of Communications news release

The South African Department of Communications has published regulations to deal with disputes regarding the .za domain name, in the Government Gazette. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Regulations that have been signed by Minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri provide guidelines, rules and procedures and also set out fee structures for the adjudication of such disputes.

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26 November 2006

ICANN Launches Public Comments on Whois Task Force Report ICANN

ICANN is launching a public comments period on the Preliminary Task Force Report on Whois Services. This report forms part of the GNSO policy development process (PDP) on Whois which seeks to build consensus on policy issues in the generic top level domain (gTLD) space. The public comment period will last from 24th November, 2006 to 15 January, 2007.

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24 November 2006

ICANN Opens Consultation on Latin America and the Caribbean Regional At Large Organisation Organising Instruments ICANN

As provided in the ICANN Bylaws, Article XI, Section 2, part 4, an advisory process has been created to allow the interests of individual Internet users to be represented in the ICANN community.

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Initial reports on the process to register .eu domain names Internet Business Law Services

More than two million .eu domain names have been registered in nine months, showing the great success of this European electronic identity. To regulate registrations, regulation (EC) N° 733/2002 of 22 April 2002 on the implementation of the .eu Top Level Domain has been adopted by the European Parliament and the Council (the "Regulation"), providing that holders of prior rights recognised or established would benefit from an exclusive period of time (from December 7, 2005 until April 6, 2006), the sunrise period, to register their domain names. To register during the sunrise period, applicants needed to prove a prior right entitling them to claim the corresponding domain name.

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uk: Nominet wins EGM votes by a whisker The Register

UK registry Nominet has won two crucial votes at its extraordinary general meeting this morning - but only just. In what the company's CEO Lesley Cowley called "a bit of a test", the request that the company be allowed to expand its business beyond running the .uk registry passed by just 0.97 per cent - a margin that may have come down to literally one or two of Nominet's 3,000 members voting.

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za: Regulations to Manage Domain Name Disputes

The Department of Communications has published regulations to deal with disputes regarding the .za domain name, in the Government Gazette.

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23 November 2006

Internationalizing the Internet by Geoff Huston Circle ID

One topic does not appear to have a compellingly obvious localization solution in the multi-lingual world, and that is the Domain Name System. The subtle difference here is that the DNS is the glue that binds all users' language symbols together, and performing localized adaptations to suit local language use needs is not enough. What we need is a means to allow all of these language symbols to be used within the same system, or "internationalization".

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22 November 2006

Guess Whois Going to Lose the Privacy Debate by Larry Seltzer eWeek

Opinion: If you own a domain, your privacy is probably being needlessly compromised as a result. But nobody who can do anything about it cares.

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ICANN chief warns of domain name chaos The Age

Plans to fast-track the introduction of non-English characters in website domain names could "break the whole internet", warns ICANN chief executive Paul Twomey.

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Why is .EU Trying to Destroy the Internet? by Antony Van Couvering Circle ID

With Eurid cutting its wholesale price from 10 Euros to 5 Euros, Van Couvering asks "Is Eurid crazy?" He further says "Eurid is acting as if unit cost should go down as sales increase!" I can't work out if he's being serious or not!

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20 November 2006

The “.eu” success leads to a considerable price reduction EURid news release

EURid has decided to lower the fees associated with owning a .eu domain name. As of January 1st 2007, the price for registering a domain name and the annual renewal fee will be 5 euro as opposed to today's 10 euro. This substantial reduction is possible thanks to the huge interest in .eu and the high number of registrations.

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uk: Nominet polls members on changes to .uk services Computing

Nominet has called an extraordinary general meeting after pressure from members to change the scope of its remit and offer additional services.

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19 November 2006

Wales on the web may become .cym BBC

Welsh websites could soon choose a .cym address rather than .uk, if a campaign backed by assembly members succeeds.

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18 November 2006

ae: UAEnic officials discuss domain name developments with ICANN AME Info

Officials from UAEnic (United Arab Emirates Network Information Centre), the .ae registry, met up with ICANN officials on 15 November. The meeting was held to exchange views on the progress made by UAEnic and to discuss mutual areas of cooperation to benefit the Internet community across the UAE and the Region.

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BHP Billiton evicts cybersquatter The Age

BHP Billiton squashed a cyber squatter who was piggybacking off its corporate website, registering the name - minus one "L". As The Age notes, and is still the case as I write this, the cybersquatter still has the domain name.

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17 November 2006

White Paper on ICANN Meetings Posted for Public Comment ICANN news release

ICANN is seeking feedback on the purpose and structure of the large international Board meetings that are currently held three times a year. To encourage discussion, Susan Crawford, a member of ICANN's Board Meetings Committee, has prepared a discussion paper.

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11 November 2006

Internet at a crossroads Computer Weekly

Decisions about the openness of the internet and the technology behind it will affect all web users. The next couple of years will define whether the internet remains open, but acquires more heavy-duty infrastructure to meet the demands that all of us - businesses, consumers, government - have come to expect of it, or whether it is hijacked by private interests. Several key technological choices will have to be made by internet users, IT suppliers, standards organisations and governments. Those choices will determine the shape of the internet for the next decade and how fast new applications develop and grow.

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10 November 2006

Cambridge co. sells domain US$500K Boston Herald

A Cambridge-based online marketplace for domain names notched a US half-million dollar sale yesterday when two German Internet entrepreneurs bought the rights to

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09 November 2006

Microsoft gets into domain name registration game IT World/IDG

Last week Microsoft was added to ICANN list of accredited domain name registrars.

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08 November 2006

ITechLaw Official Lauded by Czech Arbitration Court for Groundbreaking Decision on First .EU Domain Name Dispute [pdf] ITechLaw news release

In the first case resolving disputed ownership of a .EU domain name - - the Czech Arbitration Court found for the defendant, PST Business Solutions B.V., in a decision written by Court panelist Enrique J. Batalla. Since that April 18 decision, hundreds of other cases involving .EU domain name ownership disputes have been settled by the Czech Arbitration Court, underscoring the speed and efficiency of the Court's arbitration process.

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07 November 2006

Fast track for global net name system The Australian

Critical tests of non-English domain names will start in December following a promise by ICANN to have an internationalised domain name system up and running by the end of next year.

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03 November 2006

ICANN: Internationalised Domain Names Roadmap — Progress and Future ICANN

ICANN 1 November announced a clear roadmap for the introduction of Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) based on progress so far and future work.

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02 November 2006

Domain resale market a 'haven' for phishers The Register

Domain names likely to appeal to fraudsters are up for grabs on domain resale sites. Firms such as Sedo and Moniker specialise in the sale of domain names that have already been registered and are now being resold in the secondary (or aftermarket) for domain names. Most domain names are sold for a few hundred or thousand dollars (as opposed to an original registration price of $10 or so) while particularly attractive domains - such as - can fetch six figure sums.

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29 October 2006

Web domain hath no takers CNN failed to be bought via a live auction Friday, which organizers had hoped would bring bids of more than $1 million.

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