Facebook Can Be Forced to Delete Content Worldwide, E.U.'s Top Court Rules

Posted in: Surveillance & Privacy at 04/10/2019 18:25

Europe’s top court said on Thursday that individual countries can order Facebook to take down posts, photographs and videos not only in their own countries but elsewhere, in a ruling that extends the reach of the region’s internet-related laws beyond its own borders.

The European Court of Justice said Facebook could be forced to remove a post globally by a national court in the European Union’s 28-member bloc if the content was determined to be defamatory or otherwise illegal. Its decision cannot be appealed.

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A European Court Decision May Usher In Global Censorship
On Thursday, the top European court dealt a major blow to free speech, paving the way for a single nation to act as a global censor and require that online platforms act as its minions in doing so.

Specifically the European Court of Justice ruled that a single EU country (in this case Austria) could demand an online provider (in this case Facebook) to take down an objectionable post, monitor its site for equivalent content, and take down those postings as well. And it says a country could do so on a global scale, regardless of where the poster or the viewer is located. In so ruling, the court demonstrated a shocking ignorance of the technology involved and set the stage for the most censor-prone country to set global speech rules.

Facebook can be forced to remove content worldwide after landmark EU court ruling
Facebook can be ordered to police and remove illegal content worldwide, Europe's top court said on Thursday, in a landmark ruling that rights activists say raises concerns some countries could use it to silence critics.

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