F.T.C. Broadens Review of Tech Giants, Homing In on Their Deals

Posted in: Government & Policy at 13/02/2020 04:29

The Federal Trade Commission said on Tuesday that it had ordered Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google’s parent company and Microsoft to turn over information about past acquisitions, broadening its review of the power of big tech companies.

The F.T.C. said it had requested information about hundreds of smaller deals made by the five tech companies over the past decade that weren’t required to be reported to regulators by law and could provide insights into antitrust abuses. Facebook, Google (whose parent company is Alphabet) and others have scooped up dozens of smaller tech firms over the years, many of them for less than $100 million.

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The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has ordered five major tech companies to hand over detailed information on hundreds of acquisitions made over the past decade, it announced on Tuesday.

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The Federal Trade Commission has issued special orders to five big tech companies - Alphabet Inc's Google unit, Amazon.com Inc , Apple Inc , Facebook Inc and Microsoft Corp - to provide information on mergers that were too small to report to antitrust regulators, the FTC said on Tuesday.

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